Personal Logs; Sovum, Veneela

Personal Log, Stardate 97570.5.

This is my first one. I have always avoided these in fear of what would happen if someone got hold of them. Use it to hurt me, or my family. Since reporting to 38th Fleet ‘Argo’ as part of my first official duty station within Starfleet, things have been steadily busy. From my first night reporting to today, I have been on a few away teams, been to Risa for shore leave, and have filed more reports than I care to remember. But another strange yet happy coincidence happened. I met a Romulan. In the interest of security, I won’t use names. But it has been quite eye-opening to finally get to talk to one of my own and learn about my culture. I always cursed my parents for refusing to teach me, and despite their best efforts to ‘shield’ me from the Romulan ways of life I have been now offered help by another, a Vulcan.

If only they could see me now. I doubt they think I made it through, they probably believe I’m on earth somewhere right now, fooling around with humans, getting into trouble like at the colony, and wasting my life away. None here have seen the anger I do my best to hold back, for the most part, it’s been pleasant, nobody has really given me cause to become angry. Though I worry what they would think If I did.

In happier news, I was offered a full transfer aboard a starship, though with the stipulation I complete Med School. A program I began the entrance portion to the moment we returned from shore leave.
“Chief Medical Officer Sovum” has a particular ring to it. And I know I would love to help the crew of this particular ship in their missions abroad. There was another ship I was interested in going to, however, after some…beautiful events during shore leave, it’s best if I don’t. It would be the very epitome of a conflict of interest and I don’t wish to put myself or anyone else in that position, no matter my feelings for them.


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Personal Log, Stardate 97605.1

Hello, My name is Veneela Sovum, and I am an ensign for Starfleet.
The log begins in Romulan

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I have dived headlong into studying the spoken and written language of my people. Aided by Commander Valore in this endeavor the coursework has been challenging yet insightful. I consider myself fortunate that my leadership has given me this opportunity and I won’t dare waste it.
A youthful grin of pride soon follows

Speaking of opportunities, I have been invited to attend a medical conference on the planet Betazed. Though I am beyond excited for this, the thought of being at a conference where locals can read my mind is a bit intimidating. It’s bad enough Captain Mirazuni lectures me from time to time for some of my thoughts with Drake.

Drake…erm, Captain Tungsten…
Her cheeks flush as her chest rises and falls with a deep breath in and out

I and the Captain have developed something of a…casual relationship, intimate sure, but nothing that I would classify as… ‘the one’ or anything else so…cliche. I care for him, and he cares for me, but neither of us is so arrogant to admit that any future we may have surely would hurt the other. For now, we are merely enjoying the company of each other.

The Romulan pauses to look over her shoulder for a brief moment before the recording ends

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Personal Log, Stardate 97670.5

Well, here we are. I have completed the coursework for Romulan culture and oral and written Rhiannsu.
Ven holds up a PADD showing her final score of 90% on her exam in a proud manner

I spoke to Commander Valore yesterday about the next steps, and while her words of continuing support humble me and make me genuinely excited, her words of caution give me pause for concern.
I am not so ignorant to believe every single Romulan is a trustworthy and noble individual, the stories of the Tal’Shiar that even my mother and father told me as a child is a testament to that. But she now has tested my ‘loyalty’ in our meetings twice. I feel like one of those ancient human records when I continue to tell her I am an officer of Starfleet first and a Romulan second. I may smile and joke and have a good time, but that’s because I enjoy what I do. Every day is a new challenge, and in the medical field, those challenges sometimes can be life and death.

Enjoying what I do and using my heritage as a means to further my career are two separate things. The Romulans she may have dealt with in the past may think that way, but I am not one of those. Furthermore, she has got me thinking, despite being a new Ensign of Starfleet, what life would be like after Starfleet. What if I chose to join the Romulan Republic? Would I be labeled a traitor simply for wishing to serve my own people?

I bring all of this up because out of all of our meetings, yesterday I didn’t feel like I was speaking to Commander Valore as an Ensign, or rather I didn’t feel like I was regarded as an officer, but as a child, needing to be protected and nurtured. I acted in a professional manner, but every moment I sat before her, I felt this…frustration rising.

Ven pauses as obvious anger had begun to overtake her normally warm features.

Perhaps this is compounded by the looks I received from one of the new Medical Staff last week when she reported for her first day of duty.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a Romulan before” Ven tries her best to imitate Lt. Naderi’s voice with a soft roll of her eyes.

