JAG Reports - Gartan II Investigation

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After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space 13

MISSION Investigate officer conduct during mission to Gartan II as referred by Fleet Admiralty.

OUTCOME Investigation opened and ongoing.

NARRATIVE Rear Admiral Emery Quint contacted 38th Fleet JAG regarding officer conduct during a mission to the Gartan system following an internal investigation by the Office of the Admiralty. He provided both an after action report and the internal report for JAG to review, which will be the first step of the investigation.

Following a review of the AAR and report, I will conduct any needed interviews with the involved officers. A preliminary review of the documents suggests that potential violations of General Order 1 and General Order 2 are the focus of the admiralty, and as such will be the primary (But not only) focus of this investigation.

RECOMMENDATION Judge Advocate LTJG Eno is the investigating officer with the goal of examining the allegations for their validity or invalidity as charges to be filed. This is to be the only consideration. This investigation will not determine guilt and its conclusion may not be used as evidence for or against. In the event that charges are filed as a result of this investigation, all information, evidence, and testimony will be made impartially available to the court for future proceedings.

The investigating officer will take the following steps:

  • Research - Obtain access to relevant source material and evidence. This information will be examined in the context of the allegations.

  • Deposition - Compel testimony from relevant persons as necessary for the purpose of supplementing, clarifying, corroborating, or excluding material from the preceding step.

  • Conclusion - Translate viable allegations to formal charges as appropriate to be recommended to Command.

OOC This is the introduction investigation post. Replies will be posted as the investigation progresses IC’ly. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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On Call Response

LOCATION Deep Space 13

MISSION Investigate officer conduct during mission to Gartan II as referred by Fleet Admiralty.

OUTCOME Ongoing - Research phase complete.

NARRATIVE A review of documents relevant to the investigation have been obtained, reviewed, and outlined below.


A-001After Action Report - Gartan II

After action report filed by the officer in overall command of the mission. Local, pre-warp species had been under observation prior to 38th Fleet forces. Also prior to their arrival, a probe from this research team impacted a satellite in orbit, causing several dozen casualties.

The native species were able to ascertain alien origin of debris and claimed they were under attack by alien invaders. From this point, the focus of the mission shifted to recovering Federation personnel on the ground.


A-002Admiralty Office Report - Restricted

Internal report authored by LCDR Valore. The report was requested by the admiralty to aid in their decision making process, and was quite thorough. This report was also the first indication of a violation of General Order Two.

As mentioned above, these details are omitted in the original AAR. Due to the lack or official reports from other officers, these details would likely have been missed if not for LCDR Valore’s investigation.


A-003Ship Logs - USS Endeavour

Security logs from the USS Endeavour provide critical context to the reports above. There are several conflicting pieces of information regarding the unity of the bridge crew and visiting officers. Ship logs show little, if any, opposition to plans proposed by CAPT Mirazuni. There appears to be a general sense of confusion among the junior officers. The situation is changing rapidly and information is sparse.

Also highlighted is the interaction between Starfleet personnel and civilian researchers. Interactions are minimal, and the civilians appear agitated during critical decision loops for Starfleet personnel.

RECOMMENDATION Following review of the above documents, investigating officer plans to schedule a deposition with Captain Mirazuni.

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ADDENDUM 1 LT Stray representing CAPT Mirazuni.

ADDENDUM 2 LT Stray representing CAPT Skye.

ADDENDUM 3 LT Stray no longer representing CAPT Skye; Referred to CMDR Halsing. ((@Katriel))

OOC Logs kept here for housekeeping, not ICly part of any reports.

Pre-Deposition Meeting with CAPT Mirazuni

LT StrayLieutenant Stray's office is a fairly cozy little room in DS13's upper core. Modest in size, it just barely contains the Lieutenant's work station desk and computer with a scattering of PADDs, as well as a small meeting table with four chairs, beneath a standard bay window. The opposite wall is occupied by a replicator alcove and a small shelving unit, full of mostly books. Literal books. Like. Made of paper.

