The Affyson and Tinya Institute for Terran Prestige and Glory announces joint enterprise with the Imperial Starfleet to fundraise for cultural reclamation efforts. Battlestation 13 expected to host extravagent auction for sale of prized historical compositions.

Prominent Terran Empire Institute, Affyson and Tinya, returned to the media spotlight today to release the details of their newest fundraising event series. They’ve expanded their campaign to scour the galaxy to search and claim art and artifacts both of Terran origin and those of other species’ cultures deemed worthy of collection and preservation. For this latest event, Affyson and Tinya have managed to secure facilities and logistical support from several Imperial Starfleet installations.

Thanks to several profitable recent raids and recovery efforts, Affyson and Tinya have procured a collection of paintings that will be on display and available for purchase through the auction proceedings. At the astoundingly low price of 30,000 credits, participants will have a once in a lifetime chance to bid and own truly prized pieces of art from all around the quadrant.

See what's for sale

OOC lol you suckers thought the nightmare was over, DIDN’T YOU!?!



Please note that due to IC lore reasons, non-Terran Empire-affiliated characters are not eligible to participate in the public auction. But we haven’t left you out! Keep reading to learn more.

To make a bid, reply to this linked thread and indicate the following:

  1. which lot number you are bidding on
  2. your total bid amount (MUST be greater than the previous highest bid, must be at least 100 EC more than previously placed bid)
  3. the character who is ICly making this bid

Any bids that do not follow this criteria will be ignored! We have temporarily added a canned response using a suitable template, feel free to use it.

By posting your first bid, I will automatically assume your character has ‘bought into’ the auction and you will be allotted 30,000 EC to bid freely.

When you are outbid on any individual lot, you may assume your ‘spent’ EC is refunded to you and re-allocate it to another lot… or double down on the one you want. You do not have to wait for confirmation from the GM.

You may gift or receive EC from other characters ICly.

In order to gift EC to another character, reply to this same thread and indicate the following:

  1. which character you are gifting to
  2. how much you are gifting them
  3. the character who is giving this gift

You may not gift your own alts. I also reserve the right to reject accepting gift transfers from alts with insufficient affiliation with IC MU Argo. It is highly recommended that you wait for GM acknowledgement of a gift before trying to spend that EC. (Check for a kudos/like on the gift post.)

The following webpage will be updated regularly to keep track of the bidding record:

All public bidding transactions may be considered ICly public knowledge.

For Parallax, the gifting max limit has been removed. i.e. you may gift away more than your starting pool of EC.

Daily EC Bonus

For every painting you are currently holding the top bid for at the time of daily bonus calculation (~start of delta shift), you will receive a 500 EC gift from the GM. (Yes, this stacks.) This applies for the public auction leaders only.


As it wouldn’t be Parallax without a little backstabbing and to give the non-Terran characters some way to participate, there will be a simultaneous secret auction occurring for the same art pieces. While the ‘public’ auction is only open to Terran-affiliated characters, the secret auction is open to everyone.


  • The goal of the sabotage auction is to allow characters to bid secretly to potentially thwart the winner of the painting’s public auction. This may be ICly represented/roleplayed as scheming by the sabotage bidders to destroy or steal the painting just before the auction is over.
  • In the secret auction, NO ONE can see the bidding history or the current winning bid amount. When you place a sabotage bid, the GM will respond to you privately to let you know if it’s been accepted.
    • If so: congratulations, you currently have the highest bid.
    • If it is rejected: someone else has a higher bid than what you placed, so you may choose to bid higher or spend your money elsewhere.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: On a successfully placed sabotage bid, the GM will roll 1d20 in Discord on your behalf. If the roll fails, the character you just outbid will be informed about who displaced them!
  • If you place a rejected sabotage bid, you are welcome to continue raising your bid to try and displace the leader, HOWEVER, the DC (difficulty check) for the subsequent identity reveal roll will increase with each failed bid. Be careful!
  • The default DC starts at 6. Each rejected bid will increase it by 2.
  • Sabotage bids must be greater than the current highest public bid in order to be valid.

Sabotage bids should be placed using this form: For obvious reasons, DO NOT POST YOUR SABOTAGE BIDS IN THE PUBLIC AUCTION THREAD. The GM will follow up with you on the message thread.


Both auctions will end simultaneously. At the finale, the highest EC value – regardless of whether it happened in the public or secret auction – will win.

The auctions will end on Wed, 6 Apr @ start of delta shift.


The following memorandum has been distributed to all bidding participants.

Thank you for your participation in the Affyson and Tivya Auction for Terran Prestige and Glory! We commend the winners for their generous contributions!

Alas, we must report one sad occurrence. When the lots were being inspected and prepared for delivery, we discovered that Lot #124 had vanished. When the security guards for #124’s location were questioned, they reported nothing unusual save for the fact that they suddenly seemed to lose consciousness for no discernable cause, leaving the painting vulnerable.

Our sincerest regrets go out to #124’s winner.

#120 ADM Neema Perim 3,000
#121 ADM Neema Perim 15,000
#122 ADM Neema Perim 3,000
#123 ADM Neema Perim 3,000
#124 CAPT James Remoi 30,100     UNDELIVERABLE
#125 ADM Neema Perim 3,000
#126 LCDR Olivia Mercer 25,000
#127 ADM Neema Perim 3,000
#128 ADM Neema Perim 15,000
#129 ADM Neema Perim 15,000
#130 ADM Neema Perim 3,000
#131 Praetor Alistair Nimitz 15,100

All paintings have been packed for delivery and will be couriered promptly to their winners.