AAR: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Gartan II, Gartan System, Kelterre Sector.

MISSION Staff rotation of Federation anthropologists on Federation First Contact Outpost (FCO) on Gartan II.

OUTCOME First Contact made with the Gartans following Prime Directive violation from the FCO.


  • CAPT A. Mirazuni
  • CAPT F. Skye
  • CAPT D. Tungsten
  • CMDR K. Verlin
  • ENS Thyzee
  • ENS V. Sovum

BACKGROUND As the U.S.S. Endeavour was travelling through the region, we were tasked to deliver a rotation of Federation anthropologists to a First Contact Outpost on Gartan II where an anthropological study was taking place. The First Contact Outpost had some new observation technologies. Three scientists from Deep Space 13 had been invited to look over the study, and the two Captains had been invited to provide an experienced and unbiased report on the new technology.

The Gartans of Gartan II had similar levels of technology to the planet Earth in the 1960s. There were two large nations, the Osean Federation and the Kingdom of Erusea, which also controlled the other smaller states through diplomacy and military occupation. These two nations were locked in a nuclear Cold War.

After some modifications to the shuttle, U.S.S. Brush Island, to allow for stealth transfer, the shuttle departed the U.S.S. Endeavour to complete the mission.

NARRATIVE Upon our arrival to the Gartan System, we immediately picked up a transmission from the surface, which seemed to indicate the planet had been attacked by aliens. The planet was promising that retribution would be carried out on their attackers.

Contact with the FCO on the planet informed us that a thruster malfunction on one of the Federation’s probes in orbit had caused the probe to collide with a Gartan satellite; debris from the probe and shuttle had re-entered orbit and caused fifty Gartan fatalities. This was verified by the presence of satellite and probe debris in orbit of the planet.

As the planet’s sensors were now focused on any anomalies on the planet and in space, it was impossible to transport the team and the Federation technology off the planet without revealing ourselves, especially since some of the debris had already been secured by the Gartans.

Members of the team formulated various plans to mask the signatures of the shuttle allowing for landing and take off to remove the First Contact team from the now hostile planet. However, this officer chose to disregard the plans in favour of establishing First Contact with the Gartans.

The First Contact was successful and a dialogue was initiated. Following a brief exchange, this shuttle was allowed to leave peacefully.

RECOMMENDATION The decision to initiate First Contact with the Gartans was not taken lightly by this officer. Databases showed that the Gartans were culturally not ready for First Contact, and their hostile reaction to the initial revelation of alien lifeforms underlined this fact.

However, this officer made the decision to make First Contact, above the other suggestions of a stealthy approach and extraction of the First Contact team, for the following reasons:

  1. The Prime Directive had already been breached and the culture had been contaminated by the effects of the probe and the debris, shown by the fact that the Cold War on Gartan ended with the two largest nations unifying against the space debris. Thus, contamination had occured and the planet’s development irreversibly altered.

  2. A stealth extraction would have limited exposure to the Federation, but not mitigated the impact of the contamination. The planet would have developed space technology in a militaristic way, entering the space stage and being hostile to the lives and civilisations already in this stage. This would have led to great loss of life for all.

  3. Establishing contact allowed for the planet’s cultural development to continue, altered, but in a peaceful manner. This would have allowed for the planet to develop in a balanced manner going forward, and allowed for a peaceful entry to the space stage when the planet was ready.

With those points in mind, this officer decided that the action that contaminated the planet the less and affected their development would be First Contact.

This officer therefore recommends that diplomats have very little influence on the planet and thus allow for development to continue as normal.
RECOGNITION Captains Skye and Tungsten gave very solid advice and though they did not fully agree with this officer’s decision, carried out orders effectively and professionally.

Ensign Thyzee performed notably, taking initiative and offering advice. However, the Ensign would benefit from understanding that she is a science officer and her training extends beyond her narrow specialisation. She should, therefore, not be surprised when she is selected for missions, and should instead focus on how she can add to the mission instead of wondering how the mission falls under her specialty. Her actions later on in the mission shows how she is a great asset to the team regardless of her specialty, should she apply herself.

All members of the team acted in a way befitting Starfleet, especially given the situation around General Order One. This was especially well received by this officer and the support given by the crew helped this officer make the decision that was eventually undertaken.

OOC This is the AAR for the impromptu event “Wrong Place, Wrong Time”. Event logs available on request. Thank you to all participants for attending!