Argo Character and Story Policy



38th Fleet ‘Argo’ is a MEMBER-DRIVEN role-play group. While the admin staff will try to regularly come up with material and events for players to participate in, members are ultimately responsible for finding and generating their own RP.

This means that members are strongly encouraged to start RP anywhere, anytime, in any format they desire. Want to write up backstory and post it on the forums? Go for it! Want to run an STF or fleet action and count it as ICly happening? Please do! Thought of a fun mission that would suit your character and want some fellow officers to come with? Ask in ArgoChat and get a group to go! You are in charge of your character’s RP, so be your own GM and don’t wait around for someone else if there’s something you want to make happen.

With that said, in order to keep cohesion among all the member story threads, there are some set boundaries in place regarding plausible character backstories and story arcs that require staff approval to bypass. The purpose of these boundaries is not to step on or restrict your freedom as a storyteller, but to make sure all members adhere to a minimum standard of setting expectations. In most of the constraint cases, the restriction exists because the given plot element is either considered generally too overpowered (i.e. makes other characters feel comparatively helpless) or the plot element involves an event or anomaly that should only occur very rarely (i.e. overuse of these elements makes them less impactful).

Please note that in ALL constraint cases, it does not mean that you cannot have a storyline or character that involves one of these aspects. It simply means you must talk to staff and have the story arc cleared first. New (alt) characters must go through the alt application process before a fleet invitation will be sent, while all incoming new initiates will be expected to adhere to character restrictions when applying with their first character.

If your idea contains one or more of the following constraints and you fail to consult and gain approval of Argo staff before running it, then you and your character will be subject to whatever In-Character Consequences that the staff deems appropriate for your character’s circumstances and you as a player will be expected to have your character adhere to those consequences. This may include the introduction of external plot elements or forces to counter the effect of potentially unacceptable environmental changes or, in case of poor character judgement, permanent record-level disciplinary actions.



  • AFFILIATIONS WITH SECTION 31 OR ANY SUBVERSIVE/SECRET ORGANIZATION are not permitted, due to the inevitability that these connections will conflict with the established Argo chain of command.

  • OFF LIMITS CANON RACES: Q Continuum, Founders / Changelings and other shapeshifters, known outright hostile alien species.

  • RELATIONS TO MAJOR LORE FIGURES are not permitted.

  • ORIGINS IN ALTERNATE UNIVERSES are conditionally acceptable for established members only. Staff must vet origin story. Vetting requirement includes the ‘Mirror Universe’ and all other similar concepts such as alternate/parallel universes, dimensions, realities, etc.

  • TIME TRAVELERS are conditionally acceptable for established members only. Staff must vet origin story, character cannot continue to have access to time travel capabilities.

  • NON-CANON ALIEN RACES are conditionally acceptable. Keep capabilities within parameters that have been established by canon Star Trek races (Q Continuum, shapechangers excepted). Please note that alien races that have not officially joined the Federation are subject to greater scrutiny in terms of how they came to join the fleet and what their expected role will be.

  • STARFLEET OFFICER RANK must remain at Captain or below while under Argo’s banner, Commander for Romulan Republic. Exceptions only granted in special circumstances, usually pertaining to operational necessity for the fleet itself.

  • For recommended career paths for ROMULAN REPUBLIC characters, please see Republic Exchange Commission / Joint Squadron Initiative.

  • For recommended career paths for DOMINION characters, please see Dominion Service and Free Agents.


  • SHIP CLASS must be era- and faction-appropriate. Starfleet officers should be operating Starfleet ships. Republic officers should be operating Republic ships. Staff must vet ships from other factions or different time periods.

  • SHIP MODIFICATIONS are conditionally acceptable. In general, ships should be standard issue. They are built to common specifications and major deviations or incorporation of alien technology are extremely rare. For example, Starfleet ships should use phasers and photon/quantum torpedoes. Romulan ships should use disruptors and plasma weapons. Individual Captains cannot have major modifications made simply on their own authority.

  • CLOAKING DEVICES are permitted for Republic and Klingon ships, but only conditionally acceptable on Starfleet ships. Staff must vet the justification for Starfleet ships possessing cloaks.

  • COMMANDING OFFICERS should be of appropriate rank for the size of the ship. While some smaller ships may be commanded by Commanders, or even Lieutenant Commanders, the largest ships will require a full Captain.


  • DEEP SPACE 13 AS A SETTING is considered communal intellectual property and arcs or events that take place directly on station are therefore subject to greater scrutiny. Not only do we need to keep the shared setting space relatively stable, but certain plot types may seriously implicate starbase personnel as neglectful or incompetent at their jobs.

    • Any storyline that contains willful/purposeful sabotage of fleet holdings by either known or unknown entities must be cleared ahead of time.

    • Any storyline that contains deliberately planned death to starbase personnel, NPC or PC or otherwise, must be cleared ahead of time.

    • Any storyline that contains known enemies of Starfleet aboard the station must be cleared ahead of time.

  • TIME TRAVEL is conditionally acceptable. Staff must vet.

  • ALTERNATE UNIVERSE CROSSOVERS are conditionally acceptable. Staff must vet. Vetting requirement includes the ‘Mirror Universe’ and all other similar concepts such as alternate/parallel universes, dimensions, realities, etc.