Why does Captain Nimitz or Commander Davin or any one of the other Romulans from the detachment receive these comments or these looks? It can’t be because I am wearing a Starfleet uniform, can it? Surely not because Captain Nimitz doesn’t receive this type of treatment.

Ven lets out a sharp sigh while rubbing at her forehead, genuinely upset

The worst part about all of this is I know these comments won’t stop once I start interacting with more Romulans, I won’t be seen as a Romulan, I will be seen as a Starfleet Officer, I won’t be seen as a woman trying to connect with her heritage, I will be seen as an outsider, suspicious and worthy of being kept at an arm’s length. Still, the notion of meeting this Romulan whose name escapes me currently has me excited. I just hope I am not being used in some type of political game. I want to know what it means to be a Romulan, why other Romulans are so proud of their heritage, I just want to fit in somewhere outside of being an Ensign in Starfleet.

The log unceremoniously stops there

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Computer, begin recording Personal Log Sovum, Veneela Stardate 97916.7

Ven paces back and forth in front of her computer in her quarters wearing seemingly replicated Romulan attire. Square shoulders come to a small point upwards on her jacket while a belt housing a pouch with a tricorder and an empty holster for a disruptor wraps around the officer’s right thigh. Inhaling as she stands there, Ven throws her arms up with a small smile.
“I got some of the designs from subspace messages with my mother, who was…reluctant to share them with me. But in the end, did so once I brought up my desire to go to Mol’Rhian.”
She states as soft ancient Terran music plays in the background
Going to the closet she retrieves her dress uniform and proudly displays the new rack of awards on them. “This happened. I didn’t expect any of them, especially the Legion of Honor…I’m unsure what I did to deserve that or who even put me in for it.” she states before setting the dress uniform down and taking a seat.
“Over the course of the last few days my life has changed, sort of. I finally got to stand on the bridge of a warbird. It wasn’t for very long. But the entire experience will last a lifetime. All I know is once I have can take leave I am heading home, to Mol’Rhian, or, as some call it “New Romulus” If not the Commander I met at the awards ceremony named Nathes, I very well may have assumed Commander Valore wanted someone to travel with me merely to report on my activities. But I know now, the Commander wishes to protect me, even if to avoid an incident with the old empire.”
Ven lets out a sigh and smiles. “I’m excited about the future, no matter where that may take me.”

“Computer, end recording…”


The Quarters appeared empty as music played on loop. It seemed as though it was supposed to be a log.

In view was an empty bottle, save for a few sips of the light blue liquor the Ensign had ordered with the ice cream. Among the blaring music, the sounds of dogs whimpering soon could be heard as one of the good bois bumps into where ever the Ensign had placed the camera. The nudge was enough however to bring the ensign in view, as Tardis seemed to be nudging the unconscious Ensign with a cold nose and a second bottle of the notorious blue liquid actively spilling onto the floor…


((With Permission from Ven))

As Tardis continues to nudge the poor bean, the larger dog steps over. With some minium effort they work together to roll Ven over on her side. As Willy, the Rottweiler, sniffs and lets out a boofing bark, the smaller alien dog with blue fur almost trots over towards Willy, leaping up and biting down on the collar. It begins to beep and light up a red light. Once done, Tardis will step over towards the door and lay down, while Willy lays down on the floor, to help support Ven laying down on her side, he wines a bit as he sadly sets his head down on the floor.

For several minutes, not much happens, aside from Willy shifting every so often to make sure Ven is still breathing and laying on her side. He also rests his stout on her head. Soon after, the doorbell rings out, Tardis leaps up into action as he pushes a chair around to reach up and paws at the panel to open the door, and a pair of legs with black pants walk in. The per of legs stop in front of Ven, and a sigh is heard, a trace of disappointment? Ether way, soon after, the legs walk off, followed by the sounds of a replicator activating is heard, and a towel is dropped onto the floor where the blue liquids is puddled. The Legs then kneel down, still not giving a clear view of the person, but the olive green skinned hands, a left hand with faded and faint burn scars and the right almost untouched, reach out to tuck a pillow under Ven’s head. Willy stands up without a command and walks around as a blanket is laid over Ven’s body to keep her warm before Willy licks her face and lays back down, letting his body heat aid the blanket. Meanwhile, Tardis, looking almost as smug as a dog can muster, stretches and climbs up ontop of Willy and lays down.

