Member Ranks in Argo

This post clarifies the responsibilities and privileges/permissions of the various member ranks in Argo. These ranks should be accurately reflected by your roles in Discord, as well as in-game.

Admin: The OOC administration rank. They are generally responsible for the day-to-day operational maintenance, including web forums/discord server management and upkeep, and overall direction of the fleet. Any administrative responsibilities that are not covered by the RP Staff are handled at the Admin level.

RP Staff: The ‘IC matters’ administration rank. These players are RPing characters who are in structurally critical roles for the fleet and therefore they have some added responsibilities:

  • Scheduling and attending regular commander meetings ICly
  • Vetting character applications for their particular domain/sphere of influence
  • Vetting storylines for their particular domain/sphere of influence
  • Monitoring and responding to issues brought up to the RP Staff Group

In all decisions and matters that concern the roleplayed storyline and characters involved, the RP staff will be given the final word, even over the admin group. For issues that have broader OOC consequences entailed in them, the admin group may be consulted in the decision-making process.

These players are often RPing characters who are in structurally critical roles for the fleet, though this does not necessarily have to be the case. (i.e. Two players may decide or be selected to jointly share the responsibilities of a particular domain: one to play the character, the other to handle everything else.)

Characters who are considered structurally critical are typically found in one of the following roles: Fleet CO, Fleet XO, Starbase CO, Starbase XO, Romulan JSI CO, KDF/Zenas Fleet CO.

Retired Staff: Former admin staff of Argo. All those here were previously admin staff in some capacity and major players in what the fleet has become today.

Senior Member: Senior Members are players who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to Argo through their regular activity and participation in making Argo into a living, breathing RP community.

Some hallmark traits of senior members: active and online on a daily or very frequent basis for majority of their membership with Argo, willing and enthusiastic about participating in admin and member-run events, they have initiative and will start RP events on their own if nothing else is happening, and they’re willing to RP with just about everyone on anything. Promotions to senior membership are considered only after at least six months of membership.

Member: Majority of the fleet, standard member rank.

Initiate: The starting rank for new members. Initiates are expected to pass 30 days of membership in the fleet with regular activity and participate in several RP activities before receiving their promotion to full Member.


Initiates in 38th Fleet ‘Argo’

An Initiate in Argo is a new member that has made it past the application process and is officially in the fleet both on the forums (application approved) and in the game. However, we have some minor and temporary restrictions on Initiates to ensure that they get integrated into the fleet both IC and OOC.

To that end, the following restrictions are applied to Initiates:

  • only one character may be in the fleet. No alts are allowed until the initiate wait-period is over
  • not permitted to transfer their character to any player crews or accept other character transfers to their own crew, with rare exceptions
  • no purchase of fleet store items that require provisions

The probation time ends when both of the following conditions have been met:

  • The player and character have been reasonably active for 30 days
  • The player has completed at least three of the RP activities from the Initiate RP Task List (see the post below this one)

Once these conditions have been met, the character will be promoted in game to the rank of “Member” with all the rights as any other member of the fleet, save the staff team. If you feel like you have reached these criteria, but have not been promoted, poke a staff member and let us know. We’ll definitely let you know what is missing, or promote you on the spot.

Finally, please note that according to Argo’s inactivity policy, Initiates will be removed from fleet when activity checks are made if they have not progressed to Member rank and have also not logged into the game for more than one month without leaving some kind of LOA notice/explanation. Should you happen to be an Initiate who gets removed on one of these sweeps and you’ve come back to the game, automatic re-invite to Argo and resumption of the trial period may be an option for you.

If you have any questions about the Initiate status, please contact a fleet admin.


Initiate RP Task List

To help guide new players in Argo, we’ve come up with this list of RP activities that can always be logically undertaken by new characters to the fleet and are meant to get your (character’s) feet wet and meeting some other officers in the fleet in a formal way. As an Initiate, you will need to attend at least three of them to meet the completion requirements to be promoted to full Member.

Some events may be more appropriate for some kinds of characters than others (e.g. if you’re a single officer by yourself, it may not be logical to do a starship readiness inspection). Make sure to select what’ll work best for you!

  • Observing Officer Evaluation - attend an RP event with an Argo crew and ask any other attending character to write an IC evaluation of your character’s performance. You can repeat the process with different crews and multiple evaluations will count towards your total.

  • Baseline Psychological Assessment - complete an RP session with an Argo counselor. The counselor will write an IC evaluation of your character. This option is only available for Starfleet/Federation and Republic characters.

  • Baseline Medical Assessment - complete an RP session with an Argo medical officer. The doctor will write an IC evaluation of your character.

  • Starship General Readiness Inspection - complete an RP inspection of your character’s starship with a Fleet Command authority or DS13 engineer. The inspector will write an IC evaluation of your character’s ship. This option is only available for starship captains.

  • Regional Orientation Briefing - attend an RP briefing event on Argo’s area of operations hosted by Command, Intelligence, or the Diplomatic Corps. This event will provide you (and your character) with an overview of the IC situation in our local area and an opportunity to ask questions and offer suggestions.

  • Submit An After Action Report - participate in a mission RP and provide an After Action Report on the event after it happens. If an AAR is already submitted for an event you attended, you can always provide an ‘Addendum’ report that provides your character’s perspective specifically.

    • Please note that if you complete both an Observing Officer Evaluation and an AAR of the same event, only one of them will count towards your task list total (i.e. no double dipping).

Please note that you (the initiate) do not specifically need to complete all of these within your first 30 days. Just be aware that even after you pass your first 30 days smoothly, we won’t be able to promote you until you’ve participated in at least three events.

If you’re having trouble finding opportunities to complete your tasks, please feel free to contact the staff group and we’ll be happy to help you get sorted!