Investigation into Rimward Logistics

To: CMDR Jera @Ropefish
CC: CAPT Bishop @Sam ; LCDR McGinnis @GameBreaker ; @Aev
From: CAPT MacLeod
Subj: Investigation into Rimward Logistics

Good Morning Commander Jera,

Timing is critical so I will get straight ot the point. I am hereby ordering you and the Sarpa to the Itrin Station in the Doza Sector, to investigate and if need be bring into custody the members of the Rinward Logistics Company.

Your goal will be to obtain evidence that will confirm their “Doctor’s” confession as well as the suspicions that they are trafficking in slaves.

From previous reports we know that three of their main cargo ships have been attacked or destroyed. While investigating the wreckage of the ships we have discovered discrepancies in their cargo manifest and ship containers that supports the slavery theory.

Furthermore on stardate 97084.6 we were able to obtain a confession from a Rinward Doctor that they indeed were trafficking in slaves.

It is command’s belief that we now have sufficient evidence for a conformation and possible arrests.

Jera, I want you running point on this one. The DunVegan and I will provide back up and any assistance you may need. Lets get this done.

James L MacLeod
Commanding Officer,
USS Make DunVegan

//ATTACHMENT// Rimward Logistics