As he awaited the arrival of Captain Mirazuni, Stray himself was seated at the table, writing out a comm response to some other unfortunate client.

CAPT MirazuniAyesha walks to the office and rings, politely waiting for a response.

LT StrayThere’s a 3 hour short wait as the lawyer finishes up his message before he stands to greet the arrival. “Enter,” he says aloud, prompting the door to open.

He flashes a weary smile at the woman, motioning for her to enter and then offering his hand to shake, “Captain Mirazuni, I presume?”

CAPT MirazuniAyesha enters, looks around briefly, and then takes Stray’s hand, shaking it once quickly before taking it back.

“I am, yes. Lieutenant Stray?”

LT Stray“That’s me,” he answers, motioning to the comparatively less formal table before taking a seat at it, himself. “I’ve read over the relevant reports and Command’s initial filing. Frankly, I’m less than impressed. It seems to me that you acted well within your command authority.” He queues up a recorder on a PADD and sets it between them. “Could you give me a quick rundown on what happened out there? Particularly if there’s anything that might have been…” he makes a motion with his hand, “… omitted from the report. Faulty memory, or perhaps didn’t seem important at the time? As well as any perceptions you might have about why this investigation is taking place? Anything at all you can think of.”

He pauses a moment, “To be blunt, the more you can tell me, the better job I can do defending you.”

CAPT MirazuniAyesha nods and sits, crossing one leg above the other.

"The mission was to deliver a rotation of researchers to the Federation’s First Contact Outpost on Gartan II. Our shuttle was modified before departure to make it invisible to the passive scans of their satellites, and the pilot was given their scanning path so they could navigate a safe path through the system to the transfer point. It was routine, normally done by the research team’s own shuttles but as we were travelling that way, we gave them assistance. A few of the science team from DS13 and some Captains were going to observe the running of the Outpost and to give insight onto the new technology being used for stealth surveillance of the population.

"The first thing we picked up when arriving in the system was a broadcast from the planet declaring war on an unknown entity. Scans revealed debris scattered in orbit of the planet, both native and Federation. My main focus was to understand what was happening, so we hailed the research team on the ground. They revealed that a malfunction on one of their probe’s thrusters made the probe collide into a native satellite, knocking both from orbit and back to the ground.

“The Prime Directive had already been breached and now my job was to ensure contamination of the planet was minimal, and save the researchers on the ground. My team on the shuttle had a range of experience, with two captains, excluding me, a commander, and two ensigns. Had it only been us on the shuttle, we would have continued the mission in a professional and calm manner, as we were all Starfleet trained. We did however, also have the group of researchers, who were not Starfleet trained and had no idea of the gravity of the situation. I asked Captain Skye to inform the researchers what had happened, but I think that was an error on my part; as soon as they heard the news, they became very vocal, and that was becoming an issue,” she says, looking to see if Stray had questions at this point.

LT StrayStray nods along, briefly pausing to ask, “Were transporters not an option for some reason?”

CAPT MirazuniAyesha shakes her head. “No, the research team on the station informed us that we could not use transporters if we wanted to remain undetected; now that the natives on the planet were actively looking for anomalies and disturbances with their satellites, it was impossible to remain undetected. The shuttle, as it stood, was outside their scanning ranges so we were, at that point, undetected. To get closer to the planet to initiate transport would mean revelation. In preparation to remove contamination and debris, I had signalled to the U.S.S. Bark, the Endeavour’s escort ship, to hasten to the planet, as the Bark had more storage capacity than the shuttle and if we were going to beam the Federation debris and outpost to away, it would be easily stored in the Bark. The ship would take time to arrive though, and it was clear that time was not on our side,” she explains.