The pair of legs almost begin to walk off before they turn around and step closer to the recording device, they kneel down to pick it up, showing the face of Captain Nimitz, his eyes seemingly almost sadden with worry as he reaches up his hand to deactivate the recording device.

/End of Log/


“Computer, begin recording.”

The camera moves to the smiling Ensign as she sat at her desk within her quarters holding a hypo

"Begin medical log entry stardate 98057.4,

Over the course of the last few months, it has come to my attention that several humans within my immediate care are addicted to one stimuli or the next. Be it a chemical addiction like the drug nicotine common on earth called cigarettes or an entertainment addiction prevalent among holosuite programs. Though the latter can be addressed by other suitable departments, I began researching what I could do to assist a few other junior officers ween off the dangerous drug that at one point was quite common to be purchased almost anywhere on Earth.


  1. Assist Junior officers in the short term in slowing their nicotine intake
  2. Develop a sustainable long term plan custom fit to the needs of individuals to eradicate the use of nicotine entirely

Guidance on the nature of acceptable contributions can be found in Previous works going back to the 2370’s

Subject: Ensign Murphy, Adelaide (@Adelaide )
Vitals: Subject shows decreased lung capacity when attempting to inhale for longer than three seconds

Review of Physiological Systems

Section Status Comment
HEENT NAD Responses normal.
Respiration AD Responses below normal.
Cardiovascular NAD Pulse and pressure within normal limits.
Abdominal NAD NBS, all scans clear.
Extremities NAD Responses normal.
Neurological NAD Patient was coherent, coordinated and responsive WNL.

Section II: Treatment:
Together with Lt. Jameson, Sarah, we researched and synthesized an ancient antidote from Earth to help combat the Ensigns addiction. The original method of delivery came in the form of patches. We were able to replicate the formula into its base variant and create something suitable for use of hypospray deliverability.
Given the Ensign all of the information that this was experimental I received permission to begin tests on stardate 98057.4 and injected Ensign Murphy with 21mg of Nicotine to be released over the period of twenty-three hours.
Further data is required before objective findings can be published, but the initial outlook of the patient was hopeful and optimistic.

“Computer end medical log.”

Ven lets out a sigh and sits back in her chair. Now all she had to do was wait for Murphy to give her the data she desperately needed. Inhaling and letting it out slowly the young Romulan rises to her feet and begins to remove her civilian attire to head into sickbay to start her day.


Ven rarely pampered herself. Her schedule usually didn’t allow for it. A sonic shower in the morning after a quick workout on the holodeck, a quick breakfast in the morning, and a longer than normal bath at night to soothe and relax. But tonight was special. Her first test of the new semester and she had aced it. To Celebrate the Romulan had done something she had been meaning to for months but had just never got around to it.

“Computer, play Sovum playlist 2” she states as she walks to her desk to pick up some nail polish

|| Music ||

“Sovum playlist commencing, volume forty five percent.” The computer states in his usual monotonous tone.

Ven lets out a sigh as she sits on her bed sporting grey pants, a pink sports bra, and a black towel wrapped around her head. Smiling she proceeds to paint her toenails a nice Azure color bobbing her head to the rhythm of the song. It was little moments like this the young Romulan cherished. No calls from sickbay despite her comm badge open and on the nightstand nearby. No homework or appointments to make, a free night off all to herself. The silence however didn’t last long as her computer beeped with the holographic message of an incoming subspace call. It had been all to herself. Seeing the icon though the Ensign’s eyebrow raised as she grabbed her nail polic and proceeded to her desk walking on her heels

“Computer lower music, answer the call,” she states slightly straining.

The screen pops up with an older, stoic face of a Romulan woman with short shoulder-length curly hair as Ven makes it to her seat.

“Mother?” Ven states in a half-shocked manner.

Mamek smiles slightly and bows her head. “Jolan’tru pænhe,” she states before smirking. “Apologies, I forgot. Hello my daughter,” she replies with subtle sarcasm.

Ven smiles and shakes her head. “Kiuu mnek’nra?” she replies with the same hint of sarcasm though she understood her mother didn’t know she could speak Rhiannsu yet.
Mamek blinks and gently recoils. “Ah, yes well everyone is well…Starfleet really has been doing you some good haven’t they?” she asks in a gentler tone.

