Andrew Kumar

Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Resolution
Human (Borg Liberated)
188 cm
95 kg
55157.5 (February 27th, 2378)
London, Earth
  • Amanda Kumar, Mother
  • Imran Kumar, Father (DECEASED)
  • Henry Kumar, Brother (DECEASED)

Andrew Kumar and his identical twin brother, Henry were born to Imran and Amanda Kumar, lecturers in the biological sciences at Cambridge University. At the age of five his brother tragically died in an accident while climbing a tree, Andrew was prescribed memory blockers to cope with the subsequent mental trauma. At the age of 18 he successfully applied to Starfleet Academy and joined in 2394.

At the Academy Andrew achieved highest marks in the sciences in which he specialised further, doing less well in the self defense and combat skills courses. Additional achievements included Academy C team in Parrises Squares and fifteenth place in the Annual Academy Marathon. Andrew graduated in 2398.

Following completion of the Academy, Andrew was assigned to the U.S.S. Discovery as a junior science officer. The Discovery was sent to Kelen V, a world petitioning to join the Federation. They required Federation assistance dealing with disease and some infrastructure for which the Discovery was responsible in helping. On stardate 77206.4, the Borg attacked Kelen V and successfully assimilated the Kelenian people leaving few escapees. Andrew was assimilated on Kelen V. The Discovery managed to report back to Starfleet leading a small flotilla of refugee ships.

In 2409 during the Task Force Omega operations, Andrew was liberated following the assault on a Borg planetary facility seeking to assimilate a planet. Following his liberation, Andrew spent a year on Earth undergoing rehabilitation and re-education. Andrew was accepted back into Starfleet and was assigned to the U.S.S. Atlas where he served as a research scientist for a year before being transferred to the more exploration oriented U.S.S. Chase.

Andrew requested a transfer to Starbase 381 following the U.S.S. Chase's brief time in the Outback. During his time as a science officer aboard 381 he ascended to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, serving as the Chief science officer. Following the prelude to the Iconian War, Andrew requested transfer to the U.S.S. Hartford under Captain Rhys Llywarch to carry out an exploratory survey of the Outback where they uncovered a secret past to the satellite galaxy in numerous Preserver and Iconian sites following the discovery of the Preserver Star Chart.

After the outbreak of the Iconian war, Andrew and Captain Llywarch petitioned 26th fleet staff to allow the Hartford to pursue a mission of peace to the Andromeda galaxy where the Iconians had emerged from and locations on the Preserver Star Chart pointed towards in hopes of finding the Iconians and bringing about a peaceful conclusion to the war. The Hartford was granted permission to carry out the expedition and traveled through an Iconian space gate located within the Outback. The gateway was destroyed in the process leaving the 26th fleet to believe the Hartford had been lost.

Discoveries made by the Hartford supported what little knowledge of Andromeda was known through the exodus of Kelvan generational ships from the 23rd century onward. It was found that radiation levels within the galaxy, caused by the relative age of the stars as well as numerous other astrophysical phenomena was indeed reaching points that would make it difficult for life to persist on certain worlds, specifically those that were within the old Kelvan empire. The Hartford encountered several civilisations including one that vilified the Kelvan race, leading to the Hartford taking on board Kelvan refugees who had become persecuted by their previous subjects.

The Hartford found an Iconian Dyson Sphere that housed only a single Iconian and what appeared to be non-combatant servitors, those that had been left behind during the war. Pleading for some kind of peace, Rhys tried to appeal to the peaceful nature of this Iconian, however it was ultimately unsuccessful. Using an Iconian gateway the Hartford attempted to return to 381 however the station, on high alert following an attack that had occurred days before, fired it's spinal lance through the opening, skimming the Hartford's secondary hull as she tried to maneuver out of harms way. Only a single shuttle craft of crew members were able to return, stranding the Hartford with over a third of her crew lost.

Without shields the Hartford crew soon fell victim to radiation poisoning en masse. In addition the Kelvan refugees attempted a mutiny, commandeering the Hartford and taking Andrew hostage by converting him to porous cuboctohedral solid. Rhys was able to trick the Kelvan's into giving up the ship by faking a human ritual to hand over ship commands using a hallucinogenic substance.

The Hartford followed the Preserver Star Chart in the hopes of finding a way home, they were finally able to find a way through what was known as the Nightmare zone, a peculiar area of space subject to numerous spacial anomalies.

On the Hartford's return she was decommissioned due to her severe damage. In 2414 the Hartford-A, Odyssey class was commissioned. The Hartford crew were transferred to the new Hartford where Andrew served as first officer. The new Hartford followed a mission of exploration primarily revolving around the study of the Preserver Star Chart.

Over a year into the mission, Kumar was offered the position of Captain aboard the U.S.S. Resolution and, with encouragement from Captain Llywarch, took the offer. He is now serving within the Aires squadron of the 38th fleet.