"My telepathic abilities are rather sensitive on account of my dual heritage. I take a neurosuppressants to keep my abilities from hindering my ability to command. Between the fear and hostility I could garner from the natives on the planet, and the hostility of the Federation researchers in order to continue my duties without incapacitation, and to maintain cohesion on the shuttle so that we could do our jobs, we had to calm them down. I told Captain Skye to inform the researchers that if they did not remain calm and settle down, we would have to sedate them. After that, the researchers remained calm and it allowed for the crew to continue to come up with solutions to the issue.

"Captain Skye and Captain Tungsten were in favour of just retrieving the researchers and withdrawing. It was postulated that modifications could be made to the shuttle to allow stealth entry, but we would reveal ourselves as soon as we began to beam up the researchers. All plans neglected the contamination left by the outpost and the debris. We also did not know how long the modifications would take; +

CAPT Mirazuni"As far as I knew, there were no engineers amongst the crew. The longer we took to save the researchers, the greater the risk that the natives would find them first, and act in a retributive manner, as stated by their broadcast.

"I became a doctor to save lives, and that has always been my goal. I did not want the researchers to die, nor did I want the natives to believe that there were alien entities out there ready to kill them. Their development had already been altered before we arrived into the system. I had a choice; do I leave these natives, who already knew there was alien life out there, to develop thinking that space was hostile, and that they needed to be hostile to survive? Or do I make First Contact, to a native population that was more scared than than vengeful, and explain that alien life was peaceful? I reached the conclusion that a peaceful First Contact would allow the population to develop in a manner closest to their development pre-incident, and be better than a hostile First Contact where the natives’ development had been skewed militaristically because they thought they had been attacked. I acted to save lives, both at the present, and in the future.

“After I gave the order to make First Contact, the other officers followed the orders I gave them. We moved in range, transported the researchers up, and thus, revealed ourselves to the natives. I hailed the leaders of the two largest factions and made brief first contact, explaining that the satellite incident had been our mistake, that we came in peace, and that alien life was not hostile to them. After the transmission had been sent, we waited for a response. This was the part that was the most tense and I was prepared to act in self defence, if they had fired on us. They did not; they replied to us in kind and we were allowed to withdraw safely, with no loss of life. As I stated in the report, the first contact teams could go and allow the natives to develop in a way less altered by us,”

LT StrayStray makes a few notes on his PADD as the Captain tells her story.

“So the native population, upon your arrival in the system, was already broadcasting an open declaration of war against an unspecified alien aggressor, later determined to have been us accidentally. Can you confirm if the broadcast was intended for their attackers? Or was it directed internally and we were simply able to intercept it?”

He continues, queuing up a second question, “Also, just for my clarity, were you still on the bridge of the Endeavour when these events took place? Or had you and the officers listed departed on the shuttle already, with the civilian researchers? Or, some were in one location, others in another?”

CAPT Mirazuni"It was certainly an internal broadcast. I’m not sure if they intended for their attackers to listen in, but it certainly wasn’t hidden,"

“The Endeavour herself was nowhere near us. She was continuing her patrol and we departed on a shuttle to drop the researchers off. The Endeavour would have had trouble staying undetected anyway,” she says. “So this all took place when all the officers, myself, and researchers were on the shuttle,”

LT Stray"Hm," the man muses to himself, “Suppose that would have been too easy.” There’s a pause as he makes a new note on his PADD.

“Still. You’re fairly well covered on both General Orders one and four by the circumstances. Though… you brought up your telepathic abilities a moment ago, linking that to a need to potentially sedate the research team on the shuttle with you. Could you elaborate on that?”

CAPT Mirazuni"When detecting strong emotions at close proximity for extended periods of time, I start to experience headaches. I can offset it to a certain degree with neurosuppresants, which I do. However, this is not a permanent solution and a high dosage can leave one unconscious. The true solution is to move away from where the emotional issues are coming from, which in this case, were the research staff. They were justifiably concerned about their project, but that concern was building into anger and frustration. This was a delicate situation. My incapacitation through telepathic distress would have caused the situation to worsen. As would attempts by the researchers to take matters into their own hands, which I did detect one of them thinking. A thought itself is not a crime, but we could not deal with the issue if it did come to that. My statement to sedate them came with the intent to calm the researchers down so that we could get on with our jobs. I did not hear anyone relay what I said to the researchers, so I assume that the researchers heard me and calmed down themselves. Whatever the case, they were not an issue to me or the rest of the crew going forward."