Ven nods up and down “They have yes, but they aren’t the only ones.” she replies warmly “I’ve made friends…Romulan friends. From the Republic.” she states proudly.
Mamek smiles and places a hand on her chest. “My hædl, all grown up. Look at you. You’ve become quite a woman since you left.” she states proudly.
“Please mother, it’s only been four years,” Ven replies folding her right leg under her left. “Where’s my father?” she questions.
“He’s right here,” she states waving off-screen. “And we aren’t getting any younger you know,” she replies.
Ven chuckles as her father comes on screen. Balding with some silver in his otherwise raven-colored hair. “Jolan’tru, di’ranov.” Ven states bowing her head in a respectful manner.
Rokum looks to his wife before placing an around her shoulder and bowing his head. “Yes, erm, Jolan-tru. I suppose I should call you mamn now huh?” he questions with a bright smile.

Ven laughs and shakes her head “No, you don’t.” she replies “How’s uh little Relona doing? or Sara?”
she questions.
Both of her parents smile “You haven’t spoken too us since your graduation and you want to talk about your childhood friends?” Her mother is the first to reply.
Ven shrugs. “No? I guess not.” she replies biting her lip.
“What did I tell you about that? veruul Sorra, you’re going to give yourself sores again, do you remember that time we needed that Starfleet doctor to treat that?” Her father gently scolds before letting out a sigh. “Sara is fine, she took over for you at the market and runs it now, and Relona joined up with the Republic, something about being inspired by this hotheaded Romulan who wanted to make a difference in the galaxy.” he replies smiling softly
Ven smiles warmly at that and bows her head. “Please, if you speak to either one of them-”
“Yes, we know how to reach you now. Did you know that despite there being very few Romulans in Starfleet, tracking you doing was quite difficult.” her father replies cutting her off.
“Ah yea, sorry about that. I’ve been a bit busy.” Ven replies “Well, I think im allowed to say this, but I have some shore leave coming up. I’m going to Mol’Rhian before I go, maybe I can stop by.” she replies smiling.
“Of course we would like that. So long as the terrans won’t mind. I still don’t trust them,” Her father states as Mamek gently slaps his shoulder. “I know i know, old habits.” he replies letting out a sigh.
“You mentioned you had made friends with some republic types. Have you seen your cousin Salil yet?” he questions.
Ven shakes her head. “No, I’ve been hoping one day he would dock at the station. last we spoke he wasn’t happy I was joining Starfleet.” she replies shrugging. “I can’t be angry at him though.”
Ven’s mother nods in agreement. “Eventually you two will have to work that out. Wouldn’t do well at the dinner table if you two pull disruptors out to kill each other.”

Ven smiles and rolls her eyes. “Mother please, Starfleet and the Republic work together, mostly.” she replies “I’m sure it was mostly because I wasn’t serving our people directly. Seems to be the common theme among the others I’ve met. Some are genuinely surprised,” she replies warmly “You would not have to worry about me pulling a disruptor out, especially at the dinner table…outside though, well thats a different story.” she replies laughing “I’m joking!”
Both of her parents give her a look and chuckle “We miss you Sorra. we’re glad to see you so well and vibrant. Everything is well on your end?” her mother replies.

Ven nods as she unwraps the towel from her head thankful neither one of them had mentioned it before to reveal she had cut her hair, shoulder-length. Because it was still damp her raven locks curled upwards in a silky direction as she ran her fingers through it.

“Everything is well yes. I’m on my second year of Medical school. I was told today that I am well on my way to a bright future.” she replies proudly. “When I’m not on duty I have friends I spend time with, or I’m with my erm, e’lev.” she replies blushing. “His name is Drake, a Terran,” she states leaning back in her chair

This drew a surprised blink from both of her parents. “Well, when do we get to meet this Drake?” Her mother questions not so subtly jabbing her father in the side as he chuckles. “ow.”

Ven knew her father wouldn’t approve but he seemed to be taking the news better. Perhaps because they hadn’t spoken in so long. Inhaling Ven shrugs. “I’m not sure, his schedule and mine sometimes make things difficult.”
“Well, make time. I want to meet this man.” Her father replies plainly. “Is he good to you at least?”

