Dominion Service and Free Agents

OOC This page provides the IC framework that allows Argo to support Dominion characters. All Dominion characters in the fleet will fall somewhere inside this structure. As described below there are two basic categories for Dominion characters:

  • Dominion servitors (Vorta, Jem’Hadar)
  • Jem’Hadar free agents (Jem’Hadar only)



Following the end of their devastating war with the Alpha Quadrant in 2375, the Dominion had very little contact with the Federation for over three decades. It wasn’t until the awakening of the Hur’q in 2417 that the Dominion returned to the galactic stage, with their own multi-pronged efforts to stymie the threat. Despite massive reservations, the threat of the Hur’q was deemed too great to turn away any potential allies, so the Alliance reluctantly acquiesced to the Dominion’s pleas for assistance and became critical to the defense of the Founders’ new homeworld of Empersa.

As a token of gratitude, the Dominion pledged their support and even some of their forces to bolster the Alliance and has maintained mostly peaceful relations since. As a condition of their acceptance, however, the Dominion was required to promise to free the Jem’Hadar from their addiction to Ketracel-white, though no specific deadline was determined and the process of completely eliminating Ketracel addiction from the Jem’Hadar population is expected to take decades, if not longer. While some numbers of Jem’Hadar have chosen to undergo the experimental procedures and take advantage of their newfound freedom to discover new ways of life, the vast majority have elected to remain in service to the Founders. Most sources predict that even without their addiction, the Jem’Hadar will continue to be a loyal and effective fighting force for the Dominion.


Due to the Dominion’s newfound status as formal members of the Alliance, alpha and beta quadrant denizens have started to become adjusted to the sight and idea of peaceful Dominion ships traveling through Federation space on this or that pursuit. The Dominion’s idea of support seems to generally take the form of the Dominion military choosing to station one or two of their own assets near major Alliance hubs, with basic standing orders to assist as they see fit. Though it pains some Federation officials to permit these former enemies to travel in Alliance space and dock at Starfleet installations, out of respect for the diplomatic process, the uneasy peace continues.


The path to sobriety is an arduous one, but for those Jem’Hadar who have chosen to undertake that journey, their reward is the freedom to choose their own destiny. Though their numbers are still relatively few, it’s become increasingly less uncommon to find addiction-free Jem’Hadar joining the fold of hirable mercenaries and bodyguards, while others have ventured towards learning new trades and seeking new horizons.

For some Jem’Hadar who have renounced Dominion service (and therefore citizenship), Federation citizenship may be available to them, along with access to Federation benefits.

As Jem’Hadar were originally genetically engineered to be deficient and therefore completely dependent on ketracel-white for both nutritional and steroidal benefit, those individuals who have successfully undergone the enzymatic therapy and been weaned off the substance must procure their sustenance in other ways. In addition to the renewed need to eat, Ketracel-free Jem’Hadar find that they require sleep periodically and are unable to shroud themselves. While their Ketracel-addicted brethren benefit from increased physical resilience, Ketracel-free Jem’Hadar continue to retain their physical strength and excellent vision.