Member Ranks in Argo

This post clarifies the responsibilities and privileges/permissions of the various member ranks in Argo. These ranks should be accurately reflected by your roles in Discord, as well as in-game.

Admin: The OOC administration rank. They are generally responsible for the day-to-day operational maintenance, including web forums/discord server management and upkeep, and overall direction of the fleet. Any administrative responsibilities that are not covered by the RP Staff are handled at the Admin level.

RP Staff: The ‘IC matters’ administration rank. These players are RPing characters who are in structurally critical roles for the fleet and therefore they have some added responsibilities:

  • Scheduling and attending regular commander meetings ICly
  • Vetting character applications for their particular domain/sphere of influence
  • Vetting storylines for their particular domain/sphere of influence
  • Monitoring and responding to issues brought up to the RP Staff Group

In all decisions and matters that concern the roleplayed storyline and characters involved, the RP staff will be given the final word, even over the admin group. For issues that have broader OOC consequences entailed in them, the admin group may be consulted in the decision-making process.

These players are often RPing characters who are in structurally critical roles for the fleet, though this does not necessarily have to be the case. (i.e. Two players may decide or be selected to jointly share the responsibilities of a particular domain: one to play the character, the other to handle everything else.)

Characters who are considered structurally critical are typically found in one of the following roles: Fleet CO, Fleet XO, Starbase CO, Starbase XO, Romulan Fleet CO, KDF Fleet CO.

Retired Staff: Former admin staff of Argo. All those here were previously admin staff in some capacity and major players in what the fleet has become today.

Senior Member: Senior Members are players who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to Argo through their regular activity and participation in making Argo into a living, breathing RP community.

Some hallmark traits of senior members: active and online on a daily or very frequent basis for majority of their membership with Argo, willing and enthusiastic about participating in admin and member-run events, they have initiative and will start RP events on their own if nothing else is happening, and they’re willing to RP with just about everyone on anything. Promotions to senior membership are considered only after at least six months of membership.

Member: Majority of the fleet, standard member rank.

Initiate: The starting rank for new members. Initiates are expected to pass 30 days of membership in the fleet with regular activity and participate in several RP activities before receiving their promotion to full Member. See the initiate guide for more info.


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