LT StrayStray takes in a long breath, thinking that over. “You may have a vulnerability here if Command elects to pursue an assault charge. We’d have a hard time convincing most officers that a threat of sedation was warranted under the circumstances. Especially if it becomes clear that it was an overreaction brought on by telepathic stress.”

He rubs the side of his head, “Are there any documented cases in your service record of incidents where your judgment was impaired by similar stress?”

CAPT MirazuniAyesha raises her eyebrow. “Not to my knowledge. There have been times where I’ve stepped aside and given command to others because of it; I know when I am impaired and I am not going to make decisions if I can’t,”

LT Stray"That’s good," he answers idly, “We’ll want to avoid bringing up this subject at all, if possible. If it does come up, you may be asked to justify why you felt it necessary to make such a threat. I’d like to make sure you have an answer prepared for that question, as it’s the most likely to hurt you, legally.”

CAPT MirazuniAyesha just gives a nod. “Understood. So I take it that the deposition is more than a Prime Directive inquiry?”

LT StrayStray shakes his head, “Not currently, as far as I’m aware. But there’s essentially no chance that a Prime Directive charge makes it to court martial in this case. Your biggest risk is that someone else being interviewed mentions the incident with the civilians and provides the prosecutor the opportunity to change focus.” He shrugs, “It may not happen, but I much prefer to be prepared.”

He touches a control on his PADD, then motions to her, “Let’s get started. I’m your commanding officer. Tell me, why am I hearing that you threatened to incapacitate a bunch of civilian scientists?”

CAPT Mirazuni"They were becoming violent and were risking the entire situation. Had they be allowed to continue, there was a real possibility of the officers on the shuttle needing to resort to non lethal force to stop them,"

LT Stray"Violent how? With whom? To what end?"

CAPT Mirazuni"At first with the officer assigned to inform them of the situation and then with the members of the team inside the shuttle. Their priority wasn’t to preserve General Order 1, but to ensure decades of research did not go to waste and they would have been prepared to take the shuttle down to the planet to do so,"

LT StrayStray speaks slowly, leadingly rephrasing for her, “So you believed them to be an imminent threat to you and your team, and feared that they were going to attempt to take control of the shuttle by force?”

CAPT Mirazuni"Yes,"

LT StrayStray nods again, “Good. Remember that, in case the question comes up.”

He leans forward to switch off his PADD. “During the deposition, it’s important to keep a cool head. I know, you’re a Captain, that’s what you do, but you’d be surprised how many people make mistakes in these kinds of interview settings. Choose your words carefully, and don’t be afraid to check with me before answering if you’re uncertain. If I interrupt you, or answer for you, that doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong, it just means I’m making sure you don’t walk into a trap.”

He offers the woman another faded smile as he leans back, “On the whole, I think you’re going to be okay. Do you have any questions for me?”

CAPT Mirazuni"Less so a question and more of an observation, if you’d humour me for a moment. I do not wish to accuse anyone of anything, but I find this matter to be highly questionable. For this mission, my report states that a Prime Directive breach occurred before our arrival. The outcome of my report is that the office of the admiralty interview members of the away team, and then ask for a JAG review of the matter. I have still yet to see another report filed.

"Another incident earlier, in which I reported a breach of the Prime Directive, and still believe it to be a breach of the Prime Directive, occurred by the commanding officers of that mission, there were no interviews by the office of the admiralty, and reports were filed after the mine, alluding to the fact that they had been asked to do so. There is no JAG inquiry and the captains are given a verbal warning, which stated that the admiral had repeatedly told captains to be careful in the Kelterre and Doza sectors.

