AAR: Splintered Trees, Shattered Dreams

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Gzoya Colony, K’Lok System, Ba’aja Sector.

MISSION Visit the Gzoya Colony to deliver supplies and check on development.

OUTCOME Gzoya Colony destroyed by strange alien entities. System stripped of rare minerals and elements. Resources given to restart colony.


  • CAPT A. Mirazuni
  • CAPT A. Nimitz
  • LT(JG) R. Mitsuki
  • CDT Aetah

BACKGROUND The Gzoya Colony is a joint enterprise between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Located in the Ba’aja sector, the colony was settled at the start of 2420 and was marketed as a paradise planet, as shown by some select promotional material shown below. The U.S.S. Endeavour was tasked with appraising the colony’s development after six months to report back to Starfleet.

Promotional Material
View of the planet from space Recreation of one of the cities

NARRATIVE Upon arrival, a number of things became clear to the bridge crew. Captain Nimitz noticed the lack of ships in the system, and Lieutenant Mitsuki failed to get a response from the station after requesting to dock. Cadet Aetah’s scans showed the planet had undergone a large physical alteration; sensor data is attached.

Image of the planet

Scans on the station revealed no lifesigns whilst scans of the planet revealed sporadic lifesigns scattered over the planet, less than the expected amount. There was no evidence of a geological event to change the planet so. Equally so, there were no signs of nuclear attack or radiation in the atmosphere, nor were there any signs of a terraforming incident.

Captain Nimitz reported that there were weapons signatures, of both Federation standard phasers and Empire standard disruptors. Lieutenant Mitsuki’s scans revealed the planet had been removed of various elements and minerals, such as Platinum and Hassium, amongst others. Science teams would later provide a full list of elements and minerals removed. This removal was not isolated to the planet; all astronomical bodies in the system had been affected, including the station, asteroids, and even the star in the system. This removal was thorough, with all traces of the elements and minerals removed.

With two theories formulated, one being that the Federation and the Empire colonists attacked each other, and the second being that an outside force, possibly raiders, came to attack the colony, an away team was formed with the above-named officers. Due to rules regarding the safety of cadets on missions, this officer placed Cadet Aetah under the charge of Captain Nimitz, with the Captain’s experience and tactical prowess ensuring the cadet was well protected at all times. Commander Samaras also received strict orders to prioritise the evacuation of the cadet should an emergency arise.

Once on the ground, the away team split into two, with this officer and Lieutenant Mitsuki venturing out to look for any records of what had occurred. It became clear that power was a commodity in the colony and we subsequently foiled a failed ambush by a Tellerite who had witnessed us power up a nearby console, evidently with the intent to steal our power. The Tellerite was under the impression that the Federation had been destroyed two months ago when the initial attack to the colony occurred. After we informed him that the Federation was still functioning, he divulged that, after the attack, the colony failed to get in contact with the Federation or the Empire and so society quickly descended into anarchy, with a free for all to try to claim supplies for existence.

Image of the city

I was informed by the U.S.S. Endeavour that Captain Nimitz had been in contact with other survivors and that he wanted to have them all evacuated. This officer agreed and each enclave of survivors were beamed up separately to minimise confusion and to ensure smooth operations. After this, both teams returned to the ship.

Once the survivors were cared for, interviews were conducted by U.S.S. Endeavour security. Survivors stated that two months ago, the colony was attacked by an unknown space entities which had appeared suddenly. After harvesting the system, the entities moved on. The U.S.S. Bark was deployed to do a search of the nearby systems to see if there were any indication of these entities and where they were heading, but came up empty handed.

RECOMMENDATION Command should be aware of an unknown space entity harvesting systems in the vincity. As we do not know where the entities moved to, contact should be made with allies in the Empire to warn them of such a threat.

Whilst some colonists requested to return to the colony, with supplies to rebuild, others did not want to return. They will be transferred to the nearest Federation installation where they will undergo counselling and then rehabilitation into the Federation, or Empire.

Commander Samaras would like to recommend that atmospheric entry with the U.S.S Bark should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

RECOGNITION Lieutenant Mitsuki showed great insight and initiative when analysing the data from the initial scans of the system to compare the element and mineral loss from the planet to other astronomical bodies in the system. This revealed vital information that would not have been apparent otherwise.

Cadet Aetah did well to return from the away team unharmed. How much of this is due to the cadet’s own resilliance or down to Captain Nimitz, is yet unknown; their reports will no doubt shed some light on this topic.

Captain Nimitz managed to wear proper uniform on this mission.

OOC This is the AAR for the Endeavour event Splintered Trees, Shattered Dreams. Event logs available on request.