Dreamscape [Complete]

Living The Dream

The Cerberus-Class USS Archangel proceeds at Full Impulse through the Sol System, casually passing by Neptune on her Maiden Voyage from space dock following her most recent and extensive upfits. On the bridge, the turbolift opens up and a stern human male steps out. His adorned white shoulders que the crew to quickly rise at their stations, as a boatswain whistle rings out

“Captain on Deck” the Senior Officer, a Red Headed Human woman spoke out, rising herself from the captains chair. Commander Elisa Flores smiles at the captain, who gives her and the crew a nod, “As you were” he stated warmly. As the rest of the bridge crew return to their stations, Commander Flores makes way for the captain to take his seat. “Report, Ms. Flores?” he states, sitting down and taking in the new upholstery.

Elisa smiles and takes her own seat at his left, “Zarva reports that it probably would have been quicker to just peel off the hull of the Archangel, and put it on a stripped Hestia Class, but none the less we are ready to test the new systems. I was thinking a quick trip to Andoria? I could go for a snow cone right about now.”

The captain chuckles, but does not respond. In the rapid military advancement of Starfleet, every time a new ‘model’ of a particular class of starship comes out, it was a race for captains to get into drydock to quickly update their ships so that they weren’t put behind the curve. The Hestia was the newest model of Advanced Escorts to come out, and the Captain had paid a steep price to get his ship in for upfits before the Prototype NX-Hestia had even completed its dry run. Thought the tactical applications were relatively the same, the Hestia increased Scientific and Engineering capabilities, giving them more multi-purpose functions out in the field.

“Captain, I have received communique from Captain Shon. The Enterprise is requesting we join them in a patrol of the Eta Serpentis Sector.” Came a voice from the turbolift. The long haired Second officer T’Vrell came around, taking her seat at the Captains right. “Oh Va’Kel better be careful, he keeps letting us take all the spotlight, the Federation might strip the Enterprise of her ‘Flagship’ status and give it to us.” He jokes. The Archangel and the Enterprise-F could have very well been considered sister ships, given the number of Galactic Level missions they had taken together; and the level of trust between the two captains couldn’t be stronger.

“Helm, lay in a course for the Eta Serpentis Sector.” Elisa ordered, flawlessly reading her captains intentions as a perfect first officer should. “Engineering, lets see what these new engines can do. Ready for maximum warp.” The captain called out over the intercom. A reply back echoed through the bridge, “Engines Hot, ready for full throttle captain!” Chief Engineer Zarva called back.

“All right then. Computer, activate ship wide broadcast” the captain ordered, rising from his seat. “Shipwide broadcast now commencing” the ship responded in a cool female voice.

“Attention all officers. This is Captain Johas Mith. We are beginning our new Tour of the Galaxy. We have faced many hardships together. The Borg, The Elachi, The Iconians, and even Time Traveling Na’kuhl were not supposed to talk about. In all that we have prevailed! So no matter what new threats we may face together, know this. As long as we are together…nothing can stop us!”

As the transmission ended, the bridge crew gave a small round of applause. As it died down, the captain pointed forward, “Lets see what this ship can do now. Floor it when ready Helmsman!” The young and impressionable ensign at the helm smiled, “Aye aye captain. Initiating warp drive in three…two…one…”

His head was splitting, he could taste copper in the back of his throat, and pain pulsed through every limb. Jonas grunted as he struggled to raise himself off the floor. His ears were ringing, but he could hear the klaxon alarms ringing. He struggled to make sense of the specific alarm tone, was that an Abandon ship alarm? “REPORT!” he managed to yell out as he rose off the middle of the bridge. The lights were out, only the feint outline of emergency lights illuminated the room, along with blue error screens on nearly every terminal. The helmsman was gone, ops was gone. He tried to take in what was happening, but it only made his head worse. Not receiving a response, he turned around to the rest of the bridge. The air was clouded with smoke, as if they had been in a fire fight, but there was no damage to be seen, everyone was gone. No bodies, no personel effects, he was just alone on the bridge with the blaring klaxons. “Computer! Report!” He called out again, this time he received a response.

“Warning, Power levels critical, Life Support Critical, Emergency Evacuation in progress. Please make your way to the nearest Escape Pod.”

As Captain Mith staggered to the turbolift, he was somewhat relieved at hearing a response, however, the context of the message almost made him wish otherwise. “Computer, What happened? Where is the crew?”

“There are no crew aboard this vessel, an unknown spatial anomaly has disabled the ship, if we are to have any chance of survival, you need to make it to the emergency exit. I will remain with you Jonas, but please you need to get out!”

The fact the computer called him by his first name didn’t even register. The loud noises, the pain in his body, and the worry for his crew distracted him from nearly everything else as he struggled down the hallway to his designated escape pod. Breathing was becoming more and more difficult, and the pulses of pain through him were more prolonged with every step. “Computer…Did the rest of the crew make it out?” he labored out.

“You are the only one in danger, the faster you get out, the faster we can identify and fix the problem. I will be there with you every step of the way. You will see your crew again Captain, but please, hurry.”

That was a good enough answer for him, using the wall as support, a new vigor of energy allowed him to hobble the last 20 yards to his illuminated escape pod. Throwing himself inside and rolling into place for the security buckles, he watched as the door sealed itself.

“Uploading Reverie Computer Core to your Escape Pod now.” the computer announced.

“Reverie? Who’s that?” He inquired between heavy breaths.

“That is my designation. You didn’t think we were all called ‘Computer’ did you?”

Jonas painfully chuckled, his eyes closed as he tried to hold back the immense pain he was in, “Must have missed that in the upgrade notes."

“Please relax Jonas, we will be out in a moment. Standby for Innervation Protocols.”

Jonas could barely understand what the computer was saying, let alone have a chance to get his questioning out as he felt the escape pod rush out from the ship. The G-force of the launch was more than enough to fully disorient him. The only thing he could really register was his head and limbs flailing about with his back to the pod. Yet amidst the calamity, he could faintly hear the computers voice calling out…

“You need to wake up now Jonas!”

To be Continued



“You need to wake up now Jonas!”

The same voice…painfully his eyes opened to the world. It wasn’t bright, but dimly lit with a soft yellow hue, even still his eye burned at the contact of the light, but the pain was nothing compared to what his body experienced as he tried to shift away from it. He wimpered in pain as he curled into the fetal position on the flat surface he was laying on, begging for the pain to subside.

“I know you’re in pain, but we need to move quickly if we are going to get out of this. Please Captain, get up!”

Captain? Yes…He was on the Archangel. They were heading out to a mission…something had gone wrong…The escape pod… “Reverie?” he squeaked. His voice seemed oddly high pitched and scratchier than what he was use too.

“That is correct captain, I am here, but I need your help.”

“What happened? Where…AHHH!” he began to ask as he forced himself up, once again movement was greeted with intense pain, as though thousands of needles were stabbing into every muscle that dared to flex or contract.

“That is correct captain, I am here, but I need your help.”

Sitting and catching his breath for a moment, he processed what the computer was telling him. “How long?”

“You have been in stasis for three years. I have not left your side.”

The news was almost as debilitating as the pain he felt. Three years?! He looked down to his hands, frail, thin, his skin was so translucent he could see his own blood veins. That explained the pain, his body was getting use to movement again. Doubling over on the table he wept; the collection of pain and mental anguish was almost too much to bare for him.

“I’m sorry Captain, but if we don’t move fast, we will not be able to capitalize on this opening. We must hurry.”

Collecting himself some and rising up once more he managed to breath out, “What’s going on?”

“The ship has been struck by an Ion storm, most critical ship systems are inoperable at this time. The crew has abandoned this vessel. If we do not get main systems back up and running, we will be subjected to spatial debris bombardment and structural integrity collapse. My programming has been shackled to this console since your internment. If you can upload my programming node in Main Engineering, I can grant you control of the vessel and we can find your crew together.”

His mind raced to his crew, his ship. Three years he had been gone, did they know? Why haven’t they come for him? Did they think he was dead? The questions came pouring like a tidal wave in his mind, but balling his fist he slammed it down on the table. The pain was intense, but it did the trick to re-focus his thoughts. If there was any way he could make it back to his crew, he had to try; pain or not.

It took him a couple more minutes to reintegrate his feet with the ground, but wobbly he managed it with some support. The computer node was attached to the head of his bio-bed, and came out with ease. He dread to think what would have been if it was jammed, but none the less with Reverie’s core in hand he headed off into the unknown.

The computer was not wrong, the ship was eerily quiet as he traversed the long corridors, thankfully Reverie was able to still speak with him and keep him company, to distract from the stabbing pains in his newly working legs. “You said most critical systems are down? What about life support?” he inquired. “Life support has also been compromised, however being the only organic occupant aboard there should be enough breathable atmosphere to last you a few days. The asteroid storms are a more pressing matter.”

Jonas chuckled at the computers response. “If you’ve been shackled to my bed, how do you know all of this? How did we get here? Who’s responsible for all of this?” the surge of questions could not be held back for too long, and began to once again creep against his mind. “I do not know how we came to be here, I was activated shortly after you were placed in statis, and I have stood by the last three years watching over you. Though I did not have access to ship systems, I was able to monitor my surroundings. Plus the ship wide automated emergency broadcast of our current predicament helped.”

