Cosmozoan Feeding Ground Investigation

Filed By:
LCDR Blake, K.

After Action Report

LOCATION Doza/Ba’aja Sector Border

MISSION Deep Space 13 sensors detected a subspace explosion along the sector border and dispatched the USS Atlantis to investigate the cause.

OUTCOME Cause was established to be a dilithium cored asteroid impacting with a planet, releasing kinetic energy directly into subspace.


  • LCDR Blake, K. (Acting Captain, U.S.S. Atlantis)
  • LCDR Loxton, N. (Acting Chief Secuirty/Tactical Officer, U.S.S. Atlantis)
  • LCDR Odi, T. (Acting Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Atlantis)

  • Altais, E. (Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Rutland c/o U.S.S. Oakham)

NARRATIVE The Atlantis departed Deep Space 13 at Gamma-1, to set out on a search pattern to investigate a subspace explosion. Theories ranged from a crashed Starship, to an experimental Klingon weapon being tested on an unaligned (and uninhabited) class P planet.

As we arrived the first point of our search pattern, we calibrated sensors and began our first sweep. Lieutenant Commander Loxton discovered that there was an ion trail emanating from the planet however an exact point of origin was thus far indeterminable.

Lieutenant Commander Odi suggested that we may be able to boost our sensor systems, however such a boost would require sacrificing power to other systems. As we were still under our initial suspicions to the cause of the explosion, we opted to leave all systems at full power.

Lieutenant Commander Loxton announced that sensors were picking up sensor shadows, potentially an indication of a cloaked vessel. Atlantis raised shields and stood up to yellow alert stations. Upon the suggestion of Lieutenant Commander Odi, a tachyon pulse was emitted from the deflector dish, which gained much greater sensor resolution for a brief period, allowing us to accurately identify the sensor shadows as asteroids, comprised of almost solid duranium.

As we moved to survey point Beta, Lieutenant Commander Odi’s sensor modifications were carried out and put to task, increasing our effective sensor performance by 30%. With these modifications, we were able to detect numerous subspace signals from the ring around the planet, as well as a complete ion trail, leading to the point of origin.

At this time, we encountered the USS Rutland which had entered the system to investigate, but from another direction, obscured by a thoron micro nebula.

After comparing our notes, we detected a number of Kefnium signatures, which we were able to link with the Gekli, who appeared to be using this system as a feeding ground. A planetary ring around the aforementioned P-class planet held asteroids containing dilithium, surrounded by a Kefnium shell. It would appear the Gekli consumed the Kefnium, before “spitting” the ball of dilithium onto the planet below, forcing the kinetic energy into subspace on a signature wavelength of 21 centimeters, the computer corroborated with information recorded by the USS Enterprise in 2369 that this wavelength was a source of food for young Gekli.

After a second explosion, the Gekli departed the system for pastures new.

RECOMMENDATION The Gekli feeding grounds should be monitored and protected against poachers, mining parties and similar entities. While the star system does contain some small, but relatively rich deposits of Dilithium, Kefnium and Duranium in small pockets of asteroids, and may be eligible for a small mining expedition, such expeditions if undertaken should be taken in care of not disrupting Gekli feeding or breeding activities.

RECOGNITION Lieutenant Commander Odi was instrumental in expanding our sensor range, and overcoming anomalous incidents within the system, keeping the Atlantis and her crew safe and informed during the mission.

Lieutenant Commander Loxton also performed well, maintaining an alert state in the face of potential threats, placing a high priority in the wellbeing of the vessel and crew as I have come to expect from my security team.

OOC Log available here: Log: Cosmozoan Feeding Ground Investigation I’ve taken a few liberties to expand on things that we ran out of time for!
Hope it was an enjoyable event on the fly!