  • OFFICER MISCONDUCT should be vetted with staff beforehand to decide on a course of action that satisfies both the player and staff. Should you choose to engage with In Character Actions that are perceived as unbefitting of an officer of Starfleet without clearing it with staff first, you will be subject to the appropriate In Character Consequences of the action. This may include being sent to the detention center for extended periods of time, court martial, temporary or permanent reductions in character rank, or permanent transfer from fleet.

  • FAR REACHING PLOTS carry the danger of influencing the state of the galaxy or introducing story precedents that may contradict existing Trek alpha canon; these types be vetted with staff before being implemented. The Federation is perceived as a generally good organization, so NPC-Starfleet misconduct, corruption, conspiracies, or anything else that would have a strong impact on the way other characters view the universe must be handled with care. Similarly the introduction of hostiles with unusually powerful capabilities should be carefully managed, lest the reaction from other characters encourage a course of action that would end the storyline prematurely.


For the purposes of this policy, all characters that are not members of Starfleet or the Romulan Republic Navy are considered civilians. These characters are divided into three categories, each with its own set of constraints. Civilian characters must also adhere to all relevant points listed under Character Constraints.


This category of civilians is for characters whose occupations don’t involve working on a starship or getting involved with conflict. This includes business owners, civilian employees of the starbase, family members, children, ambassadors, etc. Starfleet makes a concerted effort to keep them safe when danger arises, in addition to taking steps to actively prevent them from being placed in dangerous situations in the first place.

To better reflect Starfleet’s unwillingness to place these civilians in harm’s way, characters placed in this category will be excluded from plots and events that have a reasonable IC expectation of danger, as well as any that would be considered classified. Additionally, on the starbase, they will be ICly restricted to ‘public’ areas, or those areas that they have been given clearance to enter/use. Because of these restrictions, these characters may have difficulty remaining involved with ‘official’ plotlines. To counteract this and ensure that everyone is reasonably able to participate with the fleet, players who understand the restrictions and still want to have a true civilian character are strongly encouraged to have a more conventional alt available.


With a slightly broader definition than true civilians, non-combatants refers to any other civilian that Starfleet would not intentionally send into a combat situation. This includes traders (and smugglers), merchants, independent vessel operators, non-Starfleet crew of Federation vessels, or any other civilian that makes frequent use of spacetravel. These characters would also be protected by Starfleet at every opportunity, and would not be intentionally included in dangerous events. However, they are far more likely find themselves in the midst of such situations for various reasons. Additionally, since these characters are mostly not affiliated with Starfleet (or sometimes even the Federation), their players will be largely required to create their own RP opportunities.

This group also, will be excluded from plots and events that have any reasonable IC expectation of danger, unless they are being specifically escorted or protected by Starfleet personnel. They will also be excluded from any plot or event that would be considered classified. When on the starbase, they will be considered restricted to those areas that are ‘public’ or they have been granted access to. While it is still possible for these characters to remain involved in most/all events, it is significantly more difficult than for others. For that reason, characters applying to this category are strongly encouraged to have a more conventional character as well, to avoid being unable to participate due to IC limitations.


This category includes ALL characters that are combat-oriented while not being a member of either Starfleet or the Republic Navy. This includes representatives of other governments, ships/officers from other military organizations, mercenaries, privateers, etc. These characters, for whatever reason, have been contracted or otherwise authorized to participate in combat or dangerous operations. These personnel have received some form of military training, or have otherwise proven to be capable of defending themselves. Be it for duty or monetary gain, these characters have entered into an agreement in which they perform a specific function for the fleet and are bound to follow the orders of its leadership.

This is a problematic group, especially in the hands of less experienced RPers or GMs. The appeal of these characters, often, is that they’re unique in some way, and different from the ‘normal’ Starfleet-type. Unfortunately, if everyone tries to play an unconventional character, then we risk that becoming the norm.

To combat that and other concerns, this group will also have a number of restrictions placed upon it. Characters in this category are admitted on a case-by-case basis only. Applications (both main and alt apps) may be rejected for any reason, including but not limited to: inadequate explanation for affiliation with Argo, lack of backstory, insufficient player experience, or a proportionally high number of existing characters in this category relative to fleet size.

For characters that are approved, prior to invitation into the fleet, players will need to define the terms of their character’s contract or service. This contract can be negotiated or modified ICly as appropriate, but IC consequences for violations will occur. Any plots or events that are considered classified will remain unavailable to these characters, as will non-public areas of the starbase to which they have not been specifically granted access.


  • IC restrictions are IC only. You are free to have your character violate them, but choosing to do so may have IC consequences up to and including departure from the fleet or imprisonment. If you’re not sure about the consequences of a particular action, we recommend you talk to staff first.

  • An “ICly reasonable expectation of danger” in reference above to the expected content of a plot or mission is dependent ONLY on the perspective of the characters involved. For example, if the mission is a scientific survey, and you OOCly know that the team will be ambushed, you may still be able to bring your civilian or non-combatant, since the characters are not ICly expecting any danger. Any disagreements on this point are left to the discretion of the GM or Fleet Staff.

  • Whether or not a plot or event is considered classified (and therefore excludes civilians) is left to the discretion of the GM. If there is any question, speak with staff for clarification.

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(Updated August 2022)