Clandestine Investigation Orders

To: CDR Amarik (( @Timoreev ))
From: WCDR Miral
Subj: Clandestine Investigation Orders


I have additional tasks for you to accomplish during your visit to New Romulus. Under no circumstances are you to divulge this information to anyone outside of our JSI contingent. We are dealing with at least one rouge high ranking officer here; the utmost discretion will be required.

Former Subadmiral Pojaik remains in our custody, a fact we are not revealing at this time. He has testified that his orders came from a higher officer within command. Your task will be to launch a discreet investigation during your visit to determine the identity of the involved party. I am giving you the latitude and discretion necessary to investigate as you see fit with the overall directive that no one on New Romulus should discover the true purpose behind your investigation. We don’t have much to go on, but I’ve attached all the relevant information I can to assist you.

Wind to your wings.

Wing Commander Miral
JSI Commander - Aldebaran


//ATTACHMENT// Reports


To: WCDR Miral
From: CDR Amarik ir’Dralath Tr’Vaien
Subj: RE:Clandestine Investigation Order


Orders received and understood, sir.
I’ll keep you posted on any development that I may have at hand during my investigation.

Amarik ir’Dralath Tr’Viaen
Commanding Officer,
RRW Inyadar