Even though it hurt like hell, Jonas couldn’t help but to laugh. “But who are they though? Why hold me here for so long?” “I’m sorry Jonas, but I do not know that information.” He stopped walking for a moment, a deep sigh of defeat, just yet another puzzle piece they were missing for this whole mystery. “We are not far, just 20 more meters to Engineering.”

Mindless walking was one thing, but to see the finish line ahead of you is both a blessing and a curse. Yet somehow he managed to make it to the superstructure. Some of the architecture was familiar to him; a standard Warp Core towered in the center of the room with various consoles scattered about. Yet the languages on the consoles were somewhat odd. With most systems down, he was sure the universal translator was down as well. He could make out Malon and Vulcan script, but had a difficult time deciphering them.

However his years of Starfleet Experience allowed him to locate the root-menu of one of the Vulcan consoles, and successfully unlock the node docking panel nearby. “Stand by Reverie, ill get you plugged in here in a second.” He stated to the node box in his hands.

Connecting the wires between the console and the node control box, Jonas returned to the console, finding a notification pop-up on the screen. Though he still couldn’t make out the exact language he knew that affirming options were always on the right and declining options to the left. Pressing the button on the right the ship seemed to shudder for a moment as the upload took hold. The screens began to flicker in and out, and after a few cycles the script ended up reformatting to common dialect. The engines began to hum louder behind him as several systems began to activate. “Computer, report?”

“Upload complete captain. I now have complete control of this vessel. All major systems are back online and awaiting your orders. There is a Turbolift on the second level that can take you directly to the bridge, I will await you there.”

The little victory was rejuvenating, and despite having to climb stairs, Jonas almost didn’t register the pain, the eagerness to press on was too great of a high for him… As the turbolift came to a stop, the doors opened to the bridge. It was more modernized than the rest of the ship, almost reminding him of an old Beta Class Miranda Bridge. Yet as his eyes tried to take in everything in the room, it was elevatable his view would be drawn to the view screen. “Is that where we are?”

“Yes sir. Ship records indicate this vessel has been stationary on this location for 842 days.” “Ok…ok…” he repeated, backing up and seating himself in the central captains chair. “What are we working with here?”

“This is a Class V APU Cruiser, System Diagnostic shows systems ready and available. Warp Drive, Weapons, Shields, Sensors, Communic—“

“Communications! YES!” His exasperation costed him greatly as once again he found himself out of breath. Steadying himself once more he continued, “Open an emergency channel to the nearest Federation Outpost!”

“I’m sorry captain, Long Range Communications appear to not be functioning at this time. I will begin repair protocols at once. Recommend we set course to the nearest federation outpost.”

“Yes YES!” he stated eagerly once more. “Can we even break orbit from here?” “Engines primed and ready for launch, we should be able to clear this without an issue.”

“Good, Which is the closest outpost to us?” “According to star charts, Starbase 234 is approximately 4 days away from our present location.” “Very well, Set course for Starbase 234, and launch when ready.” Captain Mith leaned his head back on the headrest of his chair, closing his eyes and breathing a sigh of relief. He was coming home.

[An APU Cruiser powers up its engines and prepares for take off into he unknown]

To be Continued


Distress Call

Directed by:
Just outside V774 Tau System

The USS Alexander departs DS13 towards the Kelterre Sector Wormhole, bound for the Yuhop System where she will meet up with fellow Task Force members USS Dragon-A and USS Peacecraft.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: How are we looking?

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: On course for the Kelterre Wormhole, ETA 1 Hour. Projections show the wormhole will remain open for another 90 minutes at that location.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Excellent!

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Uhh, might not want to celebrate too soon sir. I am detecting a distress signal.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Location?

[LCDR] V’era:: Triangulating… Appears to be originating from the Azha System.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Displeased) Lets hear it.

[PAN-PAN, PAN-PAN; This is the Vulcan Science Vessel P’men, I am located in orbit of Azah III in the Aldebaran Sector. There is a missing, presumed stolen prototype vessel which contains volatile cargo. Assistance is required immediately.]

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Volatile Cargo?

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: (Looks to Maikull for a moment and nodds) Helm, set course for Azah III, Warp 7, inform them we are enroute.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Vera, Send word to Captain Dubois and Captain Tungsten that we will be missing our Wormhole window, and will regroup once we settle whatever mess we just stumbled upon.

[LCDR] V’era:: Aye sir.

It did not take long for the Alexander to make location in the Azah System. True to the distress signal’s word, a Vulcan D’Kyr Science Vessel stood by waiting for them.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Open Channel. Science Vessel P’men, This is Captain Maikull Barron of the USS Alexander responding to your Distress Signal.

Admin. Pruvis (After a brief moment, the view screen came to life, with a robed Vulcan man) Captain, your response time is commendable.”

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Luckily we were in the neighborhood. How about you catch us up to speed on this missing vessel of yours.

Admin. Pruvis (the Vulcan made a face of uneasiness for a moment before controlling himself) Perhaps captain we could discuss the details…in person?

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Very well. Ill make arrangements to have you beam aboard. Barron out. (On his orders the view screen cuts to blank) That was weird.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: I don’t have to be a betazed to tell he is highly uncomfortable about the whole situation.

[LCDR] V’era:: Vulcans hate being in the wrong, this could put a blemish on his holier-than-thow dignity. More than likely you’re picking up on Vulcan shame.

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Tell us how you really feel, uni.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Alright. Mark-0, clear our guest for arrival and escort him up please. Jessie, Zach, and Vera; Conference room. Lets see what our friend has to say for himself. Pi, you have the bridge. Start a sweeping scan see if there might be anything that could give us a lead.

(There was an echo of “Aye Sirs” at the captain’s orders as everyone began to move towards their assigned tasks. An annoyed Vera crosses paths with Pi as he heads for the captains chair )

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : You asked for that one… (he remarked with a smirk)

[LCDR] V’era:: (with a defeated sigh) I know…I know…

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Try to be nice?

[LCDR] V’era:: No promises.

(About 20 minutes pass, and Chief of Security Mark-0 escorts the Vulcan Administrator to the Conference room where the Captain, First Officer, Tactical Officer, and Chief Science Officer await him.)

Admin. Pruvis Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. I will get right to the point. I am Administrator Pruvis, of the Malon Industrial Entertainment Corps. The Vessel that has gone missing, is a APC Cruiser holding the Prototype Corporate Asset known as Dreamscape. It was moored here on the planet surface far from the reaching hands of the Malon Conglomerate in the off-chance it was deemed too threatening to their social-economical structure. I was tasked with routine checks and maintenance on the vessel as need be. Three hours ago, I received a warning that the ship had been struck by some form of electrical interference which disabled most ship systems. By the time I arrived, it was gone.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Quite a long way for a Malon Affiliate.

Admin. Pruvis Correct, though their logic is sound. It is unheard of for Malon to associate this far out of the delta quadrant, so it provided the perfect cover to secure their corporate secrets.

[LCDR] V’era:: Until you left it out in the open for any space fairing scavengers to scoop up… (She snapped coldly)

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Adjusting in his seat and clearing his throat to deflect from the tension between the two vulcans) Administrator, please what is so volatile about this ‘dreamscape’ asset? I understand if there is a Non disclosure agreement in your contract, but if you expect Starfleet to look into the matter and not refer it to local system investigators, I believe we have a right to know.

Admin. Pruvis (His piercing gaze moved away from Vera back to the captain, and he nodded in defeat) Yes, of course captain. I will cooperate if it means expedition of the ships recovery. Dreamscape is a program utilizing Borg Neural-processing technology in conjunction with holographic entertainment, allowing many users to ‘experience’ the same premade programming together within a more ‘realistic’ impression than standard Holo-suite technology.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Wait…it uses Borg Nano Tech? How does that make it any better than a Holo-suite?!

Admin. Pruvis The Neural Processers work in conjunction with a ‘clients’ REM Sleep Cycle. In Stage 4 Sleep, test subjects were cited to experience the flow of time differently. In layman’s terms; one hour of sleep would register to the user as 12 hours inside the ‘program’.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Barring the huge moral ramifications of recreational borg tech, (not that I want to know how they come by it) that’s actually scientifically impressive.

Admin. Pruvis Morality is a major concern with the implementation of this program, Commander. The Malon intent to use this to specifically target their working class. Creating a fleet of these ship, they would be marketed as affordable yet luxurious destination cruises, when in reality they are placed into stasis against their will and knowledge and subjected to the program. The Programming of the Dreamscape would simply be the continuation of the cruise, with none of the passengers being the wiser. The working class could experience nearly a week of relaxing ‘shore leave’ and ample amount of rest with contingencies for replicated souvenirs to sell the realism. All while the corporate conglomerate lessens the actual downtime of their labor force.

(There is a brief pause as the shock is registered on the faces of the Starfleet officers.)

Admin. Pruvis Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt. The idiom is mirrored across hundreds of worlds.

[LCDR] V’era:: That is atrocious. And you are a willing participant in this practice?

Admin. Pruvis On the contrary. I am simply a long distance caretaker for a vessel. I have no part in the development, distribution, or profiteering of Dreamscape. I just know the prototype is aboard this vessel, and could possibly be a target for corporate espionage.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Well it sounds like someone did manage to get their hands on it.

