Oct 10/11 | White Army, Purple Baroness

With the coup fast approaching, a crack team of intelligence officers, a MACO, and who knows what else is being dispatched to Isep Xedi in a race against time.

Shift Time: Gamma

Audience: SEMI-OPEN
The people explicitly outlined in the communique are allowed to come. Also, any intelligence officers, regardless of them being on the station or stationed on a ship. If you’re interested in intelligence-related rp, feel free to join in. Please PM me first before the event starts though, so we’re on the same page.

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Let’s try Bajor. If that doesn’t work, we can do the fleet colony world.

This’ll be a two-parter. Once on Saturday, and again on Sunday.


This is today at gamma!


Update: We’re using the fleet colony world, not Bajor!