Staff structural changes

Hullo, Argo.

To go along with today’s little IC announcement comes some OOC shifts. Over the past couple months, staff has been working towards restructuring the workload in logical and more manageable ways. To that end, starting from today, we’re effectively splitting fleet management into two distinct divisions: (1) OOC Administration and (2) Roleplay Staff. A full explanation of these ranks and their responsibilities can be found on our new(ly revised/posted) rank explanations page that will be posted very shortly.

As the player of the fleet CO, Quint will be moving to be Roleplay Staff and will be joined by Sam (current player of the fleet XO) and Lauren (current player of the starbase CO), bringing the total staff there to three. This is not necessarily going to be the final number, depending on how we feel it’s working and any new decisions regarding IC structure that might be forthcoming.

Aev has also kindly offered to rejoin the staff on the OOC Administration side, so we will be welcoming him back in that capacity, although he will continue to share some duties on the Roleplay Staff side as well (as JSI Commander Miral).

We’ll be taking time today to make all the necessary changes technically, so please bear with us as you see people shifting roles/permissions in various places.

Please note that some changes include modifications to the Initiate rank, but these will only start to apply to any new initiates that are accepted after today, so any current Argo initiates as of this posting may safely ignore them. (Although they are fun, so you should consider doing them anyway. :x )

Thank you all for your continued participation in our fleet and RP.