"Whilst these incidents are unrelated, and I don’t mean to reopen closed cases, it very much seems to me that I am being used as a scapegoat and to be made an example of because of the historic failings of others. I have been a Captain and in this fleet for approximately six months, and whilst I am not against a review occurring, especially when it involves General Order One, I feel that more leniency has been given to the captains who have been in this fleet longer and have a longer service record.

“This could just be me over analysing the details and could just be a large coincidence. But being placed on administrative leave gives you time to think and I would feel amiss if I didn’t communicate my thoughts to you,”

LT StrayStray leans back and folds his arms, “Do you feel that you, specifically, are being targeted for discipline for some reason? Or is it simply, if you’ll pardon the paraphrase, ‘others got away with it before, I should too’?”

CAPT Mirazuni"I very much like to hope it isn’t the former, and I highly disagree with the latter. I would just like to be assured that I am not being disadvantaged and that I am treated fairly and evenly. I have no reason to believe that I will be treated differently, but as I said, there seems to be a disparity. If this does go further, I would like some transparency from the admiralty to make sure I am not being disadvantaged, or indeed, given an advantage over others,"

LT StrayStray smiles weakly, shaking his head a little, “Captain, the fact that we’re talking is your guarantee of fair treatment. Command doesn’t have any obligation for transparency outside legal proceedings. Suspend several officers on what may very well amount to no charges filed may have been an overreaction, or overcorrection after previous incidents, sure, but it’s still well within Command’s prerogative. No one’s been jailed or demoted. I suggest you continue to prepare for the deposition, and then find a good book to read while we wait for everything to be resolved. Okay?”

CAPT Mirazuni"If you do have any book recommendations, please let me know. Preferably not paper books," she adds.

LT Stray"Afraid not," he answers, standing and offering his hand, “Not enough hours in the day. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, ma’am.”

CAPT MirazuniAyesha stands and takes the hand briefly again. “Thank you for taking the time to represent me,” she states. “I appreciate your time, regardless of the future outcome. I shall see you at the deposition?”

LT Stray"Of course," he nods, leading towards the door. It’s not rude, exactly, just anticipatory. He’s probably got other clients, after all!

CAPT Mirazuni"Then I wish you a good day," she says, exiting. She wanted to get out quick, mainly because she wanted to wash her hands, making a mental note to bring some handgel next time.

LT Stray"You as well," he answers, shaking his head and returning to his desk as the door closes.

Pre-Deposition Meeting with CAPT Skye

Stray: <C> Captain Skye, this is Lieutenant Stray. My previous meeting let out ahead of schedule, so if you happen to be available, we can sit down in the conference room at your convenience.

Fiona: <C> Copy, I was just heading your way ahead of time anyway.

Stray mumbles something about how awkward it would have been if she’d barged into another client’s meeting as he preps his PADD for her arrival.

Stray stands promptly at the Captain’s arrival, “Evening ma’am.”

Fiona approaches, a PADD under her arm, “Evening, Lieutenant Stray.”

Stray motions across the table, waiting for her to take a seat before retaking his, “Please. I think this is likely to be my easiest meeting of the day.”

Fiona places her PADD down on the table before she takes the seat, “Glad to hear. Been a bit of a concern weighing on me,” she says.

Stray: “The whole thing strikes me as somewhat frivolous, for the most part, but that’s part of why these conversations are so important. If there IS some legal liability on your part, it’s better for us to know what it is beforehand, so we can prepare you for questioning on it.” He reaches forward to tap a button on his PADD, “So, if you’re ready, we should dive right in. Could you give me a short summary of your role and involvement in the Gartan II mission, please?”

Fiona: “Ok, there is certainly a few points of note with the mission. I was invited along on the mission to review the outpost and its operations. However that changed when we detected the debris and the news broadcast. Once we discovered what the situation on the ground was, I was asked to speak to the civilian science team,” she says pausing if he has questions yet.

Stray does raise a finger to interject, “You were placed specifically under the command of Captain Mirazuni for the duration of the mission?”

