To: Capt Ayesha Mirazuni | From: Sovum, Veneela Subject: Official complaint

To: CAPT Mirazuni, Ayesha
CC: CMDR Samaras ( @Sam ); CMDR Valore (@Valore )
From: ENS Sovum, Veneela
Subj: Submission of Official Complaint and Request for Punitive Consequences

As you doubtless saw I was granted permission to take the shuttle ENDVR II to Deep Space Thirteen following my double shift yesterday. Upon my arrival at the Event Horizon, I ordered a Root Beer when I observed Captain Mishune, Captain Tungsten, and Commander Samaras engaged in a lively conversation centered around physical training.
The conversation however soon turned quite hostile when Captain Tungsten suggested that Commander Samaras lacked professionalism based on how she responded to a question regarding her workout regime. For this part I must insist, that Commander Samaras handled her reaction poorly and became quite hostil, but I believe that he hopes shes “More specific on her job compared to her responses of a workout” to be quite unprofessional and rude.
After Commander Samaras left crying, I attempted to highlight for the Captain why Senior Officers shouldn’t talk like that to junior officers. Not really taking a side, just pointing out it was wrong. The captain then turned his verbal crosshairs on me and stated that he “Wasn’t sure what mental acrobats either of us (Myself or CMDR Samaras) are engaged in to take it offensively (despite the fact he had just apologized by his own acknowledgement that it may have been rude, possibly to diffuse) but it was atleast less unexpected on your (myself) part.”
I wished the Captain a good evening and informed him that by that logic he should know better himself and gave professional courtesy to inform him I would be filling this report. As I turned to leave I overheard Captain Mishune tell Captain Tungsten that Commander Samaras did try to warn him not to press further.
I am unsure if Captain Tungsten was drinking tonight, but this sort of crass language with junior officers off duty gives me red flags as to what the Captain is like on duty. I request this complaint be filed officially, and that an investigation be launched into possible punitive actions. His conduct does not reflect what the fleet, nor what Starfleet ethos are founded upon.

ENS Veneela Sovum
U.S.S Endeavour

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To: ENS Sovum, V
CC: CDMR Samaras, A; CMDR Valore, S
From: CAPT Mirazuni, A.
Subj: RE: Submission of Official Complaint and Request for Punitive Consequences


Commander Samaras has already spoken to me about this incident and does not wish to pursue it further.

However, since you have deemed it appropriate to involve Commander Valore in this, I will leave any further investigations with her.


Captain Mirazuni Ayesha, M.D.
Commanding Officer, USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: CMDR Samaras, A. (@Sam)
CC: CAPT Mirazuni, A.
From: LCDR Valore
Subj: Request for Appearance

Commander Samaras,

Prior to your departure from the station, I require that you come to my office and provide context to a situation that I currently know little about.

Lieutenant Commander Valore
Office of the Admiralty

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