Ven smiles once more feeling her cheeks flush. “He is, yes. I think I love him,” she replies
Rokum grumbles some and nods. “If he’s good to know then, everything is how it should be,” he replies kissing the side of his wife’s head. “I have to go help Nelos with some crops before the sun goes down. Jol hwi arhem. Sorra.”
“I love you too, di’ranov.” Ven states warmly as she bows her head once more. “Please take care.”

Rokum bows his head too before waving and walking off frame. Following her husbands movements for a moment she smiles and looks back at the camera. “It was good to see you again Sorra. If you get free time, bring yourself and this Drake with you home. We can have dinner on the balcony and you can see your old friends.”

Ven smiles and nods in agreement. “I’ll see what we can’t come up with. And now that you know how to get in touch, I’ll call you every so often. I promise.”
“You better, Your father threatned Starfleet with a formal complaint if they didn’t release to him where his daughter was serving.” she replies clearly not joking.
Ven sighs making a mental note to send a subspace to apologize later. “I’ll call you over the weekend then?” she questions.
Mamek smiles and nods. “I would like that.” she replies pressing her fingers to her lips and then the camera. “Y’hhau Sorra, sleep well.”
Ven mirrors her mother “Y’hhau.” She replies before the video cuts out.

Exhaling Ven looks at her toes and the obviously dry polish and lets out a sigh. As much as she had been avoiding her parents she had missed them. Getting up from her chair she walks over to the bed running her hand over the framed Romulan Empire flag that lay tattered inside.

“Computer, skip the paused song and play next in the queue.”
The computer repeats the order as Ven begins humming to the song’s guitar.


“Computer, begin personal log.”

The video cuts on to Ven wearing Romulan pants, footwear, and a bomber-Esque jacket dyed green with the reflective Romulan squares found abundantly in Romulan fashion. The patch over the left breast bears the Republic flag and the Ensign wearing it bears an even brighter smile. Taking off the jacket, she reveals the light blue medical shirt normally worn under her Starfleet jacket before ensuring the comm badge is secured in place before taking a seat in front of the camera.

“I have so much I want to say, so much I want to express.” she starts before pausing and taking a deep breath.
“I owe a debt of gratitude to my commanding officers for allowing me to take time off to attend the Medical conference on New Romulus, or as it’s known in my people’s language, Mol’Rhian. I also owe Wing Commander Miral a personal thank you for inviting me to the conference to begin with. As the Wing Commander eluded to in the original invitation, exploring my Romulan culture even for just a few days was beyond rewarding. I ate things…saw things, and certainly learned things I never would have dreamed of experiencing without this invitation.”

Ven pauses and looks at her hands as another bright smile spreads over her lips. “For the first time in my life, I experienced what it felt like not being stared at for the color of my blood, or the complexion of my skin. I was stared at for wearing a uniform not many Romulans would dare, or hope to wear. But once that uniform could come off, and I could slip into Mol’Rhians markets, dining locales, and social areas…I was just another Romulan on a planet doing its best to regain its footing after Ch’Rhian met its grizzly end.” she finishes with a sigh.
“It felt great not to have the weight of my own people on my shoulders for once.” Smiling at the camera now, Ven silently shakes her head. “In the coming days, I’m sure I will do a medical log and dump all of the lessons I learned, the advice I received, and the data I was given to comb through, study and improve. Not only as a Romulan, but as an Officer, and hopefully soon to be Doctor in Starfleet.”

Pausing Ven looks at her hands for a moment and smiles
“Computer End Log.”


To say the midnight oil was burning would be a bit of an understatement. Several empty cups of Raktijino rested on an end table nearby as Ven yawns deeply before taking a sip of the full cup she had in her hand. Rubbing at her eyes, The Romulan frowns as she lets out a sigh.
“Okay, computer, one last time. Display records for patient Noviak, Crewman.” Ven states setting her cup down.
The Computer beeps and pulls up the file
Ven leans forward and begins to swipe to look at the death certificate that the facilitator had included in the lesson plan. This was possibly the one subject she didn’t feel ready for, informing someone of a loved one passing, practice, or otherwise.
The moment however was broken as her subspace chirps and an Orion looking just as haggard and exhausted as Ven offers the Romulan a small, if not relieved smile.

“Oh, Lieutenant Jessu, what an unexpected surprise.” she greets leaning back in her chair.

Jessu, moves some orange-colored hair out of her view and huffs.
“Girl, we are off duty, it’s just Jess at this hour.” she replies letting out a sigh after a momentary pause, “You don’t know how relieved I am to see you still up. Tell me you are done already?” she asks leaning forward.

