[EH Incident] Nimitz Gets Yeeted

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LCDR Valore

After Action Report

LOCATION Event Horizon, Deep Space 13


OUTCOME Captain Nimitz suffered a critical injury. The box containing the artifact was confiscated. Citizen Hawkins is detained.


  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • CMDR O’Dara, H.
  • LCDR Valore
  • LT Kelak
  • LT Loxton, N.
  • ENS Thyzee

NARRATIVE The evening began with nothing out of the ordinary at Event Horizon. The usual conversations were occurring as well. It was at this point that Henry Hawkins arrived with his theological entourage of followers. They occupied the dance floor of Event Horizon and Citizen Hawkins began giving sermons to his followers and those watching him. They ranged from some sort of theo-political statements on Bajoran theocratic structure, to encouraging Starfleet personnel to abandon their postings.

This officer approached the gathering, seeking additional information. After a brief conversation with Citizen Hawkins, he agreed to allow this officer to stand and watch. Citizen Hawkins then opened a box that allegedly contained a Bajoran ‘Orb of the Prophets’. Whilst it appeared that some of Citizen Hawkins’ posse appeared to have some sort of endorphin rush en masse from the display, this officer only saw a bright light.

It was at this point that this officer noticed Captain Nimitz standing beside oneself. He reached out to touch the crystal and was shot back, roughly thirty to forty meters. He smashed into the chess tables on the other side of the room. Citizen Hawkins and some officers rushed to his aid, whilst this officer moved to secure the box containing the alleged artifact.

Following some argumentation, the box was secured on a table and surrounded by a forcefield. After it had been determined to be safe for transport, Lieutenant Loxton beamed it to a secure cell in Security.

At this time, this officer believes that the alleged artifact is dangerous and efforts should be considered to have it enter Starfleet custody on a perpetual basis… However, given Citizen Hawkins’ concern for the Captain’s welfare, it is of the opinion of this officer that he did not intend harm despite his past interactions with the Captain.

RECOMMENDATION After consulting with Lieutenant Kelak, this officer has the following recommendations to make:

  1. Citizen Hawkins be detained for questioning until we can discover what this item is, its danger, and how he came to acquire it.

  2. Religious organizations tied to the alleged artifact be monitored for potential militant activity aboard the starbase. Just as Citizen Hawkins has recruited many followers, he has garnered the attention of many detractors. Violence is a possibility.

  3. This officer be relieved of duty for twenty-four hours to assess any lingering effects of holding the alleged artifact, due to having experienced unnatural feelings whilst holding it. Whilst this officer may wish to protest due to the necessity of continuing paperwork, it is the logical conclusion to avoid further detriment.

  4. This recommendation may be the most difficult to advise. However, following consultation with Lieutenant Kelak, it is one that this officer ultimately logically agrees with. A series of actions conducted by Ensign Thyzee has rendered this officer into the belief that it may not be a prudent decision to have the Ensign take the lead on examining the alleged artifact further. The Ensign demonstrated an unwillingness to follow directives of higher-ranking officers whilst making broad speculative statements. Ordering others to stay away from the container housing the alleged artifact, she continuously cited an intense interest in interacting with it further. This argumentation would eventually culminate in a tense standoff with Lieutenant Loxton, one that alarmed both this officer and Lieutenant Kelak. Though this officer will henceforth refer all inquiries on the latter’s state of mind to the named lieutenant. This officer has reached the logical sense of obligation to recommend that Ensign Thyzee either be restricted from engaging with the artifact until we learn more through more conventional means, or any testing be conducted under dutiful supervision. Preferably under the supervision of the chief science officer, Commander Mandra. This officer has no intention to intrude further upon the matter, and wishes only to offer this recommendation based upon what this officer has perceived. This officer defers to the capable Starbase personnel and leadership.

RECOGNITION This officer wishes to recognize Lieutenant Loxton for performing his security duties and keeping the situation calm and under control despite emergent circumstances.

OOCThanks for the rp, had fun! Nimitz got yeeted by Henry and it looks like everyone had fun. Poor Thyzee’s getting a hard time from Valore, heh.