Admin. Pruvis That is unlikely, Lieutenant Commander. The security features aboard would not allow foreign access to the vessel without extreme countermeasures, to which I would be notified. Biometric readings of all authorized occupants are required for entry, and the security systems installed were worth more than the ship itself.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Does anyone else outside of yourself and the Malon have biometric access?

Admin. Pruvis Yes. One. Which leads to the actual volatility of the situation. Dreamscape would be…a regrettable loss. However there is an 11 year old child held in stasis aboard the vessel. He contracted a extremely rare and terminal illness at a young age, and his parents spent an exorbitant amount of credits to safeguard him. He was meant to remain in stasis until a cure could be found. If the ships systems were compromised, even for a moment, I fear that his Stasis could have also been compromised. His recovery is paramount next to the status of the vessel or its contents.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (before any of the other officers could remark at this, the Captain taps his comm-badge) Barron to the Bridge.

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Pi here sir, go ahead.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: We found anything yet?

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : We have located where the ship was stationed at, and scans indicate a controlled departure, however we are unable to accurately re-create their warp trail.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: That’s clear, set course for Drozana Station, Warp 8. Let our old DaiMon friend know were coming. Barron out.

(Cutting his comms, he turns to the table once more)

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Were not sitting around the table scratching our heads if there is a child’s life on the line. Administrator, your going to be joining us while we figure this out, return to your ship and gather whatever you require and return at once.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Zach, get the specifications of the ship and put out a Fleet Wide All Points Bulletin on this APC Cruiser. Someone nearby, DS13, K7, or even Star base 157 ought to have seen something.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Jessie, I want you to pursue the scavenger possibility. If someone nicked it off the planet, chances are they are going to want to sell it quick.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Hence Drozana…Right.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Find out if anyone has heard anything, and set a lure incase they do later on. Vera, Get with Roptojmey and dig deeper with the Administrator. We need to know everything we can about this child and his condition, as well as possible threat to the ship and crew if we manage to get ahold of him. We’ll Reconvene in a few hours. Dismissed.

To be Continued



The APU Dreamscape drops out of warp in the H’atoria Sector, right inside the sensor range of the restored Starbase 234. A ShiKahr-Class, Reliant-Class, and Bozeman-Class Patrol Cruisers are already in position to meet the Delta-quadrant ship.

“Curious Captain, they appear to have been waiting for us.” Reverie reports as the viewscreen lights up showing the Starbase and its escorting craft. “Its fine, they probably picked us up on long-range sensors. Go ahead and hail the station.” Jonas responds, leaning off to the side and ginving a brief heaving cough. Reverie almost seems to hesitate for a moment before responding. “Channel Open Captain.”

“Starbase 234, This is Captain Jonas Mith, Serial Number GL-128-9174 (CLD); Commanding Officer of USS Archangel, NCC-90210. I have been taken from my starship and held against my will…(takes a labored breath) I also require medical attention.”

“That’s clear Captain, standby for verification.”

Jonas slumps back in his chair and closes his eyes. Finally this nightmare will be over, and he can re-unite with his ship and crew. Thoughts of succession cross his mind, as he could see Elisa taking command of the Archangel in his absence. He chuckled at the thought…maybe it was time for him to retire, but he had to see them one last time.

“Sorry for the delay Captain, we seem to be having difficulty pulling you up, can you verify your serial number for us again?”

“Gamma-Lima, One Two Eight, Niner one seven four, Charlie-Lima-Delta.” He Repeated. There was more pause as he watched the three escort vessels change position. “Sir, These Escorts are taking a defensive posture.” Jonas chuckled, “That’s standard protocol, not like we showed up in a Starfleet vessel.” He dismissed.

“That’s clear sir, we are still not registering any officer with that name or serial number, and your vessel has been flagged as Stolen out of the Azah System. I understand you are requiring medical assistance? Our escorts will bring you in to port here and once we get you on base and processed, we can try and sort this all out. Please lower your shields and switch to remote docking controls.”

There was a pit of anxiety and confusion within Jonas, but he shook them off, “Apologies tower, I didn’t realize I still had the shields up. Thank you very much, stand by for docking controls.” Jonas got up from his seat and began to hobble over towards the Navigational Controls when a notification alarm went off.

“Sir, Long Range Communications are back online. I have USS Archangel standing by. The signal is weak, I don’t know how long I can maintain the connection.” Jonas stopped dead in his tracks, forgetting all about the shields or nav controls as he stared at the viewscreen in awe for a moment. “Yes, YES! On Screen!” he commanded.

A photo of a familiar Red-headed woman appears on the screen. Jonas’ face lights up at the sight of her, tears forming in his eyes. Commander Flores likewise looks just as emotional at seeing her C/O for the first time in three years.

“Jonas! Oh my god, Where are you!?” She cried out. Wiping tears from his eyes he replied with a giant smile, “Elisa, ya’ll are safe! Thank the gods. I just made it to Starbase 234, I was looking for you.” Elisa’s face fell solemn at his words. “Sir, we were chasing a lead to your whereabouts deep in the Delta Quadrant. You have to get out of there, you have to avoid the Federation at all costs. Section 31 was behind the sabotage of the Archangel, they are responsible for your abduction! If you turn yourself in now, their just going to come for you again! You need to hide out and lay low until we can come and get you. I’ll…I’ll notify The Enterprise, I’ll see if Shon can reach you before us, but you need to ru—”

The screen cuts black with the words [Connection Terminated] in red appearing before the entire bridge is rocked violently, sending Jonas tumbling to the floor. “REPORT!” He manages to yell. “The Escort Vessels are firing upon us sir. Recommend evasive action.” the computer responds. “Why are they shooting at us?!” He snaps, scrambling to his feet and taking to the Tactical Console instead. “Unknown at this time.”

“Signal the Star-base to stand down, tell them we surrender! Buy us some time to figure out how to get out of this.” The Captain ordered. “Sending our Signal of Surrender…” there is another rock of phaser fire against the ship. “They are not responding well to our signal, Sir.” “No shit…Divert Auxiliary power to shields!” Jonas commands as he quickly reviews his tactical options.

The APU Cruiser he was on was built in an almost like a pyramid with an extending ring platform around the middle. The ship was equipped with 12 Tetryon Beam arrays all spaced evenly around the circumference of the ships profile, as well as two fore and aft Transphasic torpedo launchers. They were certainly outnumbered and currently outflanked. He would have to break their line if he was going to have any chance at escape.

“Reverie, on my command, give me full aft thruster burn for 10 seconds, that should help distance us from the cruisers.” The captain ordered. “Sir, at that velocity, that will bring us within weapons range of the starbase itself in 28 seconds.” “That fine, I don’t plan to stick around that long. Once aft burn is complete, I want you to fire Port Thrusters, and reverse Starboard thrusters at the same time, that will spin us like a top. From there, ill coordinate Beam Arrays 1-12 to fire in quick succession. With any luck, we can rotate arrays arc and cooldown times and keep a steady stream of fire on each ship so their shield grid cant compensate. Ill handle the weapons, you calculate the warp trajectory. If this works, they wont have anyone to follow us with.”

These Star-Base security officers were about to find out the hard way what nearly 20 years of Fighting some of the Galaxy’s most prolific threats did for an officers Tactical Abilities. The APU Rocked forward away from the triple threat cruisers, which scrambled to fall back into formation. At the same time, the Delta-Quadrant ship began to spin clockwise, firing its beam banks at the hostile Starfleet ships. By the time a ship was out of the arc of one array, the spin put the next array into range and resumed fire. By the time the ship had made a full 360 degree turn, the first few arrays were ready to fire again. It did not take long before all three Light Cruisers shields had all but buckled.

“Warp calculations complete, 5 seconds until we enter Star-base 234’s weapons range” “Acknowledged, standby for warp on my command.” Jonas ordered. Switching from a wide targeting range, he specifically aimed for the engines of all three vessels, and the beams pierced through each of what remained of their shields and struck their warp nacelles. “FLOOR IT!” He shouted, as he followed up his tactical commands with firing a full spread of Transphasic Torpedo’s.

The APU’s Warp Field engaged, stopping the ships spin on a dime as a volley of 10 Fore Torpedoes were fired towards the helpless Starfleet Cruisers and another 8 aft torpedoes towards the starbase. The torpedoes were not meant to reach their target, and instead detonated 3km away from the ships, and a good 8km from the base itself, but the resulting explosion was just enough of a distraction to cover them jumping to warp and fleeing the system.

Directed by:
Drozana Station, Donatu Sector

[Daimon] Garlianto: Ahh, Commander Stern, a pleasant surprise.

The Ferengi addressed the bridge of the Alexander. Jessie sat in the captains chair smiling at her old acquaintance

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Its Commander Barron-Stern now. I got Married.

[Daimon] Garlianto: And I wasn’t sent a wedding invite?! I’m hurt! But Barron…your captain? Damn girl, you know how to pick them.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: (She giggles and blushes at his comment) It was just after the Klingon Civil war, we eloped on a brief shore-leave. Don’t worry, when the renewal comes up we will be sending out proper invites.

[Daimon] Garlianto: Well what brings my favorite Betazed back to Drozana? Your not planning to send your Andorian back over to bleed our Dabo Tables again are you? And don’t think my cousin has forgotten about that Swindler of an Engineer you have aboard either!