Ven blinks mildly surprised and simply shakes her head. “No, I was actually about to start it. I even spoke to a colleague of mine earlier but that didn’t help.”

Jess lofts an eyebrow as a teasing smirk spreads over her lips, “What’s this? the great Ensign Sovum struggling with an assignment?”

Ven chuckles keeping herself from spitting Raktijino everywhere as her torso convulses with the giggles. “More common than you think,” she replies letting out a sigh. “I just don’t know what I’d say at that moment. Especially if I didn’t know the patient, you know personally,” she replies rubbing her temples.

Jess hums and picks up the PADD she was talking to Ven on and flops on her bed propping her head up with her arm. “Practice on me.”

Ven blinks at the notion and scoffs “What? no, I couldn’t. Wouldn’t Commander Stewart consider that a form of cheating?”

Jess looks up and shrugs. "Maybe, but he also said, “Medicine is a science, one that is best practiced when clear open communication is established among colleagues, both in and out of Starfleet.” she recites in a gruff voice to emulate the commander.

Ven mouths the final portion as if they had both heard that monologue several times throughout their time in med school. Huffing she droops her head in mock defeat and nods. “Fine. give me a case.”

Jess claps and sits up in an excited manner “Oh yay! Okay, uhhhh hmm, me! Oh! Yes, I am dead and you have to deliver the news to my mum.” she states pausing for a moment as her eyes go wide in horror she holds up an index finger. “Oh! Salune! That’s my mums name.”

Ven lets out a sigh and nods in agreement as she sits up a bit straighter and clears her throat.
“Yes uh, Miss Salune, I have contacted you today as it with great regret that I must inform you of Lieutenant Jessu’s-”

“Bah bah bah.” Jess cuts in extending out her finger. “That’s too professional, you may as well hide that ridge on your head cause you sounded Vulcan.” she half-jokes. “Remember the reading. You want to do this in an informal manner, blunt yes, but empathetic.”

Ven frowns and nods. “Right, informal,” she repeats

Jess extends her hands in a curl. “Continue.”

Ven inhales and gently nods. “Right, uh Missus Salune, it is with the deepest remorse and one of my least favorite parts of my job where I must inform you that your daughter, Jessu, or as we called her in the Infirmary, Jesse, passed this morning from complications of a wound she sustained in service to Starfleet.”

Jess immediately scoffs and pretends to be crying as a hand goes to her chest. “My baby? No this has to be a mistake, My Jess was…IS a doctor, surely Starfleet wouldn’t put her in a position where she could be hurt!”

Ven frowns and tilts her head. “Jess…”

The Orion breaks character long enough to shake her head. “No no, this is good, I saw the CMO just go through this a few days ago, I swear its realistic.”

Ven inhales deeply and clears her throat. “Yes well Miss Salune, sometimes accidents happen and I just want to say on behalf of all of my medical staff how truly sorry we are for your loss.”

Jess beams brightly and waves her off. “I could go on and on as this poor woman did, but honestly, I think you have the hang of it,” she replies warmly.

Ven on the other hand was not so enthused. “I don’t know Jess, My greatest fear is someone alerting my mother and father to my untimely passing, I can’t begin to think about who I may have to talk to in the future about this.”

“So, don’t think about it VenVen.” The Orion replies. “Look at you. you’re killing these tests, Commander Stewart has already said you’re well on your way. AND you even got to go to New Romulus for a medical Conference. That’s like, big. I know two doctors who were dying to go but couldn’t. This, as Terrans say, is the sucky part of the job. And like the text says you probably won’t even see your first report like this for a few years. No use stressing over what ifs now. Just take a breath and essentially respond to the assignment how you just did to me.”

Ven listens intently and smiles bowing her head. “You’re a good friend Jess, thank you.”

The Orion waves it off and leans back. “Think nothing of it. Now, how is your boyfriend?”

Ven frowns and shakes her head. “I uh, don’t think that’s going well.”

Jess merely nods in a gentle manner. “Go get some sleep, you have shifted in what? seven hours?”

Ven nods in agreement. “Almost seven and a half.”

“Yes, get out of here, go. and Ven?” Jess pauses holding up her completed assignment. "I did mine three hours ago as we left the planet’s surface.