Fiona: “Yes, Captain Mirazuni was in overall command of the entire mission.”

Stray nodded, “Very good, please continue.”

Fiona: “I informed the science team of the situation with the limited information I had. They began to get agitated while demanding more information on the situation that I did not have to give. I tried to keep them calm by remaing calm myself, however they kept demanding information that I did not have. It was about this point that CAPT Mirazuni threatened to sedate the science team.”

Stray: “I see. And how did you respond to that?”

Fiona: “The civilians proceeded to sit down due to the threat, so did not have to take any further action towards them. I do not belive the threat should have been made by CAPT Mirazuni, as was behaviour not befitting an officer.”

Stray: “Very well,” he answers, making a note quickly, “I think it’s unlikely they’ll try to make a case against you on that point. Let’s continue.”

Fiona: “Ok, after the science team sat back down I returned to the fore to rejoin the team. By the time I had rejoined we were attempting to workshop ideas on our course of action. I provided suggestions to CAPT Mirazuni, without leaning towards any of the options presented. The only plan I fully propsed was for us to disengage from the system and request the aid of a vessel with cloaking to extract the outpost. As any action on our part would escalte the contamination of the planets natural development. CAPT Mirazuni then made the unilateral decision to make first contact with the planet. Despite my misgivings about that course of action, I followed her orders as given.”

Stray nods his head a few times, thinking it over. “Did you object to the Captain’s orders, either at the time or afterwards?”

Fiona: “I did afterwards, yes. I do not belive we should have made first contact with the planet. It was a volatile situation that could have gone either way, we are lucky that it did not provoke further hostilites.”

Stray: “In person to Captain Mirazuni? Or in a report? The objection, that is.”

Fiona: “I made in my statement to Fleet Command before being placed on Admin leave. Along with my concern that I do not belive CAPT Mirazuni was in a fit position to command at that time.”

Stray winces slightly, “I’m sorry, Captain, but we have to stop here.” He then reaches forward to switch off his PADD, “As I said, I believe it’s highly unlikely that you will be implicated in either the prime directive issue, or the situation with the civilians. That said, there is the potential here that your best interests and another client’s may conflict. I’m going to forward my notes so far to one of my colleagues, to make sure you get the best representation possible, should you require it.”

Fiona nods slightly, “Thank you, I was aware that this was going to be a possibility when I reached out to begin with. Thank you for your time though.”

Stray: “Of course, you’re very welcome ma’am.” He slides up to his feet, “It’s possible we’ve gotten through enough today that you won’t have to repeat the process prior to a deposition, if there is one.”

Fiona stands, picking up her own padd, “That is good to hear at least. And we can only see which way the branch falls now that it has been cut,” she says with a slight shrug.

Stray: “That… sure.” He smiles weakly at the metaphor, and then nods, “Enjoy the rest of your evening, ma’am.”

Fiona nods before she starts to leave, “You too, Lieutenant.”

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On Call Response

LOCATION Deep Space 13

MISSION Investigate officer conduct during mission to Gartan II as referred by Fleet Admiralty.

OUTCOME Investigation completed. See recommendations below.

NARRATIVE This report will address the specific proposed infractions from the original allegation.

General Order One

On the proposed violation of General Order One, this investigation has found no grounds for charges. While the prime directive prohibits interference in in the development of alien cultures, there are two conditions outlined in General Order One that allow such interference:

Prior to the Brush Island’s arrival to the Gartan system, a probe belonging to the Federation Observation Team experienced a thruster malfunction. This malfunction caused an orbital impact with a Gartan satellite, the resulting debris impacted a populated area. Probe debris were recovered, and the native species were alerted to our presence.

When Brush Island arrived in the system, the Gartans had unified against an alien threat and were broadcasting messages to that effect. The probe malfunction qualifies as an accidental contamination, and as such Starfleet personnel were acting within the scope of the general order.

