Art of War

“Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.” – Sun Tzu

This is a mission chain to follow up to the attack on Andoria and the chain of events in “J’Ula’s Discovery”

The five missions relevant being: Sentinels / Rescue and Search / Within the Briars / The Ninth Rule

These missions can be called up by any ship CO. Simply post on this thread and run the mission with yourself or your team-(Preferred/Advised). Then, post an AAR within accouple of days. We do ask that members select 1 to give everyone a chance to participate.

Once these 4 are complete an RP event will be lined up to launch the final mission “Ruins of Doom” as a Fleet wide event.

Shift Time: Any

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Social / Free-form / Structured / Gameplay

Starting Point: Depends on the RP needs

This will be considered our canonization event of the J’Ula Discovery arch in STO.


I will have Nimitz take on the Ninth Rule to start.


I’ll take the Endeavour into the Briar Patch to run the “Within the Briars” mission.


Still have a couple of these to knock off.

If no one else will, I’ll take on Sentinels next week.

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I can do Rescue and Search with Somek!

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Have at them

Since it’s been over a month and we haven’t really seen any traction on this lately, I’ll be doing “Sentinels” from the perspective of the bridge of Mariner this upcoming Sunday.

Works for me. Put an AAR up and I think puts us in line to set up the final. Which I will start putitng pieces in place to make (I hope) an awesome event for all.

I believe Nimitz and I were planning on running something this week, are you happy with the Mariner taking the event, @Nimitz?