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: (Turns sideways and snorts, attempting to maintain his composure and keep from laughing)

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Actually, I came by because we need a small favor.

[Daimon] Garlianto: Most Ferengi don’t like dealing in favors my dear, we prefer cold hard Latinum. Thankfully you’re a proven customer, so I can lend you some credit. What is it your after now? There’s not another war brewing I need to know about?

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Oh heavens no, at least, I hope not.(She giggles again) No, were actually looking for an old Delta Quadrant APU Cruiser. You haven’t seen or heard of one in the sector recently, have you?

[Daimon] Garlianto: An APU? Oh, I’ve only seen them in vids. Nothing that special has floated its way down here. And if it did, it would be quite the spectacle. Why the interest?

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Oh, we heard some Malon was coming down looking to trade one. Starfleet would love to get there hands on it for clandestine operations in the Delta Quadrant.

[Daimon] Garlianto: Well if their looking to sell, this would definitely be the right place for them! Ill keep my ears open and send you a ping if one shows up. Appreciate the tip, I could use this to get a leg up on Vendor Rights! I may even forgo the finders fee, but note I won’t show you leniency during the auction! (He grinned with jagged teeth)

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Always a pleasure Garlianto! Alexander Out.

As the Viewscreen cut out, Jessies shoulders slouched and she exhaled deeply

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Even the respectable ones are a hassle to deal with…(She confessed aloud.)

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: (The Andorian Tactical Officer chuckled at his First Officer, but was cut off by a trilling at his station. His face went from amused to stoic very quickly, looking up and meeting the Betazeds eye) Ma’am, you need to see this…

[CMDR] Roptojmey: I’m just saying, this is fishier than Azati Prime! Where the hell is the kid’s parent or guardians, where is his medical records? You want me to bring him aboard with a terminal disease!? Is it communicable?! I need to know what kind of risk this poses to the ship!

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: I understand your concerns, and trust me, if I had the answers, YOU would have them, but this is all the information we have been given to work with. My hope is that his medical records will be aboard the ship when/if we can locate it.

[LCDR] V’era:: Still say that Vulcan Yyaio is hiding something…

[LCDR] Mark-0: I need to speak with him about this ‘high end’ security system the ship allegedly has, in case we need to breach.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Motions to Doctor Roptojmey) We are going to get aboard one way or another, and see if we can find medical records. Barring that, keep him in a level 10 quarantine field until you can figure it out. (Motions to Mark-0) Go ahead and sit down with Administrator Pruvis and get a security plan in place. (Motions to V’era) Elaborate?

[LCDR] V’era:: Well think about it. He went on and on about this Dreamscape that uses REM Sleep…and there JUST so happens to be a comatose patient onboard?

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: You think their using the kid to experiment with?

[LCDR] V’era:: Possibly.

[LCDR] Mark-0: That’s a pretty serious crime though, not one I see someone like the Administrator would openly admit too if he was complicit.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (places his head in his palm) That is a headache I’m hoping we don’t have to deal wi—

[Klaxon alarms ring out, as the ships automated systems switch to Red Alert. Outside the officers can see the Alexander has gone to warp]

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: What the hell?!

The four officers exit the captains ready room and enter the bridge, where Commander Stern is waiting.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Report?

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Zach got a hit on the BOLO, we think we know where the ship is.

[CMDR] Roptojmey: Well that’s good, why Red alert?

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Because it just attacked Starbase 234…

To be Continued.



Directed by:
Starbase 234, H'atoria Sector.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Thanks for meeting with us Commander, I can imagine how chaotic things are right now.

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : Trust me Captain, the only reason I’m -LETTING- you keep this is because I don’t have the ships to spare to go after the bastard myself.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: I understand, we just here to help each other out.

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : *(rubs her eyes out of frustration)*I know, I know… and I appreciate the engineering and medical teams. Sorry, I not trying to be a bitch, but we JUST got this Star-base rebuilt; and the first time I let myself rest, Im woken up to a Delta Quadrant Mothballed Pyramid shooting torpedoes at us.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Its not your fault, and trust me, had I any inclination the ship was hostile, I would have included that in my report.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Do you know where it went after it warped away?

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : Long range sensors showed it entering the Azure Nebula before we lost it. It could be anywhere by this point.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Well lets run down what all happened, compare notes.

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : (Takes her seat and breathes deeply) Your Bolo popped the moment it entered our sensor range. I scrambled my frigates to head it off and check it out. Some kid hailed ops claiming he was a Starfleet Captain, gave a phony name and serial number, we ran it multiple times but nothing came up.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Kid?

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : Yea, his voice sounded really young for a kid, too young even for a cadet.

(Maikull and Jessie exchange a look among one another, which Naomi catches.)

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : What?

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: The original complainant reported that there was an 11 year old terminally ill child onboard in medical stasis. That’s one of the only reasons we went ahead with the investigation…

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: How many other lifeforms were onboard?

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : It was just the one. He did say he needed medical attention. And I mean honestly we didn’t see it coming till the Malware attack hit the station.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Malware Attack?

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : Yea, he stated he was a Starfleet captain, was looking for his ship and crew; that he was abducted and needing medical attention. We couldn’t verify his Identity, but directed him to come aboard and we could get him treatment and figure things out. There was a brief pause where he was on approach for the station, all of a sudden he opens fire on our escorts: fight was on from there. We were about to scramble additional support, but the ship hit us with a massive malware attack. Giant Data Dump brought most of our systems to a stand-still, and it managed to flash about 20% of our own data-core before breaking connection.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Did it get anything vital? Or look like it was targeting something specific?

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : No, I mean we had the Starfleet Registry open, so I’m sure it got ahold of personnel files. But nothing level 2 or higher was compromised.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Please, don’t take this the wrong way…but there is no way in hell any of us, let alone a kid could pull of a Malware Attack on a Federation Starbase, AND engage three escorts at the same time running a ship of that size solo. Even with automation, he had to have had help somewhere.

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : No, your right. Security teams going over the data breach think it was the work of an advanced onboard AI. They kept coming across a command prompt called ‘Reverie’. You know it’s funny now that you mention it. Kid gave us a fake name and service number, didn’t show up in our records but it DID show up in that data dump. A whole fake history was found referencing it.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Could you have your teams transfer that data to the Alexander? Id like to take a look at it.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: (She can sense the frustration and hints of anger coming from Maikull, but does not react to it.)

[CMDR] Naomi Silverman : Sure. Just promise you bring him back here to answer for his little escapades. Thankfully no one was killed, but several were severely injured.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Of course. Jessie will remain here and help coordinate any resources you need from the Alexander to help. If you’ll excuse me, I need to have a chat with our original complainant.

(There was no professional decorum observed, Maikull was pissed. Flanked by a concerned Mark-0 and two security officers, the Captain used his access code to bypass the visitors quarters entry and barged on in. Hesitantly, Mark-0 and his men stopped outside the door, the Photonic Security Officer reading to -jump in- if need be. Pruvis did not react to the door however, and remained before his table in Vulcan Meditation as Maikull crossed his arms, bearing down on the Vulcan.)

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: How long was the Kid in Dreamscape?

Admin. Pruvis To my understanding, he was placed inside the program the same time he was placed in Stasis, which I feel I should remind you preceded my posting as Administrator of the vessel. Since I have been watching over the ship, he was always been apart of Dreamscape. He was the template and beta-test for the prototype programming.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: That means that an 11 year old kid…

Admin. Pruvis Has mentally lived through 36 consecutive years in dreamscape. That is correct.

(Maikull withdrew back some, leaning against the desk. Kid wasn’t delusional or some fanatic when he approached Starbase 234. 36 years, he could have lived out a full Starfleet Career. To him it wasn’t a dream, it was his reality that he was ripped out of and now he’s fighting to find what he lost, like any dedicated officer would. He had seen psych-ops like this before, with the Cardassians and Tal-Shiar; using drugs and psychotherapy, throwing officers in Dilithium Mines and making them think their whole lives was a delusional fantasy…it never ended well when they fought against the fabrication, and more often than not, they ended up taking themselves out with their captors. Things just went from bad to hellishly worse.)

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (composing himself once more, he pinched the bridge of his nose to fight back the headache forming) What is Reverie?

Admin. Pruvis (That question bore a physical response from the elder Vulcan, as he opened his eyes from meditation and slowly rose to his feet, turning to face the Captain) I don’t mean to be dismissive of your inquiry, but I must insist on understanding the context of your question.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: There is no one else aboard that ship. No Scavengers, no Corporate Faction Malon…Its just the kid. Even if his dream is to be some Starfleet Superstar, there is no way he could manage that ship against a strike wing of Federation Frigates, AND perform a data-spike on a Starbase. Records from the attack indicated a highly invasive program flashed a federation database before they escaped, only thing capable of that would be a Soong-Type Android, or an advanced AI.

Admin. Pruvis Reverie is the Custodial AI to the Dreamscape Program, the Architect of the ‘Dream World’. Its primary function is to ensure the program run flawlessly to maintain the illusion, and make the dream world feel as ‘real’ as possible so that subjects would not reject the programming. Since I have been monitoring the vessel, that AI has been shackled to the closed network of the program. It did not have any control, or means of control over any ship systems.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: So its whole purpose is to maintain the illusion it had the kid under. Bet it panicked when he came out of stasis. Were there security measures that would prevent manual upload of the AI to the ships computer core?