General Order Two

On the proposed violation of General Order Two, this investigation has found potential grounds for charges against Captain Ayesha Mirazuni and no grounds for charges against all other officers present.

Captains Skye and Tungsten, Commander Verlin, and Ensigns Thyzee and Sovum are protected from any charges under General Order 26. Had the situation outlined below escalated to action, the above officers could be held accountable for failing to prevent such an action. However, that scenario did not occur.

General Order Two states that no unnecessary force may be levied against members of the United Federation of Planets:

In order for an officer to violate this general order, both the use of force and that lack of necessity must be proven. Security logs from the Brush Island and testimony from Captain Mirazuni confirm that a verbal threat was issued. Portions of these logs are quoted below. The full deposition and security logs can be found in this series of reports. For the purposes of this general order, the threat of force is equivalent to the use of force.

Having established the use of force above, attention must be devoted to determining the necessity. When asked to state her justifications, Captain Mirazuni stated the following:

The reporting officer found this justification highly suspect. Present in the shuttle were three Starfleet captains, one commander, and two ensigns. All officers present would have completed basic self defense courses at the academy, held an intimate knowledge of the shuttle’s layout, and possessed a familiarity with the shuttle’s systems. Captain Mirazuni refused to elaborate further.


Deposition: Captain Mirazuni, A.

Recording Begins

Eno Lieutenant Junior Grade Eno, JAG Corps, interviewing Captain Mirazuni. Represented by Lieutenant Stray, JAG Corps. Captain, this deposition is an official record, and can be used as evidence in a resulting trial. You are required to answer truthfully, to the best of your ability, under penalty of perjury. Do you understand?

Mirazuni I do, yes.

Stray Captain Mirazuni would like to begin by raising an objection to the suspension of herself and the other involved officers from active duty. None of Command’s alleged grievances paint them as unable to perform their duties while the investigation is ongoing.

Eno Objection is noted and will be relayed to fleet command. Captain, do you have any other statements you’d like to make on the record before I begin with questions?

Mirazuni No, I do not,

Eno You filed an after action report on Stardate 97576.5. Do you stand by the accuracy of that report as it relates to the events of the day?

Mirazuni Yes.

Eno That report states you immediately picked up a transmission from the surface, indicating the planet was under attack. Was that being broadcast system wide?

Mirazuni Captain Tungsten was on sensors, he stated that he was receiving broadcasts from their satellites.

Eno How would you rate your knowledge of the native species on Gartan II prior to your arrival?

Mirazuni I read the reports that were given to me.

Eno With the exception of the Endeavour’s crew compliment, had you worked with any of the officers present prior to this mission?

Mirazuni I had worked with all but one officer, at least once, before this mission.

Eno Please name the officers you worked with prior, for the recording.

Mirazuni Captain Tungsten, Captain Skye, Ensign Sovum, Ensign Thyzee.

Eno Which means Commander Verlin was the only officer you had no prior experience with?

Mirazuni Yes.

Eno Right. Please confirm for me that you held overall command of the mission.

Mirazuni Yes.

Eno What can you tell me about the civilian researchers that were aboard the Brush Island?

Stray The Captain had not met them or received any particular information about them prior to the mission. Correct?

Mirazuni Correct.

Eno Did your fellow officers provide alternatives to first contact?

Mirazuni Yes

Eno It seems they conducted themselves well after their suggestions were overridden. I feel no need to rehash your reasoning, as it’s outlined in the report. There is one area I would like to focus on however, and that is the civilian reaction to the situation. When reviewing a report conducted by the Office of the Admiralty, it was revealed that researchers were threatened with sedation. Seeing no mention of this in your report, I requested a copy of the Brush Island’s security logs and obtained this…

Captain Skye, tell them to shut up or I will sedate the entire team.

Eno That is you, correct?

Mirazuni That is my voice, yes.

Eno This incident was omitted from your report. Why?

