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MISSION Joint Training Exercises

OUTCOME Eleven training scenarios completed successfully. One scenario aborted due to systems malfunction.


  • Starfleet 38th Fleet
  • KDF Task Force Hurq Mevik
  • RRF Joint Squadron Initiative

ALPHA SHIFT Four scenarios were conducted involving operations in planetary orbit. Three out of four ended with the defenders victorious. One attacking team completed their objectives. Notable synopsis follows:

Scenario 3

USS Isandlwana, USS Sun Tzu, and IKS Maht-V’o were assigned to escort three transport ships carrying a planetary invasion force to V774 Tau IV. USS Asimov, USS October, USS Peacecraft, IKS Qul Cha’blp were assigned to maintain defense of the planet.

Note that Asimov here was commanded by CMDR Kermit, and crewed without overlap with its gamma shift participation.

The engagement began with Sun Tzu and Isandlwana focusing fire on Qul Cha’blp, destroying the defending escort in the opening volley, while Maht-V’o cloaked. October moved to intercept the apparently undefended troop transports, while Peacecraft and Asimov engaged the attackers. The support ship quickly caught Sun Tzu’ in a tractor beam and depleted its shields, though not without suffering some return fire in the process. Peacecraft proceeded to deliver the devastating finishing blow.

Isandlwana used its stealth systems to briefly disengage before reappearing and unleashing its own overloaded killing blow, removing Asimov from the fight. As Peacecraft and Isandlwana prepared to slug it out, the scenario ended abruptly. All three troop transports had reached the surface.

It turned out that before October could open fire, Maht-V’o had performed a simulated suicide ram, destroying itself and the dreadnought, and leaving the transports free to proceed to the surface unimpeded.

BETA SHIFT Four scenarios were conducted involving objectives in space. These scenarios were split evenly with two attacking team victories and two defense team victories. Notable synopsis follows:

Scenario 5

USS Attar, USS MacAlpine, USS Sunrise, and IKS K’mtar were assigned to defend a somewhat delicate subspace comm relay. USS Cassini, USS Endeavour, RRW D’Ishae, and IKS Daramar were sent to destroy it.

Daramar boldly began the engagement by closing to point blank range and tractoring and pummeling Attar. Attar, Sunrise, and MacAlpine all returned fire and Daramar was quickly destroyed in a chaotic opening exchange. With its shields depleted, Sunrise found itself the recipient of a boarding party from Endeavour. Between the internal damage and subsequent broadside barrage, Sunrise was soon destroyed as well.

D’Ishae and Hag’lhr entered the fray, also focusing fire on the Attar, though K’mtar was able to extend its shields around the science ship and protect it from otherwise certain destruction. At this point Attar was finally able to go on the offensive, plaguing Hag’lhr with a series of system failures and damaging Endeavour.

The stage was set for Cassini, which had been biding its time as combat began, to sweep through and wreak havoc on the battlefield. Attar was destroyed, MacAlpine’s weapons were disabled, and the Comm Relay’s shields were lowered. This allowed D’Ishae to disengage from the crossfire and destroy the satellite, ending the scenario.

GAMMA SHIFT A number of minor issues with the simulated combat systems occurred during gamma shift, causing two ships to be unable to participate as scheduled and forcing one scenario (#10) to end prematurely. Of the three scenarios that concluded, two resulted in attacker victories, while the defenders prevailed in one. Notable synopsis follows:

Scenario 11

USS Scharnhorst and USS Asimov were assigned to defend the freighter SS MacGuffin, while RRW D’Ishae and IKS K’mtar attempted its capture.

Note that Asimov here was commanded by CAPT Varley, and crewed without overlap from its alpha shift participation. Note that D’Ishae and K’mtar replaced RRW Tovanal and IKS M’rek, both of which experienced technical issues with their simulated weaponry and were unable to participate.

Scharnorst cloaked at the start of the scenario, leaving K’mtar to open the engagement by charging Asimov and quickly depleting its shields. The science vessel was more formidable than it appeared, responding by using its deflector dish to disrupt the Klingon cruiser’s shield array in return. While D’Ishae moved towards the freighter, Scharnhorst reappeared and decisively removed K’mtar from the battlefield with its phaser lance.

Outnumbered and outmatched, D’Ishae made use of its maneuverability, fighter wing, and cloaking device to inflict damage on both of its opponents, but it was not enough to overcome the odds and the scenario ended with the Warbird’s eventual destruction.

RECOMMENDATION 38th Fleet Command has issued a survey for participants to rate and comment upon their experiences with these wargames. Your honest and thorough feedback will help us refine and improve these simulations for the future.

RECOGNITION The Joint Training Exercises Logistics Team would like to thank the staff of DS13 for the use of facilities and the shipyard crew in particular for their part in making this event possible. We also extend our appreciation to the captains and crews who participated, especially those of you who stepped up to assist in overcoming problems as they arose.

OOC The large number of scenarios without specific ship/outcome listings are to accommodate anyone out there who would like to say more generally that their ship participated in the wargames, even if you didn't sign-up in advance.

Thanks to everyone who helped and participated! A log of the main live event is available here. If you have any feedback on the RP combat framework used for the event, please let me know!

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MISSION Joint Training Exercises // Alpha Shift

OUTCOME Four training scenarios completed successfully


  • Starfleet 38th Fleet
  • KDF Task Force Hurq Mevik

ALPHA SHIFT Vessels conducted four scenarios in which involving participants carried out operations inside of the planetary orbit. The scenarios weighted defense of the planet against the offensive vessels in which their objective was to escort three landing craft to the surface region.

Team Alpha (Offensive) was lead by Commander Maikull Barron, aboard the USS Sun Tzu, containing vessels USS Isandlwana and IKS Maht-V'o.

Team Delta (Defensive) was lead by myself, aboard the USS October, containing vessels USS Asimov, USS Peacecraft and IKS Qul'Chablp.

Three out of four of these scenarios ended with a defending success. One of the scenarios resulted in an offensive win. The scenario itself, with the simulated teams, was played out with defending advantage. Notable replay; Scenario 3 - Offensive Victory:

Scenario 3

Prior to commencement of the wargames scenario, senior officers of the defending team conducted a study of a variety of potential formation and offensive strategy, including some of the notable reading included below; scenarios were played out testing both a more defensive strategy, against a more offensive defense.

Notable Defensive Strategic Predictions
Notable Defensive-Offense Predictions

RECOMMENDATION 38th Fleet Command has since issued a survey for participants to rate their experiences with these wargames. Following subbmital of my own survey, I encourage all officers who participated to follow through and submit their own docket for review to further improve and encourage future participation.

RECOGNITION I'd like to offer my gratitude for all staff involved with event preparation, crew of all participating vessels, along with an extended message of gratitude to our participating allies. It was a pleasure working with like-minded officers and individuals, and certainly look forward to a future collaboration.