AAR: Vonta Colony Incident

Stardate 95762.6
CAPT A. Tanaka
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Vonta Colony, Kelterre Sector

MISSION: Supply Run and Check In, Vonta Colony

OUTCOME: Due to an unexpected early arrival, the Endeavour and her current crew and compliment discovered that the Governor of the Vonta Colony had been complicit in a slave trade deal with the TSTT. While the operations at the colony have been disrupted, the larger operation still remains active.


CAPT S. Bishop (USS Endeavour)
CAPT A. Holmes
CAPT A. Tanaka
LT J. Read
1SGT S. Zh'Izenahr

NARRATIVE: As Gamma shift began, the crew of the U.S.S. Endeavour arrived at the Vonta Colony. Captain Holmes had come aboard via shuttle for this mission, while Captain Tanaka was already on board, touring for a bit with the Endeavour. We were ahead of schedule, but seeing no reason for a delay, we contacted the colony and made the request to begin the procedure for the supply run early.

Upon initial contact with the governor, we were tipped off by his reaction to our early arrival that something suspicious was happening on the planet surface. This initiated both a scan of the immediate space and the planet surface. LT Read also monitored their communications on the ground, though broadcasted openly, against CAPT Bishop’s wishes. The ground scans revealed that the Vonta Colony was attempting to setup the transporter pad quickly while trying to shuffle temporary storage. The open broadcast on their communications revealed that the governor was issuing orders to attempt to ssurreptitiously beam something up. The sector space scans revealed a cloaked vessel that immediately fled the vicinity after incapacitating the Endeavour with a transmitted computer virus. Upon the discovery that they were found out with both the ship leaving and communications being cut, CAPT Bishop sent the U.S.S. Bark after the fleeing ship while an away team beamed to the surface.

The away team received resistance from the guards at the colony and returned fire. All phasers were set to stun. As we worked our way toward the main square where the transporter pad was, we accosted both the governor and a ferengi attempting to escape via a shuttle. While being questioned by us, the governor and the ferengi both revealed that the Vonta Colony had in fact been the grounds for a slaving ring that was run by the TSTT. 1SGT Zh'Izenahr confirmed this when she opened the temporary storage holding to reveal a large group intended to be sold off.

The governor and the ferengi are under arrest, while the ship that fled the system was eventually tracked down and stopped by the Bark and the U.S.S. Pegasus, which was on patrol in the sector at the time.

While the situation at the Vonta Colony can be wrapped up nicely, there are still several major problems that require immediate attention. One of which is the displaced captives that were about to be sold off to the TSTT. There are likely others out there that have been taken and will need tracking down. Both Governor Sullivan and the ferengi smuggler, Nuddy, and the crew of his ship are to be remanded and put to trial for their crimes committed on the Vonta Colony.

Above all else, the TSTT are still at large, and only a small portion of their operations are known to us at this time. We should endeavour to discover, hinder and disrupt more of their operation to reveal the extent of their reach in this sector. They will be a major issue both to the Federation and its allies until removed.

OOC: This is the AAR for the event "Right Place, Right Crime" and my very first AAR! If I made any mistakes, let me know and I'll endeavour to correct them!.

Stardate 95785.1
CAPT S. A. Bishop
Level 1 - Open

ADDENDUM: There are a number of observations this officer would like to make.

This officer would like to bring up two accounts of misconduct by members of Starfleet. Both Lieutenant Read and First Sergeant zh'Izenahr used unnecessary forceful violence against the Ferengi slaver after he was captive. The ranking officers all stepped in to stop this misconduct as soon as it was observed. Lieutenant Read was placed on suspension for a week after the incident, and the First Sergeant received a verbal reprimand from this officer. Both seem to be aware of their actions and this officer deems the matter to be closed. However, this officer would like to take the opportunity to remind all Starfleet personnel that personal feelings should not cloud judgement and that actions against unarmed prisoners are not only a serious breach of moral and ethical codes, but are grounds for punishments greater than a reprimand.

Next, after interrogating Sullivan, it was clear that he had been coerced into rounding up colonists for slaves; although he says that it was never stated that the colonists would be used as slaves, he did have an inkling that this was the case. Sullivan's own wife and daughter had been taken by the TSTT and, though he could have refused to serve the slavers, it was in the safety of his family that he did not. The man showed great remorse for his actions and cooperated freely with the interrogating officers; this should be taken into account when his trial is conducted.

The Ferengi revealed that he worked for a known member of the TSTT, and was handing these slaves over to them. The location he would meet the TSTT ship was encoded and could only be accessed by the Ferengi through the use of a bio-implant inside the Ferengi's skull. This implant was obtained from one Henry Hawkins.

