ALCON: Romulan Conflict Imminent

To: @38th.All
From: VADM Aluk

Subj: Romulan Conflict Imminent

Personnel of the 38th Fleet,

Intelligence reports indicate that an invasion of the Romulan Republic by the Romulan Star Empire is likely to occur in a matter of days. All 38th Fleet vessels and personnel operating in Republic space are ordered to immediately return to Federation territory. The Federation has issued a travel advisory for the entirety of Republic-claimed space, and civilians are being advised to leave the area as soon as possible.

All Starfleet vessels and installations in the following sectors have been placed on Yellow Alert:

  • Argelius
  • Celes
  • Ponor
  • Sierra
  • Teneebia

The 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 42nd fleets have been mobilized to the Federation border in those sectors. Admiral T’Nae on Starbase 39-Sierra has been designated theater commander.

There is currently no indication that the Federation will be the target of any hostilities, and personnel are reminded that our alliance with the Republic does not automatically extend to open warfare. Standard rules of engagement remain in effect - Starfleet will maintain neutral standing until ordered otherwise. Star Empire vessels and personnel are to be considered non-hostile, unless they are observed taking hostile actions towards Starfleet or the Federation. Republic vessels and personnel engaged in conflict with the Star Empire are to be provided assistance only to the extent that such assistance does not constitute participation in the conflict.

The Federation will attempt to mediate a diplomatic solution to the current situation. A 38th Fleet task force will be assembled to support that effort. In the event that diplomacy fails, some measure of Federation intervention in the conflict is likely. We will be prepared. Though the 38th would not be a frontline unit in the event of such a conflict, as a precautionary measure all commands are ordered to begin combat readiness and civilian disembarkation drills as appropriate, in addition to previously assigned duties.

Commanding Officers, expect to receive further intelligence briefing materials and distribute to subordinates with need to know. Contact fleet command for any questions or clarifications.

Vice Admiral Aluk
Commanding Officer,
38th Fleet ‘Argo’

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//ATTACHMENT// Intelligence Report: Immediate Threat of Star Empire Incursion into Republic Space


To: @38th.All
From: VADM Aluk

Subj: State of War

Personnel of the 38th Fleet,

We are now engaged in war with the Romulan Star Empire. As expected, the 38th Fleet’s area of operation is not being altered as a result of the conflict. We are, however, altering standing orders to prepare a portion of the fleet for combat deployment.

Group 1
The following starships are ordered to cease all current operations and return to DS13 immediately:

 • USS Albion
 • USS Argama
 • USS Canberra
 • USS Dallas
 • USS Heimdall
 • USS Pegasus
 • USS Ranger
 • USS Saratoga
 • USS Sentinel

Group 2
The following starships are ordered to complete currently in-progress assignments and then return to DS13:

 • USS Cassini
 • USS Dragon
 • USS Endeavour
 • USS Forrestal
 • USS Katarn
 • USS Mariner
 • USS Minerva
 • USS Reyga

Starships listed above will be made ready for combat operations. Upon arrival at DS13, civilian personnel are to be offloaded and crews should be prepared for rapid deployment via transwarp gate at short notice, should it become necessary.

All remaining 38th Fleet starships will be receiving updated patrol and mission assignments. Vessels not listed above should expect a twofold increase in workload until further notice.

Fleet Command also expects Deep Space 13 to receive supply and support requests from Starfleet and Republic units disengaging from active combat. Effective immediately, nonessential support services for civilian and visiting vessels are to be discontinued to the extent necessary to ensure adequate berthing, drydock, and resource allocation for the war effort.

To ensure adequate staffing levels, all approved leave time is hereby rescinded until further notice.

Wartime Rules of Engagement are now in effect fleetwide. Take note of the following adjustments:

  • Any vessels or personnel positively identified as belonging to the Romulan Star Empire which are found within the established territorial borders of the United Federation of Planets or the Romulan Republic shall be engaged by Starfleet as follows:

    • Vessels or personnel identified as noncombatants, or those of uncertain disposition, shall be issued an order to surrender.

    • Vessels or personnel engaged in combat with friendly forces, engaged in acts of war against the United Federation of Planets or the Romulan Republic, or those which refuse an order to surrender may be pursued with intent to capture or destroy, as dictated by standard ROE. Starfleet units have no obligation to allow retreat from friendly territory.

  • Any vessels or personnel positively identified as belonging to the Romulan Star Empire AND reasonably believed to be a valid combatant, which are encountered by a Starfleet unit engaged in wartime operations in unclaimed or hostile territory may be engaged in combat without prior issuance of warning or order to surrender.

    • This shall not be construed as cause to deviate from standard ROE concerning the surrender of enemy combatants after an engagement has begun.
  • A sign/countersign will be distributed to all Starfleet and RRF units operating in the theater of war, and updated regularly by Starfleet Intelligence. Unidentified personnel and vessels of Romulan design which are unable to provide a valid countersign shall not be considered friendly without independent verification of identity.

Vice Admiral Aluk
Commanding Officer,
38th Fleet ‘Argo’