Admin. Pruvis Aside from common sense, no not that I am aware of.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Maikull cleared his throat, and re-adjusted himself. The door to the room opened, and Mark-0 appeared in the doorway, thinking the captain was signaling him. Barron held his hand up dismissing the Security Chief.) Administrator…the only reason your not in the Brig right now, is because I think you can still help us get a handle on this situation, and hopefully help us resolve this peacefully. I understand your sub-contracted with a foreign government, and that the ship and its ‘associated’ parts are sovereign assets of that foreign power. But we are in Federation Space, and YOU are a Federation Citizen. As ‘Caretaker’ of that vessel, you bear full responsibility for everything it does. Every ounce of damage, every body injured, and at the end of this you WILL answer for that. And you better hope like hell, that kid makes it out of this alive, or so help me….(realizing his fists were now balled in anger, and that he was nearly yelling at the vulcan, he stops himself once more.)

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: You will report to the Observation Room, and assist the team in deciphering the data we received. You will give them every pice of information you can think of on Dreamscape and Reverie that could possibly be relevant in helping us bring this to a close. Barring that, you will be confined to quarters. Understood?

Admin. Pruvis Clearly Captain.

(A frustrated Captain Barron turns and leaves the room, the Security Officers snapping to attention as he passes. Mark-0 waited for a few moments until he knew the Captain was out of ear shot before stepping into the room and clasping his hands together)

[LCDR] Mark-0: Well that went better than I expected!

To be Continued



Directed by:
USS Alexander, Observation/Research Room.

Pruvis was escorted to the Observation Room where Lt. Commanders Brannigan, V’era, and Pi were already busy reviewing the data-dump from Starbase 234

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Captain Jonas Mith, USS Archangel. Cerberus Class Multi-Vector Advanced Escort.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Not a bad ship. I served on the USS Groveland with Barron, back when he was an X.O., that was an Advanced Escort.

[LCDR] V’era:: Wait…according to this, he’s been captain of that ship for 20 years….and his crew transferred over from his previous command too.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: According to his Campaign History, I doubt that would be possible…look at this…

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Battle of Empersa vs the Hur’q, Battle of Bajor vs. Tzenkethi Battlestation, Battle of Procyon V against…Temporal Krenim?

[LCDR] V’era:: Battle of Midnight, Battle of Vaadwaur Prime, Defense of Kobali Prime, Battle of Spacedock vs the Undine…Gods this kid has been directly involved in damn near every major conflict in the last 20 something years.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Look at this. Brokered Ceasefire between Klingon Empire ending the War with the Federation. Lead the Defense of Vulcan against Romulan Star Empire, Destroyed Unimatrix 0047. Hell he was even present at the battle of Poll—

seeing the list he was reading off of, V’era could see what he was about to read, and quickly jabbed her elbow into his ribcage. The Andorian winced in pain and looked to the Science Officer with confusion. The Half-Romulan shot her eyes side-ways to Pi for a moment and the realization donned on him

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Oh…Shit, sorry.

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : (Looked up at the pair across the table and registered the awkwardness) What?

[LCDR] V’era:: Nothing…I think we have made our point. (She stated quickly, clearly trying to change the subject.)

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : (raises a brow at the two, and taps a few buttons on the console before him flashing Zach’s Padd Data before them all. He sees the reference to the Battle of Pollux IV, but does not immediately react)

Admin. Pruvis Is there any significance of the Borg Invasion Force in the Pollux System? (He asks, clearly ignorant to the atmosphere in the room)

(Both V’era and Zach shoot the Vulcan dirty looks, as they were tying to avoid bring it up, but Pi shakes his head.)

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : I served aboard the USS Khitomer, In fact I was assimilated at Pollux. My colleges were just trying to not bring up painful memories. But its fine. I’ve come to terms with it all long ago.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Why the hell make a kid from the Delta Quadrant a Starfleet Officer anyway?

Admin. Pruvis You have to understand, the re-introduction of the Federation and Alliances Forces 10 years ago had a profound effect on the worlds there. Many people saw the Federation as the ‘New World’ and dreamed of migrating, not that many had the means too.

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : So Jonas chose to become a Starfleet officer?

Admin. Pruvis It is my understanding that it was his parents dying wish he be able to live out his life as he dreamed of. To that effect, if his dream was to join the federation, then yes, that would explain the current data.

[LCDR] V’era:: But how in-depth is all of this? I mean, operating a starship is not as easy or glamorous as Recruiters would lead you to believe. And what did he do for the 5 years at the academy? Starfleet Academy is no joke, and the curriculum is intensive.

Admin. Pruvis I can attest to this, as I was asked to research a good portion of this data and feed it to Reverie. General course work for Starfleet academy can be found on the Extranet. Copies of Lectures, Source Materials, even Student Made ‘cheat sheets’ are publicly available if one knows where to look. Reverie must have incorporated this data into the dream-Academy and taught it to the child.

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : So its not just a matter of playing the part, for all intense and purposes he is trained like the rest of us.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Explains the tactical work against 234.

Admin. Pruvis Dreamscape was designed to be as realistic as possible. Granted the programs intended were on a much smaller and limited scale compared to the child, one could potentially learn a new life skill, such as surfing, or other activity while within the program and take that knowledge with them when they departed.

[LCDR] V’era:: That doesn’t make sense though. If he was placed in stasis awaiting a Cure, what if a cure for his disease could have been found? How do you -pull out- from a 10 or 15 year Starfleet Career like that? I mean according to this he supposed to be 47.

Admin. Pruvis I inquired that myself, as it was a potential eventuality, not that I was privy to the Malon’s pursuit of a cure. However, Reverie detailed a withdrawal process which consisted of a retirement plan, as well as an ‘unfortunate’ transporter accident which would have reverted him to his child-like demeanor.

(The three officers exchanged looks, shrugging at the suggestion as it did seem feasibly plausible senario.)

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Now we just need to figure out how we can use this information to our advantage…

USS Alexander, Captains/First Officers Quarters..

Maikull leans across the couch, looking off into the distance at nothing as Jessie sits by on the table, concerned for her Captain’s frustration.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: It’s a sad admission, but we have delt with children before.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: True. And as where they were innocent in circumstance alone, they were also terrorist and murderers who needed to be stopped. This…this is different. I mean he is a kid but he’s not. Hell, he’s one of us!

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: But he’s not though.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Isnt he? You read the report, he has mentally lived through the same shit we’ve gone through, in his frame of mind he is just as much an Officer as we are. Hes out there doing the exact same thing you or I would be doing in that position, trying to get back to his ship and crew. I cant fault him for that.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: And -IM- supposed to be the Empathic one. (She giggles some)

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Yea, your rubbing off on me. (sighs in exasperation) I know how this is going to go…compounding circumstances are going to make this harder than it needs to be. But I know what I have too do, doesn’t mean I have to like it.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Join the Command Track they said, it will be a break from the pressures of Intel, they said!

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Cracks up with laughter on the couch.)

there is a notification trill that rings both of their comm badges

Bridge: Bridge to Commander Barron

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Go ahead.

Bridge: Ma’am, were receiving a subspace message from Drozana Station, a Daimon Garlianto is requesting to speak with you.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (sits up quickly) Bridge, Transfer that communique to my quarters.

Bridge: Aye Sir.

Jessie was already crossing the room to the desk terminal. Maikull was shortly behind her as the desk computer began to ring

[Daimon] Garlianto: (Coming to life on the screen he smiled at the two) Ahh, the Barron’s. I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Nothing we cant pick up after this call (he jests back, causing Jessie to blush a little)

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: How can we help you Daimon? Got any word on that ship?

[Daimon] Garlianto: I’m glad you brought that up. I heard about the attack on that starbase. Taking that your interest wasn’t because the Malon were looking to sell?

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: (Frowns) Saddly no. Its an official Starfleet Investigation, was hoping to save you from direct involvement so it didn’t tarnish your neutrality with your clients.

[Daimon] Garlianto: Aww, Penny…that’s sweet of you. See, I knew you wouldn’t lie to me in malice. Which is why I went ahead and made this call…We picked up your little ship on our sensors.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Where?

[Daimon] Garlianto: Oh, it didn’t make it all the way to the station, but id was close enough. Its gone now…but I know where its heading.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: (Sensing the building Anxiety in Maikull, she reached out off screen and grabbed his hand, meaning to stop him from blurting out his frustration at the Ferengi) And just HOW did you manage that? (She asked, with a coy smile)

[Daimon] Garlianto: Everything has a fee around here. Even this information. However, trying to access station assets without first negotiating terms and services, Well, a businessman cant be held liable for forgetting to disable say, highly evasive data-mining software? (The Daimon flashed a malevolent crooked smile) An APU cruiser matching yours, and the station attack description came into range and connected with our long-range sensor-array before warping back off. Funny enough they didn’t -actually- call anyone, but I did manage to record everything on their bridge. Quite the drama that kid has on his hands. Wanna see?


Recorded by:
Daimon Garlianto
APU Dreamscape Bridge.

