Code of Conduct

No Drama

We’re here to have fun, not bicker. If someone says something you don’t like, be polite and non-abrasive. Politely decline to discuss topics that spark contention, and generally follow Wheaton’s Law. This includes rage-quitting during game events, whether that’s PvE, PVP or RP. Members who routinely cause conflict will be asked to withdraw.

No Trolling

We’re roleplayers. Respect other roleplayers, regardless of quality or affiliation. Don’t grief them or interrupt their roleplay and be polite when disagreeing with another player’s vision. This includes sharding, dancing, placing turrets, mines, using tribble cannons, etc. Friendly one-off griefing of friends during non-critical events is acceptable, as long as it doesn’t interrupt the roleplay.

Real Life
Comes First

We all have things to take care of In Real Life and these should always take priority over any roleplay demands. If you need to exit an event before it ends, or you’re suddenly unable to make an event that you were planning to attend or even host, that’s okay! It is basic courtesy to give as much advanced notice as possible if you’ve made a commitment that you can no longer fulfill, especially if you’re an event host, but not strictly necessary.

We understand that things happen, but we encourage players to have self-awareness of all the demands on their time and attention. Players who are consistently unable to predict their own availability and/or frequently leaving events without contributing may find some roleplay opportunities unavailable to them due to a minimum commitment requirement.


38th Fleet ‘Argo’ is a PG-13 fleet, so please consider your language and choice of topics when roleplaying in public areas and discussing topics in fleet channels. References to gratuitous violence, sexual assault, and rape will not be tolerated. Occasional use of expletives is permitted, but give consideration to the potential audience and keep unwholesome idioms off fleet channels. If a topic gets out of hand and any member asks it to change, we will respect their request. These rules apply to ALL public environs in which Argo may be found, so both our OOC channels and all publicly accessible IC settings.

Please note that we are not limiting what players can do in private RP, only in public RP and public channels. If you think your content might be a problem, please consider taking your scene somewhere private where you’re certain your invited audience won’t be offended by it.

Character &
Story Policy

38th Fleet ‘Argo’ is a MEMBER-DRIVEN roleplay group. While the staff will try to regularly come up with material and events for players to participate in, members are ultimately responsible for finding and generating their own RP. With that said, in order to keep cohesion among all the member story threads, there are some set boundaries in place regarding plausible character backstories and story arcs that require staff approval to bypass.

Please review the full Character and Story policy for more details.

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