AAR: Pojaik

Filed By:
CMDR Davin

LOCATION Anides System/Mol’Rihan

MISSION Locate SubAdmiral Pojaik

OUTCOME Successful location and extraction of SubAdmiral Pojaik


  • CMDR Salil Sovum
  • SCDR Loval
  • LT Aev

NARRATIVE Dispatched by JSI Wing Commander Miral to attempt to locate RRF SubAdmiral Pojaik, reported retired but currently MIA following events of Anides V Blockade incident. As per Wing Commander Miral no official action has been taken to investigate SubAdmiral Pojaik by RRF.

With no further information determination was made to begin search at Anides V. Warbirds D’Ishae, Tovanal, and Vulleth dispatched, with D’Ishae taking operational lead. En route to Anides V hailed by CMDR Hocath of Warbird Kileema, currently in Anides System, and advised no Republic forces permitted to approach Anides V as per orders from command. Stand-down order given by JSI Wing Commander Miral, approach to Anides System aborted. D’Ishae and Tovanal left in position pending further clarification from Command.

Vulleth diverted to Mol’Rihan at discretion of commanding officers, with myself and CMDR Loval aboard, to investigate SubAdmiral Pojaik’s estate. As per Intel from Command no activity reported at Pojaik estate. Away team arrived to find Pojaik Estate destroyed by high explosives, with evidence of RRF Intelligence presence at site. Further examination revealed presence of underground chambers, evidently predating construction of Pojaik estate, and SubAdmiral Pojaik present in state of undress within lower chamber.

Of note, SubAdmiral Pojaik seemed under the impression that officers present meant to harm him. On de-escalation Pojaik inferred existence of ‘black ops team’ responsible for viral outbreak on Anides V. SubAdmiral Pojaik secured aboard Vulleth for extraction to DS-13.

RECOMMENDATION I don’t like this. I really don’t like this. Recommend we not inform RRF Command until we figure out what the ███ is going on.

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