AO Report: EH Altercation

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LCDR Valore

Admiralty Office Report

PROCEDURAL POSTURE Responding to a submitted complaint. Admiralty Office inquiry deemed appropriate due to its concern on efficacy and morale of the fleet. The report has been marked as restricted due to topicality.

Issue Inter-personnel Conflict between CAPT Tungsten and CMDR Samaras

OUTCOME Statements taken from both parties. CAPT Tungsten will approach CMDR Samaras to reconcile after cooling-off period.

STATEMENT OF FACTS Per a report submitted by ENS Sovum, CAPT Tungsten and CMDR Samaras entered into an altercation last night at Event Horizon. Statements by CAPT Tungsten were perceived by CMDR Samaras as questioning of her professionalism whilst also appearing as hypocritical in light of other context. CMDR Samaras retorted back in a hostile manner and departed. Following a complaint by ENS Sovum, CAPT Mirazuni looked into the matter unilaterally as CMDR Samaras’ superior and opted to not take action.

This officer pursued an inquiry independently, out of concern for fleet morale and efficiency. Following conversations with both CMDR Samaras and CAPT Tungsten, it was conveyed to the CAPT that his statements were taken as insult. The CAPT agreed to this officer’s request that reconciliation be made, and he stated that he shall do so once both parties have had time to disregard the immediate emotional knee-jerk response.

RECOMMENDATIONAt this time, the situation has been resolved amicably. Neither the degree nor any lasting issues prescribe official action at this time. This officer recommends the report be filed and no action be taken at this time, though this report should be considered should future consecutive issues arise.

OOC Valore plays peacekeeper! Thanks to Sam and Drake for agreeing to rp on such a short notice.