[DS13] Reactivate Crewman VICCI

The AI known as VICCI has recently been recovered after its shuttle has gone missing while being underway to DS13. The crewman is currently in a shutdown state and needs to be reactivated.


GM / OOC Contact: @Oileus

IC Location: DS-13

OOC Requirements: Open to any personnel, no matter if romulan or starfleet.

OOC Notes: It is preferable when your char has any experience in either AI's or advanced computersystems/programming when you plan to participate.
Sounds pretty much tailored for Alina.. being the resident Computer Scientist and AI expert, lol. So does this just happen... whenever?
Lieutenant Kermit is available to assist, having training in computer systems engineering. A dedicated Engineer might be helpful as well, if there is one available.
T'Lira has experience in AI systems and computer programming, but it'd depend on what day this happens to be. It certainly looks interesting!
We can run this whenever im and any of you are online. Thanks to my shifts i cant really tell when i will be on.
If I'm on when this happens I can bring T'Pemi the engineer or Galatea the AI along.
Ok, it turns out that i have some time around next gamma. If you want we can do this then.
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Ok, it turns out that i have some time around next gamma. If you want we can do this then.

Next gamma... as in this week? Sorry, fleet time is still screwing with me, I can't seem to keep it straight.
Might mean the Friday meeting time. I should warn that if so, I have tickets to see Beyond at that time so I won't be on then, lol.
Gamma Shift is a time, not a day. Specifically, 8pm EST.
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Yeah, that would be at 2AM saturday for me. However we can also run it most likely one hour before that.
Micah or Pailes would be great in this too!
Well, if it's this week, I'm out. I don't have my laptop with me and I'm two timezones away from home so... well, if you all do wind up doing it this week, have fun and try not to decompile any important subroutines!