Roster Synchronization & Character Applications

Hello Argo!

If you haven’t read the previous announcement yet, you probably missed that I’ve returned to staff as part of the structural changes. I highly recommend you go give that news post, and the accompanying role post, a read if you haven’t already. I’m thrilled to be back and looking forward to keeping the lights on.

My first major task upon returning was to synchronize accounts everywhere Argo exists. In short, Argo exists in three ‘major’ spheres: Star Trek Online, Discord, and Discourse. Our members have accounts in each of those spheres. While two of those three are great at managing internal permissions and grouping, not one of them talks to each other. Synchronizing involves doing a line by line look at member accounts to make sure everyone has proper permissions across all three spheres. A member, for example, should hold that role on discord, have characters at that rank in-game, belong to our in-game ArgoChat channel, and be in the Argo group on our forums.

As of this post the majority of the synchronization is complete. We’ve noticed that many of you have yet to fill out a character application for your alts. This serves as the new version of your character registry thread. We input to the roster from here, track character changes such as promotions and awards, and use it to communicate other important information about your character. We’re implementing a deadline of Sunday, 31 January to complete your character applications. Any characters that do not have a submitted character app will be removed from the fleet in-game. If the deadline passes and you want your character reinvited, all you have to do is fill out the character application for a reinvite.

Please keep in mind you only need to complete the first six inputs for characters that are already in the fleet. This should speed up the process considerably. If you have any questions, please contact an OOC Admin and we’ll get them answered.


Argo Staff


Hello, Argo.

You have a little over two weeks to complete any outstanding character applications. Characters without a registry will be removed from the fleet come February. Please contact fleet staff if you have any questions.