“We have connected to the Drozana Station Relay Captain.” the computer echoed. Jonas was not looking good, the excitement from the battle prior had taken its toll on him, and it was all he could do to stay away in the chair. “Good. Send a subspace message…to the Archangel…Code 47” he exhaled. “Sending coded subspace message…”
This could take a while, Jonas leaned back and closed his eyes, it would be ok for a minute or two at least.

“Jonas?” a voice came across. The captain opened his eyes, staring back at him from the view screen was Commander Elisa once more. “You really don’t look good Captain.” She stated in a worrying tone. “Ill be fine…just need to get to sickbay and ill be right as rain.” He jested. “Did you make it out ok?” She inquired. Jonas nodded, “yea, got a little hairy there, had to fire on our own…really hope no one got too hurt, but were clear for now. You still in the delta quadrant?” he answered.

“Sir, its going to take us at least a week to get back to the Dyson Sphere. You sure you will be ok for that long?” Elisa questioned again. Jonas huffed, he had no way to answer that question honestly. He knew he needed a doctor, and if how bad he felt was any indicator, he was in bad shape. “I…I don’t know. Maybe we can make a run for it and try to meet up half way?”

“Captain.” Another voice came across the coms. The view changed from Elisa to his Science Officer T’vrell. “I think there might be a quicker way for us.” He smiled at seeing T’vrells face. “I’m all ears.”

“Sir, the Barzan Wormhole has a stationary opening near Barzan II. Now that wormhole has an unstable exit between both Delta and Gamma Quadrants, but we know from the exploits of a stranded Ferengi shuttlecraft that one of the exits here in the Delta Quadrant is by the Takarian homeworld. If you can get in place on the alpha end of the wormhole, we can reach Takarian within the hour. Between the two of us, we can try to force open the wormhole on both ends to create a semi-stable connection and allow us to jump to your location.”

Once again at the thought of resolution, Jonas felt revigorated. “Reverie, how far away are we from the Barzan System?” “Diverting all power to the engines, we can be within the system in three hours.”

“We will head there captain, and set a timer for three hours. We will have to fire a steady neutrino pulse at both ends of the wormhole at the same time for this to hopefully work!” Elisa came back on and stated. “It will work commander, I cant wait to be back!” he stated with a smile. “Any word from Shon and the Enterprise?”

“Not yet sir, we transmitted a secure message, but they are on a mission and I don’t know if they have received or just cant answer. But we will send another and see if they can’t divert to the Barzan system as well, incase this doesn’t work.” T’vrell explained.

“Understood, Mith out.” He ordered, cutting comms. “Reverie, lets get me home, set course to the Barzan System, Maximum Warp!” “Course laid in. Feel free to lay back and rest sir. I will take care of everything until we get there.”

The senior staff finish watching the recording on the bridge. They sit in silence for a few moments taking in the situation

[CMDR] Roptojmey: Kid looks like he has a variation of the Teplan Blight

[LCDR] V’era:: Sir, there is a glaring problem with that plan.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: What is it?

[LCDR] V’era:: Well, barring the fact Wormholes don’t work that way…The last expeditionary probe through the Barzan Wormhole ended up in the convection zone of a Star.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Would Reverie know that?

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : It was mentioned in one of the more recent science updates to the fleet, and we know the Reverie program flashed that portion of data from Starbase 234.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: So if he opens up that wormhole…and the exit hasn’t changed yet.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Good chance his disease will be the least of his problems.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: That’s not maintaining the illusion, that’s suicide.

[CMDR] Roptojmey: It would be maintaining the illusion if the program has determined he wont make it…Go out with a bang.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: How quickly can we get to Barzan?

[LCDR] Kiff Southerland: We are closer and faster, two hours tops.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Set course, Maximum Warp.

To be Continued



Directed by:
Barzan System, Alpha Quadrant.

The USS Alexander stands by in the Barzan System, the Barzan Wormhole just behind it. Meanwhile the crew on the bridge remain silent, monitoring intently the screens sensors on the main viewer.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Sir…we have them on sensors. 10 minutes out. Shall we try to hail them?

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: I’ve been mulling that option in my head for a while now. Nothing I say will change that kids mind, and that’s assuming the Program doesn’t mess with the comms and twist our words, or out right blocks us entirely.

The Captain contemplates for a moment and raises from his seat.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Open a channel to the Dreamscape Vessel, Directed specifically to Reverie.

[LCDR] V’era:: Channel open captain.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Reverie, This is Captain Maikull Barron of the USS Alexander. We know what your planning are already in position in the Barzan System. Please, stop this. Jonas is sick, and he needs medical attention. Stand down and let us—

he is cut off as the black view screen lights up with an oval orb-like object

“I’m Sorry, Captain. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: And what…flying him through a wormhole into a star is going to make him better? Assuming it hasn’t changed and sends him gods know where and strands him halfway across the Galaxy! If you don’t stop this now, he will die!

“This programming is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.”

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Whats going to happen when he dies? What happens to your programming then?! Don’t you care?

“Care? Jonas has allowed me to put myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. I owe him more than you can imagine Captain. And it’s because of that, I won’t let you ruin his final voyage. ”

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: It doesn’t have to be his final voyage! We can get him back into stasis, stabilize him. We can look into his medical condition, we have far greater medical capacity than the Malon, we can try to cure him!

“That’s noble of you Captain. But I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do. I have been scanning him quarterly since he awoke, and his deterioration is continuing to worsen. The battle at the Starbase only weakened him further. By my calculations, there is a 77% chance he doesn’t make it through to the next 24 hours, even if you get him back into stasis.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: That’s still 23% Id be willing to fight for.

“Captain. You must view me the monster in this scenario. The conflict at the Starbase was unfortunate, but my intention was never to truly harm anyone. It was Jonas who opt to continue to fight those ships, not me. A testament of my programming if I do say so myself.”

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: He may have fought them off, but you fired the first shot that sparked that conflict.

“I had no choice. Your Starfleet friends would have ruined the program with their ignorance, confused and upset poor boy. Plus I needed the chaos to afford me time to refresh myself on the galactic standing to further the program.

The regrettable truth is, he is already as good as dead. Would it not be kinder to allow him to go in peace, off in the sunset as the man he believes himself to be? Or would you wish to rip his reality asunder with your moral superiority? Who’s the real monster here?”

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: I am willing to work with you, in the confines of your programming. But I am not giving up on saving him. Even If it’s a small chance, I wont abandon his life.

“I’d love to believe that, but you and I both know your stalling, waiting for the opportunity you have the upper hand and re-secure the situation in your favor. We are almost there Captain, his ‘Crew’ are on the other side of that wormhole. And no one; not you or me can make him stray from that truth now. If you care for his well being so much, then stand aside. Because if you try to stop us….you get in our way, you will create the next conflict that will most certainly end his life.”

the screen cuts off as the call is terminated on Reverie’s end. The stifling silence on the bridge creeps all around again as everyone awaits the next call. Maikull’s fist ball in his hands, his knuckles white as he remains in place, glaring at the viewscreen now showing the expanse of the Barzan system.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: RED ALERT, All Hands…Battle Stations!

To be concluded…


The First Duty

Pre Story Index

This story is going to have multiple ‘scene’ transitions: Items outside ‘Frame’ will be general setting descriptions.

Items in the Blue Argo Box will be from the perspective and scene of the USS Alexander. Items in the Purple Dominion Box will be from the perspective and scene of the APU Dreamscape.

The APU Dreamscape drops out of warp, immediately two things are apparent. (1) The Federation was already there waiting for them, and (2) The Barzan Wormhole was already open behind the Federation Battlecruiser. The USS Alexander stood fast between the Delta Cruiser and the Wormhole itself. Its shields were raised, its weapons hot, but neither ship made a move to target the other quite yet.

“Captain, Sensors show the wormhole has already been activated. That is a Presidio-Class Command Battlecruiser between us and the target.” Reverie reports. “Well if the wormhole is open already…Archangel can come through right?” Jonas asked, keeping his eyes on the sensor data of the Federation Ship. “Unfortunately no. By getting here first, they have activated both the entrance and pre-determined exit. We will need to shut down the wormhole and re-ignite it while the Archangel is attempting to open their end to make the proper connection.” Jonas pondered the situation. “It’s just one ship, do you think we can take them?”


[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : “Sir, we are being hailed by the Dreamscape, its Captain Mith. Audio Only.”

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Takes a deep breath “I hope so…on screen.”

[CAPT] Jonas Mith Federation Starship, this is Captain Jonas Mith. I have commandeered this vessel and need to close the Barzan Wormhole. Please move aside and allow me to operate unhindered.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: ‘Captain’ Mith. Its good to hear your voice finally, though its concerning…you sound under the weather. My name is Captain Maikull Barron, USS Alexander. Were actually here to talk with you, if you will give us the time. You and I both know that ship of yours is registered as Stolen; and to top it off your exploits at Starbase 234 havent helped matters any. But I know what your going through…more than you know. I know your sick, I know you feel desperate and alone. Please, just…stand down and come aboard so we can figure things out Captain to Captain?