Stray It wasn’t relevant to the outcome of the mission. The feedback of the scientists, such as it was, was included in the section reading… ‘members of the team formulated various plans…’ etcetera

Eno The feedback of the scientists is not the focus of my question. However, a direct threat against Federation citizens by a Starfleet Captain is relevant to any mission. We are not investigating outcomes, we are investigating conduct. Please answer the question, Captain. Why was this omitted?

Stray The point, Lieutenant, is that an AAR need not list every single detail of a mission that is not relevant. Generalizations and summaries are commonplace. The report doesn’t include direct quotes of the conversations with the natives, and no one would reasonably question the Captain’s motives for not including those. Her reasoning for including or not including one of a thousand different potential minor details in her report isn’t something we’re going to get into tonight.

Eno With respect, Lieutenant, you are not the authority on determining the relevance of a question. That is for a judge to decide. If the Captain refuses to answer, I will take this to a judge, and an answer may be compelled. As this investigation relates directly to General Order Two, and the Captain is on record threating Federation citizens with force, it would be wise to answer now so we can determine if the action was reasonable.

Stray We’ve already answered. The detail in question was not specifically omitted, nor was it considered on a separate level from any other fine details that did not make it into the report individually.

Eno Am I to understand, Captain, that you consider threating civilians as just another fine detail?

Stray The topic of the report was the encounter with the inhabitants of Gartan II, Lieutenant. Like it or not, the specific details of interactions among the crew are not directly relevant to that topic. There aren’t any dots to connect, here, and the absence of that level of detail in the report does not reflect the relative overall importance of events. Only their relevance to the stated topic.

Eno Very well, let’s remove the report from the equation. We have the statement on record. Can you explain your reasoning behind the statement, Captain. What actions by Starfleet and the civilians led to you feeling such a step was necessary?

Mirazuni I believed them to be an imminent threat to me and my team, and feared that they were going to attempt to take control of the shuttle by force.

Eno An imminent…physical threat? Three civilians against three Starfleet captains, one commander, and two ensigns, all with at least basic academy self defense skills? Can you elaborate?

Mirazuni I believe my statement was elaboration enough. I do not know their methodology, only that I felt it was a sufficient threat to make the situation worse.

Eno "Right, okay. You have nothing else to add on the matter?

Mirazuni I do not.

Eno Okay, I believe that’s all. Would you like to make any other statements for the record?

Mirazuni I do not.

Recording Ends

RECOMMENDATION Investigating officer has several recommendations:

  1. Restore any officers currently suspended from duty to active duty status. The objection submitted by Lieutenant Stray during deposition was warranted. Bringing JAG into the picture earlier will allow us to prevent unnecessary service disruptions in the future.

  2. Do not proceed to court martial. Command lacks sufficient burden of proof to fully prosecute any of the officers named in the report. A court martial at this stage would only serve to damage the reputation of Command, the JAG Corps, and Starfleet’s legal system as a whole.

  3. Consider any non-judicial punishment against Captain Mirazuni carefully. This officer believes there are grounds for charges, but legal proceedings are not the only method of recourse available. Should Captain Mirazuni dispute the charges and proceed to court martial there is a fair chance charges are dismissed and the reputation of command is irrevocably damaged.

In a more general sense, this officer would like to make several procedural recommendations to the admiralty. JAG is most effective when brought into the process early. Often, we are able to quickly determine if an investigation is necessary with the initial after action reports alone.

Further, any investigation into officer misconduct should be conducted solely by JAG. In this instance, senior officers were interviewed by the fleet’s executive officer and junior officers by an admiralty adjutant. These investigations were conducted before officers requested legal representation, meaning any testimony would be inadmissible as evidence. These investigations also serve to erode the critical concept of an impartial command. Charges brought against specific officers after such an informal investigation open the admiralty to accusations of bias.

Moving forward, this officer suggests JAG be contacted immediately upon suspicions of officer misconduct so that proper procedures can be followed and the legal process is not compromised.

OOC The report is concluded! As always, feel free to send me any questions!