4 Sep: The Old Ways

RRW Inyadar requires a maintenance procedure which cannot be accomplished by a Federation shipyard, resulting in a scheduled trip back to New Romulus. This trip will serve as the cover for Commander Amarik and a contingent of other JSI Officers to conduct a clandestine investigation at Republic Command.

Investigation of the incident at Anides led to the capture of Subadmiral Pojaik. His subsequent interrogation has revealed an extremely concerning series of events:

  • Subadmiral Pojaik was the Sector Commander for the region containing the Anides System. In this capacity, he was briefed on a covert operation carried out by Republic Intelligence. According to Pojaik the goal of the operation was to force the Federation to abandon the colony, leaving it open for Republic expansion.

  • The aim was to introduce a disease which would be treatable, but not curable, to create a situation which would create a medical crisis without tremendous loss of life, and which would appear endemic to the planet itself. Suspicion of Tal Shiar involvement was a convenient cover in case the deliberate spread of this disease was discovered.

  • Because the selected disease itself could be found in Republic medical databases, steps were taken to ensure that other branches of the Republic did not inadvertently offer assistance to the Federation. Pojaik was directed to issue orders to the fleet in his sector to stay away from Anides.

  • Pojaik objected to the entire operation, but was overruled. He was not willing to directly divulge classified information, but in protest, he issued orders that would create the confrontation with the Federation, drawing attention to the Republic’s involvement in the situation.

  • When the situation became a public controversy, Pojaik was set up as the scapegoat. After his ‘retirement’ was announced, his home was raided by what is believed to have been an execution squad.

Subadmiral Pojaik is currently being held by the Argo JSI, and his capture has NOT been reported externally - no one knows we have him, and that may be an advantage.

The objective of this mission is to use any means necessary to determine who at Republic Command ordered the Anides operation.

Shift Time: beta

Audience: SEMI-OPEN for @JSI.COs and any other Republic characters. Because it’s a secret mission, Inyadar is the only ship going and any other participants will be brought along as their characters only.

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: New Romulus

This will be a relatively open-ended investigation mission. I will GM NPCs and the environment at Republic Command for you to interact with, but I will NOT be providing you with a specific plan of action. You-the-players will need to come up with a plan for determining who the bad guy is. Ideally without pissing off the Admiralty or getting yourselves killed!

Because of this, I’m budgeting 3 hours for this event. You can use UP TO the first hour to discuss and plan what you’re going to do. If you have a plan and are ready to go before then, that’s great, But at beta+1 you’re beaming down, ready or not.

Good luck <3


This is today!