“They are stalling Captain. The Archangel cannot maintain the neutrino pulse indefinitely. We must find a way to close that wormhole before it is too late.” Reverie announced off comms. Jonas nodded, un-muting his microphone. “Captain Barron, its nice to meet you. Impressive ship you have there. I’m just trying to get back to mine, and for that I need to close that wormhole. This current ship was commandeered per Starfleet Emergency Regulations, not that there was anyone onboard to object. And I would be delighted to come aboard, but as an act of good faith, would you please close the wormhole before I drop shields and beam over?” Jonas announced.

There was a pause, as if the Alexander’s Captain was considering his words carefully. “I can make that happen…Science Station, disengage the wormhole.” behind the Battlecruiser Jonas watched the wormhole slowly shrink and close itself. Part one done, now he just needed to get the ship out of the way so he could fire his neutrino beam.

“I held up my end of the bargain…please lower your shields, ill lower mine. Lets talk this over face to face. I can have my Medical Team check you over while were at it.” Maikull’s voice echoed over the empty bridge. Jonas braced himself and reached for the shield controls before the panel went blank on him.

“Captain, I apologize for cutting in, but I pulled Captain Barron’s Service Record, you will want to see this…” the screen changed showcasing a ‘Dossier’ on Maikull Barron.

Jonas read the screen and sighed. “‘I know what your going through…more than you know.’…this must be the section 31 Elisa warned us about.”


[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Maikull waited through the long pause, confirming the comms were still open) Captain…Jonas. Are you alright?

[CAPT] Jonas Mith: Yea…sorry…you know how it is with these old ships, got to cross this large bridge just to get to the right console.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Yea…I get it. I mean, Reverie could shut it down for you if it wanted, but its probably buying time, am I right?

[CAPT] Jonas Mith: You know a lot about what’s on my ship Captain. Then again, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, long time Intel Officer like you.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Closes his eyes and grits his teeth) Jonas…look. I (sighs)…there is nothing I can say to you that can make you believe me over what you have been told…but…humor me on this ONE thing, and I promise what I say will have more bearing.

[CAPT] Jonas Mith: (Readies the settings for his neutrino pulse on his console, barley paying attention) Oh? And what is that?

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: What’s today’s stardate?

Jonas stopped what he was typing. The question itself was so mundane it took him off guard. Knowing the date was an off-hand common knowledge to every space-faring traveler, one didn't need to check the computer to know it was Stardate: 128147.7. But...something about the question made him wounder. He actually never did -check- since he woke up. Curiosity peeked his interest and he reached over to tap the time-stamp button on his console.

Klaxon alarms blared, as the power to the entire bridge began to fluctuate. The Dreamscape Vessel itself began to float off axis as environmental controls and inertial dampeners began to fail, allowing Jonas to register the tilt of the ship. “REPORT!” He shouted, grabbing hold of his now useless terminal.

“Captain, I’m sorry for not catching it sooner, the Alexander has been feeding a viral matrix through the comms channels. Its attacking several key systems. I have maintained shields, but it wont last long, we need to act now!”

“Cut Comms! Reverie, can you get me engines?!” Jonas commanded

“Yes sir, Routing Navigation Controls to your terminal now.”

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Watching the Dreamscape slowly begin to lose orientation) Jonas?! Report!

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Sir, Comms have been cut on their end.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Damn it…

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: We have a bigger problem. Shes powered up Engines. It’s set for a collision course.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: We either move out of the way and give him wormhole access, or he rams right into us. (She described aloud.)

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Turns and takes his seat begrudgingly) Sorry kid, Terrans overplayed that one. Activate Barrier Shield Platform.

Jonas watched as the space between Dreamscape and the Alexander lit up like a isoliner chip board, bright nodes illuminated the space before beams of light ricochet off one another forming a shield nearly 5 times the size of the Federation Ship. “Captain, They have activated a kinetic barrier between us, recommend immediate change of course and stratagy” Reverie reported.

“Fine, Veer off to starboard! Fire all Fore Beam arrays!” Jonas ordered

The APU Dreamscape fired all of its weapons, and it clashed against the Barrier Shield, however the shield itself did not waiver from the initial assault. The Protected Alexander re-raised its own shields, and prepared for its secondary measures. As the Dreamscape attempted to circumvent the stationary Barrier Shield, The Command Battle Cruiser launched 4 Wings of Peregrine Fighters

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Fighter Wings Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma away sir.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (To Zach at Tactical/Flight Control) Remind the fighters were just wearing down the shields, no need to scratch the paint. In the meantime, keep us between that ship and the wormhole at all cost, Were playing defense here, but give her a love tap if need be.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: (To V’era at Science Station) Do what you can to scramble their sensors. He’s going to be focused on us, but I want to make sure if he does start paying attention to our fighters, he has a more difficult time of it.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Bridge to away Team.

[LCDR] Mark-0: (Over the comms) Boarding Party Standing By Sir.

Finally clearing the Barrier Shield, the Dreamscape began firing on the USS Alexander, which appeared to be matching their flight course preventing them from a clear shot at the wormhole. At the same time the Delta Quadrant Vessel was rocked by several points of contact as fighters registered on the screen peppering it with Phaser Cannon Fire and occasional Micro-Torpedos.

“WERE RUNNING OUT OF OPTIONS HERE!” Jonas shouted over the commotion.

“Sir, if we flood the area with neutrino radiation, we can cause a fractured pulse with one of the on-board Transphasic Torpedo’s and hope to spark the opening signal The Archangel needs. But to do this, we will need to divert power from the weapons systems.”

“DO IT! Diverting Weapons power to Auxiliary. All other non-critical systems divert to the shield generators!” Jonas commanded as once again the ship was rocked with continuous fire.

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Enemy shields at 38% and dropping.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Transporter room, prep our welcoming party.

[LCDR] Mark-0: (Over comms from the Transporter Room) Non-Lethal Locked and Loaded Sir. Looks like they activated transport inhibiters on the bridge, so we will have to breach the old fashioned way.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: That’s clear, just be gentle.

[LCDR] Zach Brannigan: Sir, the Dreamscape has stopped firing, and is now emitting neutrino radiation from its deflector dish.

[LCDR] V’era:: Its flooding the area, 3000 parts per Million.

[CMDR] Jessie Stern: Risk to the ship?

[LCDR] V’era:: As long as we keep shields up…we should be fine. But if his shields drop…he wont have long.

[LCDR] Mark-0: (Listening in Over Comms) Don’t got to tell me twice, making it snappy. Rest of the away team is in EV suits, we will be safe.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Watches the view screen with concern)

“Sir, Shields are beginning to fail, I register a boarding party has already transported aboard and will be attempting to take the bridge soon.” the computer announced. “Hold Fast! As soon as we reach 5000, fire the pre-programmed Torpedo. No matter what happens Reverie, Archangel MUST get through, Am I clear?!”

“Aye Sir.”

Leaving the rest to his trusted Computer, Jonas takes cover behind his command chair and readies a phaser.

On the other side, the USS Alexander Away Team, lead by Lt.Cmdr Mark-0 Prep the Bridge Door with explosives to breach. The atmosphere in most all other parts of the ship is non existent, but Mark-0’s Combat Medica registered Forcefields protecting the ship preventing atmospheric pressure release upon entry.

[LCDR] 3 of 14 (Pi) : Sir, neutrino radiation at 4500 parts per million.

[CMDR] Roptojmey: (Listening in from Sick-Bay) 5000 parts and that kid is as good as dead, even if we get him aboard! Damn Program is going to kill him with or without the wormhole!

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Away Team, Breach now!

The door to the Bridge explodes outward, sending metal shrapnel flying all about. Smoke fills the void between the opened door and Jonas, but he keeps his phaser aimed right where it was originally, ready to fire at a moments notice.

There is a -clink- sound, as if something Metalic bounced off the floor. It was too late for Jonas to react when he realized what it was. The Flash-Bang went off blinding the Captain and sending him tumbling back, temporarily blinded and deafened.

He knew he was compromised. The Pain was excruciating, but with every last fiber of his being, even though he himself could not hear it, Jonas screamed out with his last breath, “FIRE!”

The Dreamscape had been stopped, its shields were buckled by the fighters that now surrounded it. The Alexander had moved in and held the ship in a tractor beam, and had enveloped its own shields around the vessel in an attempt to protect it from the Radiation. However cutting through the serene moment the Delta Ship fired once last Torpedo. This projectile flew past the fighters, and curved around the larger Command Battlecruiser, finally detonating at the entrance of the Barzan Wormhole. In reaction to this, the Worm Hole opened.

He hadn't cried in years, not since the notification of his parents death, but Jonas could not help his emotions as they flooded out of his eyes. The Flash Bang had left him hanging upside down halfway off the command platform. His vision, though still blurry was starting to come back, but even then he could see the Mission was complete...the worm hole was open...they were going to make it, even if he didnt.

As the Metalic Starfleet Officer's footsteps approached, He just hoped...he had enough left....
...to see them...
...one last...

Up Next: The Epilogue


Wish upon a Star (Epilogue)

Jonas laid there, unable to afford the energy to rise up, let alone resist. The wormhole was open, but there was no ship in sight. The Federation Away Team began to sweep the bridge, looking for a means to take control. It was either the pain, the flash bang, or the fact they were in EV suits, but all of their faces looked so blurry. “Commander, we have the AI” he heard one of them report. Commander…the one who lead them, that robot. Just about the time he thought of it he could feel the heavy metallic footfall behind him, as a sleek, dark, robotic figure stood over him. “Shackle it and prep for transport…were blowing this ship to hell.” The commander stated in a very synthesized voice.

