[OPEN] Security Case File: The Yeoman's Gambit

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LT Blake, K.

Case File

LOCATION Event Horizon Lounge, Deep Space 13

OUTCOME Case Still Under Investigation

• CMDR Amelia Samaras, Executive Officer, U.S.S. Endeavour NCC-98500
• LT Sera Valore, Administrative Yeoman, Deep Space 13
• LTJG Serris Zital, Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Mariner NCC-74671 (Witness)
• ENS Ersa, Artim, Forensic Specialist, Deep Space 13 (Witness)

At BETA+0045 on the evening of 20th December 2419, Commander Samaras and Lieutenant Valore approached the bar at the Event Horizon Lounge. Both were reported to be visibly and audibly agitated about the appointment of the new Executive Officer of the 38th Fleet, believing that we are headed for inevitable war.

During this exchange, there was allegedly some physical contact between Commander Samaras and Lieutenant Valore, with at least one glass of wine was consumed by Commander Samaras according to witness statement. This interaction quickly became personally and emotionally charged, with the officers “exchanging barbs” and blaming each other for the situation. Commander Samaras is alleged to have approached Lieutenant Valore aggressively and squared up, exchanging a few more words before physically shoving Lieutenant Valore out of her way to leave the lounge.

Initial Witness Statement and Communication Log

NEXT STEPS We must ascertain the exact cause of this alleged assault between Starfleet officers in particular the motive and determine whether the allegations constitute a breach of professionality and be referred to appropriate parties as necessary.

We must;

  • Interview Lieutenant Valore and determine the details of the incident
  • Interview Commander Samaras and determine the details of the incident
  • Interview Lieutenant Zital and determine the details of the incident

  • Please tackle these objectives as a priority, this report will be updated with any information as we get it.

    OOC Just a little something to keep all the notes together for security characters involved in tracking down the cause of this attack. It is a wiki post, so all can edit to update their findings and the state of the case as they take it on. This event is GMed by @Valore

    Interviewing Officer:
    LT Blake, Kara

    Interview Details

    NAME Sera Valore
    ALIAS None known
    RESIDENCE Deep Space 13
    DATE OF BIRTH December 4th 2391
    AGE 29
    GENDER Female
    SPECIES Vulcan
    AFFILIATION Starfleet
    Subcom. CAPT Bishop, Samuel A.

    DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT The Lieutenant was not injured in the incident.
    According to the Lieutenant, “I can categorically state that nobody shoved in recent times.”

    Valore: “If you are referring to my conversation with Commander Samaras, yes. Quite frankly, you should have just come out with it. We entered into a conversation in which we established considerable sympathy for each other, social networking that would mutually improve morale to know that we are more similar than we appear, despite our different backgrounds. The conversation ended in us establishing considerable understanding of each other.”
    I explained to the Lieutenant I wished to approach the situation with a neutral state of emotion, to wish Lieutenant Valore reminded me she was Vulcan.

    When asked about Captain Bishop’s appointment “I think that the appointment raises new challenges that the Office of the Admiralty must, and shall, rise to meet.”

    I asked Lieutenant Valore if she had met Commander Samaras before the events of last evening, to wish she stated “Occasionally. I was, now and again, loaned out to the Endeavour for specific missions. We also infrequently saw each other on the station.”

    Interviewing Officer:
    LTJG Beles, Eshka

    Interview Details

    NAME Amelia Maddalena Samaras
    ALIAS None known
    RESIDENCE U.S.S. Endeavour, NCC-98500
    DATE OF BIRTH April 18, 2388
    AGE 31
    GENDER Female
    SPECIES Human
    AFFILIATION Starfleet
    Subcom. CAPT Bishop, Samuel A.

    DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT According to the Commander, her physical contact with Lieutenant Valore was accidental, and she only learned about it during a more relaxed encounter at the same location a few days later.

    “We were both at the ramp, and were surrounded by everyone else who had decided to insert themselves into this. That’s why we decided it wasn’t a good place to discuss this. I moved to leave, but given everyone’s close proximity, I must have stumbled into Sera as I walked past. I didn’t even notice it at the time, it was only when I met Sera later, she told me that I made contact with her.”

    Commander Samaras indicated that her frustration was due to recent changes in the fleet’s command structure, and that she believed Lieutenant Valore shared those concerns. She denied blaming or holding the Lieutenant responsible: “I don’t think that, of all the people in the fleet, the lieutenant would have suggested Captain Bishop as a replacement.”

    Commander Samaras acknowledged having consumed one glass of wine, but stated that it was synthehol and she was not inebriated.