BSA/All - Duty and Obligation Calls

From: CAPT. Konieczko, D.
Subj: Duty and Obligation Calls

You personally have been hand selected.

From the lowliest slave to the upper echelons of the Emperor’s own guard we all have an obligation and privilege to serve the Empire. There are numerous ways to do so, yet any and every form that we are able we are obligated to perform.

At this time, service to the Terran Empire comes in the form of Energy Credits. You have no doubt heard of the ongoing efforts for cultural reclamation and preservation. All individuals on Battle Station Argo are obligated to do their part in the preservation of our glorious culture. You are duty sworn to preserve and celebrate that since the dawn of time Terrans have been the chosen species to persevere and dominate.

This is another privilege to show the inferior the might of the Terrans. These pieces will be displayed across Battle Station Argo, as beyond military, cultural dominance is a must. If we do not have a Terran culture, we do not have an Empire. You will serve our great Empire by ensuring the art of our people is preserved. You will forward your Energy Credit allotment to my office and together you and I will ensure that our Empire remains.

Glory to the Empire.

Captain Dmitri Konieczko
Commanding Officer,
Battle Station Argo