Ven scoffs “Oh you…” she chuckles. “Okay, you got me, again.”

Jess blows and kisses and waves as the channel cut out. Letting out a sigh Ven removes her white uniform top and strolls over to the bed. She would complete the assignment in the morning. For now, the mattress and her pillow were too inviting to ignore.

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“Computer, play Ven relax list.”

The Computer Chirps before a soft piano starts playing

The Romulan hums the melody as she locks the door to her room and removes her Top and untucks the light blue undershirt from her white pants. Tossing the jacket onto the back of a chair, the removes her shirt to reveal her black and dark green camo-styled sports bra that she had the pattern made for her while doing research on 21st-century earth. With a sigh, the soon-to-be doctor takes a seat and kicks her feet up letting the ambiance of the song help clear her mind. The last few weeks had taken a toll on her, emotionally, mentally, and even physically.

The low of a break-up, followed by the anxiety of if Captain Mirazuni would accept her request to be part of the Endeavour crew. Followed by treatments of patients, both Starfleet and others had worn her down, but none so more than today. Her history was nothing anybody hadn’t heard before. Especially if they were Romulan, but seeing those Klingons suffer like that at the hands of the Federation, the very thought turns her stomach. That could’ve just as easily been her parents.

Frowning, Ven rises to her feet and sits at her computer.
“Call home.”
She says plainly leaning to the side to grab one of her new Endeavour Crew shirts to slip on before her parents answered. It may be okay for humans to talk to others missing articles of clothing, but she knew if her father saw her wearing human clothing there was no star she could go to that he wouldn’t find her and give a lecture.

That thought was short-lived as her mother answered mid-putting on the shirt. Smiling brightly at her daughter and choice of attire she waits patiently “Sorra, it’s so nice to see you!” she states before calling out for her husband.

Ven Smiles and bows her head. “I hope I didn’t wake you or father,” she asks pulling her left leg up on her chair

Mamek shakes her head as her father strolls in view of the Camera. “No no, we were just waking up.” She replies wrapping an arm around her husband

Ven sighs and nods. “Right, I’m on Deep Space Thirteen now, time differences and all.” she replies rubbing her face

“You look exhausted pænhe, is Starfleet making you do everything the Terrans can’t or something?” her Father asks in a not-so-subtle racist jab.

Ven huffs and stares in a silent lecture at her father for a moment. “No, I started my residency…essentially I’m working with a starship medical team as a doctor to be evaluated before I graduate.”

Ven goes silent for a moment and sighs. “I had a rough one today, made me think of you two and just how…lucky we were,” she states smiling

“Lucky?” Her father scoffs. “Well if you’re on a starship maybe have them steer this way and actually take care of your own for once hm?” he replies in a not-so-subtle jab.

Ven cringes at the comment as her Mother looks disapprovingly at the old Romulan. “Rokum, that is no way to bring things up, this isn’t the empire anymore, I’m sure she’s very busy.”

Ven inhales deeply and shakes her head “No it’s fine mother.” she states before looking at her father. “After today, and what i’ve seen others capable of…I’ll do what I can, what is the issue?”

Mamek frowns and looks to Rokum who was silent. “Well, you brought it up…”
Rokum looks at his wife and sighs looking to Ven. “Yes well, it’s just that colonists are getting sick, Romulan, Terran, doesn’t matter. It started a few months ago, the medication they use helps but it only eases the pain.”

Ven sits up and frowns. “Anybody died? What about the starfleet detachment there?” she questions.

“Ha! they were pulled out of the Colony to help patrol the border, or at least that’s what rumors are saying. Personally, I think it’s to protect them…” he states before stopping his sentence. “I know this isn’t the empire anymore, and that Starfleet took you in…im just saying…we need help here, and so far neither Starfleet or the Republic seems to care about this colony…things aren’t what they used to be when you left Sorra.”

Ven frowns and looks at the door half expecting Ayesha or Brie to bust in having listened in to the conversation.

“Talk to whoever you need to talk to, but please…come home.” Her father finishes before walking away.

Ven cringes once more before nodding. “I’ll uh. See if I can borrow a shuttle.” she states watching her father walk off without replying.

“You’ll have to forgive him pænhe, the mines here have been down a few people and with your father a supervisor…he’s had to work double shifts to cover for Terrans and Romulans falling ill.”

Ven shakes her head “No its fine. I’ll uh. I’ll see what I can do okay?”