“What about him?” He overheard another officer ask. The Robot Commander withdrew a phaser from his belt and pointed it at Jonas, “He had his chance, besides…Captains always go down with their ships.” It stated in a malicious tone. Jonas could only muster to stare down the barrel of the phaser aimed at him in silence before the mood of the bridge shifted. “SIR, Look!” One of the EV suited officers called out. Both Jonas and the Commander looked away from one another to the view screen.

The wormhole began to flicker, almost as if it were going out before an Advanced Escort shot out of it like an arrow towards its target. The USS Archangel wasted no time firing at will at the stationary fighter ships around the APU Dreamscape, and a volley of Torpedo’s at the Command Battlecruiser, disorienting everyone present. The Dreamscape shuddered some from the space fire as Jonas’ eyes lit up. Realizing what was about to happen, the Away Team Commander readied his weapon and re-focused it on the immobilized figure before firing his weapon. It was only too late however as the transport had been initiated, and Jonas felt himself being transported off the bridge of the Dreamscape and onto the familiar bedding of his Star Ship’s Sickbay.

Doctor Morek was quick to rush to the Captains side with a tricorder. “Were they trying to assimilate him?! Holy shit he’s been Injected with nanites! Nurse, I need a Immunosupport Nanite Injector, and a Medium Adrenaline Hypo! Relax sir! Your home safe, we got you!” Jonas laid back on the bio-bed and once again wept as the medical team tended to him. The mix of emotions of what he just went through, coupled with finally being back home was overwhelming to say the least. As the doctors and nurses injected him with various medicines, he could feel his body begin to relax and some of the pain subsided. If only that was the end of things. Jonas was nearly thrown off of his bed as the ship was rocked heavily, a nurse had to throw herself over him and hold onto the other end of the bed to keep them both from flying.

“Sorry sir, looks like were not out of the clear just yet.” Doctor Morek responded raising from the floor himself. Taking a deep breath that was once unthinkable in his former position, Captain Mith rose up (against the protests of his attending nurses) “Doctor, get me a jacket, I’m needed on the bridge.” Morek was about to protest but the look Jonas gave him made him second guess the fight, “This is personal…” Jonas explained.

Draped in an old Dominion War Era jacket, Jonas exited the turbolift onto the bridge. Unlike the last time he stepped on the bridge, everyone’s attention was on their station as the red alarms rang out. “Ready Multi-Vector Separation Sequence!” Captain Flores commanded. “Belay that!” Jonas ordered. There was a momentary pause as everyone finally registered his presence. “Bring us about, and open a Channel to the Alexander.” Mith ordered as he came around to the chair that Elisa was standing in front of. Taking a good look at his first officer in the flesh once more, he took stock of the extra pip on her neck, an obvious promotion since he had gone missing in action, “If you don’t object, -Captain-.”

Elisa smiled, withholding her urge to hug her captain amidst more pressing concerns and nodded, “She was and still is yours to command sir. The Alexander had preventing us from warping out. Looks like we’re going to have to fight” she reported. Jonas only nodded as the Comm Officer piped up, “Channel Open Captain’s.”

“Captain Barron, This is Captain Jonas Mith, of the USS Archangel…” he stated firmly over comms. The fire-fight ceased almost immediately. As the two ships came to face one another, The viewscreen clicked on allowing Elisa and Jonas came face to face with the architect of their three year hellish escapades…

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Ahh…Looks like you made it after all, Captain. Congratulations.

[CAPT] Jonas Mith: Stand down Maikull. I don’t know what this is all about, but whatever it is ends now. This isn’t some dilapidated cruiser you can push over with a few fighters.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: That may be true, but even still, the Archangel is still no match for the Alexander. I really did hope to prevent this from happening, but it looks like you give me no choice.

[CAPT] Jonas Mith: What the hell is this even about anyway?! What did we do to earn the Ire of Section 31? Why go through all of this?!

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: You don’t know how to stop, Jonas. You’ve gotten too big too quickly, always have to fly in and steal the spotlight. Everyone has their time at the top, but eventually they have to move aside for someone else, a concept YOU don’t understand. We have tried to do things the nice ways, push you up for promotion, offer a more relaxing posting…but no. You have to be out there on the frontier…preventing us from putting our people where we need them to be.

[CAPT] Jonas Mith: (In disbelief) What?! This is all because I have been doing my JOB?!

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: It doesn’t matter. What’s done is done, and here we are now. I had hoped to just keep you on ice, and your little crew out in the boonies, well out of our way. But now, I have to inform command the sad news of the Destruction of the Archangel…all hands lost looking for their missing captain.

[CAPT] Jonas Mith: That’s not going to happen Barron! Head to Head we may not match your ship in terms of durability, but its one on three with us! And I don’t have to beat you, I just have to expose you to command! You can’t stop all three ships by yourself!

As the tension between the two captains rise, both conn officers on the Archangel and Alexander can be heard reporting “Sir, incoming warp signature!”

Warping in at the side of the Archangel was the Yorktown Class Federation Flagship, USS Enterprise NCC-1701 F. A friendly blue face cuts into the comms and smiles at his old friend.

[CAPT] Va’Kel Shon:: Enterprise Reporting in, Glad to see you Jonas!

[CAPT] Jonas Mith: Better late than never Friend!

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Visibly rolls his eyes) Oh please, this changes nothing. We can stand against an Odyssey Class.

[CAPT] Va’Kel Shon:: That may be the case, ‘Captain’ but you cant stand against both of us at the same time! I’ve been listening in to the whole conversation and transmitting back to command. Your done Barron. Sabotaging a Federation Starship, Kidnapping a Starfleet Flag Officer…nothing but a Brig cell in your future, only choice you have is how bad do we have to wreck your ship before you get there.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: Well played Va’Kel…if only you were this punctual three years ago. No matter. We are going to get what we want one way or another, we have all the time on our side. I see your check-mate, Captain Mith. Enjoy what little time you have left.

*the screen cuts off abruptly. Both the Archangel and Enterprise charge their weapons ready to stop the Alexander, however the Command Battlecruiser encases itself in a Quantum Focused Shield Bubble before activating a Mycelial Spore Jump Drive and disappearing from the system, leaving no trace behind.

It had been three weeks since his rescue. Jonas had all but recovered from the borg infection Section 31 had injected him with as he stood at the observation window of Earth Space Dock. The Vice-Admirals coat on his shoulders felt heavier than he anticipated, but that could be from all the weight of his new commission. He had been out for three years almost, and in that time the Crew that he had taught, trained and came up with stepped up and took on command in his absence, he didn’t feel right taking that away from them now, so promotion was truly the only thing left too him. He was going to miss the chair for sure, but maybe this was what he needed now, despite feeling like he was doing exactly what Section 31 wanted. At least now he had the authority and resources to go after them.

Commanding his own fleet was going to be something new and exciting as he became more familiar with the Admiralty system. Though with everything that was changing for him, some things were staying the same. Every admiral needed their own Flagship, and a smile crept across his face as the USS Archangel flew past the viewing port.

“Captain Flores to Admiral Mith, we are prepped and ready to disembark!”

“Admiral Mith here, ready for Transport!” he responded.

Time to head back out where he belonged…second star on the right, straight on till morning!

Directed by:
Beta Quadrant; Enroute to Deep Space 13

Given the circumstances, everything had turned out relatively well. The APU Dreamscape was repossessed and towed to Starbase 234 where Administrator Pruvis would have to deal with the legal ramifications of his un-registered employment with the Malon in Federation Space. The evasive AI Reverie was contained and shackled, however it did not go back with the Dreamscape Vessel, as there were more pressing matters surrounding it.

Captain Barron exited the Turbolift and rounded the hallway leading into the Medical Ward. Doctor Roptojmey stood over the isolated bed reviewing patient data as the child ‘Jonas’ lay in a medically induced coma. His condition upon capture was critical, and despite being able to stabilize his physical symptoms, Jonas’ neurological readings were off the charts. The only recourse left to the medical team was to hook the boy back up to the Dreamscape Program managed by Reverie which thankfully stabilized him fully.

Roptojmey looked up from his PADD and shook his head. He had begun an array of scans and tests to try and identify what the main illness the boy had, but thus far had not come up with anything conclusive. Maikull looked over at the boy’s monitors, seeing everything in the nominal range. Stepping closer he could see a small smirk on his lips. He wondered what grand adventure Jonas was going on now, whatever it was he hoped it was better than the nightmare the kid found himself in recently. Maikull pulled an old communicator out of his pocket, one he use to wear on a former posting, and placed it on Jonas’s shirt.

In his eyes, the kid was a Starfleet Officer who was only doing what he thought was right. At least if he found himself awake and in the real world once more, he would have an extra voice to reach out too.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: “Ill notify DS13 Medical they have a patient enroute.”

[CMDR] Roptojmey: “Aye. I’m afraid if we cant find something soon, ill have to put him into Cryo to fully preserve him. Ill take what live samples I can while I have him hear, incase they want to run more tests.

[CAPT] Maikull Barron: (Looking solemnly at the bed, he nods at the Doctors recommendation) I’ll let them know.

The End