Knowing of Mister Hawkins' previous interactions with Starfleet, this officer believes that a meeting would not be fruitful; he has shown no indication of working with Starfleet in the past, and it is doubtful that he would have changed his mind at all. This said, Captain Nimitz proposed an informal meeting with the man and this officer agreed - we have nothing to lose by talking to him and the Captain may manage to extract some information from him.

Lastly, the Endeavour is in the process of rehabilitating the colonists and returning them to the colony. This is a long process, and I believe that there are other vessels in the area giving their support to the colony. We should be prepared to assist the colony in their attempts to rebuild their society after this, and repatriate any slaves that were taken from them.

OOC: Sam's addition to Tanaka's AAR; event logs available upon request. Interrogation logs available here.
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Stardate 95785.7
CAPT Holmes, A. E.
Level 1 - Open

ADDENDUM: I had been attending a conference at the Aldebaran Shipyards focusing on findings from a recently rediscovered Yard 39 and was returning to the Dallas aboard the shuttlecraft Tucker when I began to experience a fault with my deflector array. Captain Bishop and the Endeavour happened to be in the area and responded to my call, taking my shuttle aboard to carry out repairs.

The Endeavour was already engaged with a mission to ferry supplies to the Vonta colony and was unable to deliver myself to the Dallas directly, as such I acted as an observer to the Endeavour's current mission.

Upon arrival in the system, hails initially went unanswered but scans of the planet showed a normal situation. Once the colony's administrator, Governor Sullivan, did answer our hail, however he appeared to be uncomfortable about the situation as though the Endeavour's early arrival had unsettled him. I suggested there may be cloaked vessels in the area and Captain Bishop agreed with my assessment, ordering a scan for cloaked vessels from Captain Tanaka. As I was not in charge of the operation of sensors, I can only assume standard tachyon and antiproton sweeps were carried out, however no signature typical of a cloak was found. A second warp trail however was found to have entered the system, but no corresponding exit trail.

Meanwhile Lieutenant Read was tasked with finding a feasible reason for a landing party to be transported along with the requested supplies. The Lieutenant found that the manifest contained a number of restricted items for medicinal use such as Bio-mimetic Gel. Read was then introduced as Head of Logistics, tasked with informing the Governor that due to the restricted nature a number of senior officers would transport along with the restricted items to ensure the safe delivery of said items. Unfortunately while the Governor protested this action, the Lieutenant suggested that the Governor would be placed under arrest if he did not comply. Captain Bishop calmed the scene and the Governor made preparations for our arrival.

Shortly after, the Endeavour was attacked by a decloaking Ferengi vessel which seemed to deploy a form of viral attack against the ship's computer. I attempted to stabilize the helm as systems were restored, and the Endeavour's auxiliary craft, U.S.S. Bark, was launched to begin a retaliation. Meanwhile, Captain Bishop led an away team to the planet consisting of myself, Captain Tanaka, Lieutenant Read and a MACO Sergeant Zh'lzenahr. Upon arrival to the planet, we were immediately attacked and Captain Bishop took a direct hit to his chest, any injuries luckily being limited to his uniform. While the rest of the team attended to direct combat, I took cover and used my tricorder linked with a phaser power cell to establish a nadion nullifying field in the area the hostile file was coming from, disabling their phasers. The hostiles were secured and further groups surrendered quickly without further fire or incident, a testament to Starfleet training and ingenuity.

It was at this point, a Ferengi tried to make his way to a shuttle, however Captain Bishop quickly subdued him. As Captain Tanaka moved to assist Captain Bishop, I maintained a defensive position in reasonable oversight of both groups in the event of additional hostiles. I overheard the Ferengi offering information on an organisation called the TSTT however when I heard phaser fire from the other group and moved closer to assist. The fire had been a warning shot as the second group was able to capture the Governor trying to make his own escape.

While Captain Bishop and Tanaka questioned both the Ferengi and the Governor, I investigated a disturbance found by the MACO Sergeant Zh'Izenahr and aided in the release of a number of captive colony subjects held in a pen like area. The Governor's outburst confirmed fears that these were to be treated as slaves. We secured the hostages and beamed them to the Endeavour's medical wing for treatment. Prior to beam out, Lieutenant Read used her tricorder for an unknown purpose near the Ferengi, I can only assume to perform a concealed weapon scan, however the Ferengi reacted with deep agony. The Lieutenant ceased her scans and the away team returned to the Endeavour.

Once aboard, the U.S.S. Pegasus which had been assisting the U.S.S. Bark with the capture of the Ferengi ship encountered earlier, entered the system and Captains Nimitz and Bishop conferred about their findings. Captain Bishop at this point seemed certain that the TSTT had been behind the slave ring on the planet. Captain Nimitz seemed unsurprised, and beamed aboard the Endeavour. I spoke with both Captains Nimitz and Tanaka as elaborated on in my previous communique to Admiral Konieczko.

I offered the Dallas' resources to Captain Bishop should they be needed in the future, and departed from the Endeavour aboard the Tucker once more.