Itrin Station recon (Two Cents AAR)

Stardate 94130.5
LCDR Sedai
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: USS Asimov and Itrin station, Itrin system

MISSION: Survey and recon of Itrin Station. Establish formal diplomatic ties if possible.

OUTCOME: Station administrators seemed singularly uninterested in establishing formal ties with Starfleet, referred to us as 'you people'. We were able to beam down to the station and explore as any other visitor, however, and received no especial treatment, positive or negative.

CAPT Locke
CAPT Nimitz
CMDR Caspius
CMDR P'tok
LCDR Sedai
LT H'ajah
SUBLT Shiarrael
AMB Altais

NARRATIVE: Station was surprisingly popular for this region of space, very highly trafficked by all unaffiliated craft, as far as we could tell.

Upon hail, the Asimov was directed to a queue for docking. It seemed it would take a while to receive us, so personnel gathered in away teams to beam to the orbital station directly. Personnel split up upon arrival and explored various points of interest at their leisure.

Myself and Sublieutenant Aev inspected the station's informational panels (these were plentiful) and security measures (these were scant) before moving on to locate an artifacts vendor. (I had first searched for library or museum-like facilities, to no avail.) Sublieutenant Aev was kind enough to make a purchase of most of the vendor's book supply. We briefly interacted with an Itrin employee working in the cargo bay and collected the species physiological data before utilizing a shuttle return to the Asimov, which had been sent by Commander Caspius in his continued exploration of all possible avenues of station access.

Upon debrief aboard Asimov, other personnel had collected starchart data and between their findings and Sublietenant Aev's, it has been speculated that the Itrin and Species 2492 are closely connected in some manner, due to the similarity in their technology capacities and the fact that Itrin Station appeared to never have been before attacked by Species 2492. The dated starcharts also indicate that the currently held Species 2492 territory is labelled as 'Itrin' space, but is clearly no longer theirs.


OOC: I didn't have a log to craft this from, so it's vague and obviously only from Katriel's POV, and I probably missed some people who attended. Ping me if I need to add you, please.