Mamek smiles and nods. " Thank you Sorra. But first, go get some rest." she states smiling “We’re very proud of you here. Everybody in the colony, hard to think just a few years ago we were certain a penal colony was your future.”

Ven frowns. “Shhh, not so loud. The days of fighting are over for me.” she replies clearly embarassed. “If I do this you have to promise me you won’t tell anybody I was not always this nice.” she replies sternly.

Her mother smiles and waves at the camera. “Go rest Sorra, we’ll speak soon.”

Ven yawns and exhales sharply before nodding. “Y’hhau, ri’ranov. sleep well,” she states waving

Mamek smiles and waves back “Y’hhau, pænhe.” She states before the screen goes black.

Huffing Ven sits looking at the Screen now with the custom-made Federation Logo fading into the Romulan Republic logo she had made and rubs at her head. Her mind was racing, she couldn’t just up and leave the ship…but she also didn’t want to drag others into her own issues. Frowning at this though, Ven yawns as she rises to her feet, she walks to her bed and falls into it. Her shift was in nine hours and it felt like it was in five minutes.


“Computer Lights.”

Ven holds on to the wall as she makes sure the door to her quarters was locked before turning around and starting to remove her Dress Uniform’s top. Valore was right about one thing, once you became slightly intoxicated the uniform got itchy. A smile spreads over her lips as the Romulan stumbles from the closet to the mirror to remove makeup and hair tie. It always astounded her just how intoxicated she got off of just a few Romulan Ale’s.

“Computer, Sovum playlist one, medium volume.” She stumbles out.

Kicking off her dress shoes the Romulan begins to Hum to the song as she continues to scrape the makeup off her face. Smiling once more Ven chuckles in a semi-drunken manner as she places her free hand on the counter giving a shake of her head. Was she really feeling like this after that? After the ceremony.

Of course, she was proud of her friend’s promotions. And even if she knew she wasn’t ready for it yet, seeing them get called and not her had stung just slightly not being right them. Letting out a sigh as she pulls the blue undershirt free, she adjusts the left strap of her bra and begins to sway back and forth as the song continues which brought even more semi-drunken laughter. If Addie could see her singing and dancing, the Romulan knew her friend would never let her live it down.

Finished wiping the pretty-me-up paint from her face, Ven strolls over to the bed and flops down dress pants and all. It was a day of fun, frustration, and pride. But it was a day coming to a close. As the song came to an end the only sound was the ringing from her subspace comms. Which brought a smile to her face. Wait.
Jolting upwards, Ven stumbles towards her computer, using the furniture to keep herself straight. Finally plopping down in her chair she answers the call and waves at her mother looking at the camera with a look of concern in her eyes.

“Hnaev Sorra, do you ever wear clothing?” she questions motioning to her daughter.

Ven looks down and adjusts her bra once more. “It’s a bra mother, and I was laying down when you called,” she replies in a little more of a snippy fashion than usual. It was definitely the ale talking at this point.

Letting out a sigh her mother shakes her head. “Well I’m sorry to call you so late, but I’m worried, have you heard from your cousin at all?”

Ven shakes her head. “I don’t understand why you keep asking me. The last time I saw him was before I joined Starfleet, and that ship he was on used the docking services.” She replies. “I haven’t seen or spoken to me him since.”

“well, you need to use your position and make them tell me where he is.” She states in a lecturing tone.

Ven laughs and shakes her head. “It doesn’t work like that mother.” She replies pinching her nose. “Starfleet cares little of a title being thrown around if they don’t have access to the information you’re trying to obtain.” She states plainly
“Second, and probably most important, I am not going to risk my career on either Starfleet or any future I may have to work with the republic to illegally obtain the information. I will go through my superior officers, if they cannot help I will not press further.”
she states looking at her mother with a lofted eyebrow. “This isn’t the old world mother, I will not threaten someone’s child or their own career to get what I want.”

The last sentence drew somewhat of a facepalm from her mother who seemingly concedes and nods in a deflated manner. “I know pænhe, I know,” she replies placing her hands on her hips.
“You’ll do what you can, just like everyone else. But sometimes, that doesn’t come in time.”

Ven shakes her head “Don’t be melodramatic mother, you told me yourself he was assigned on a new exploration vessel, he’s probably mapping a portion of the galaxy untouched by Romulan hands before.”

Mamek nods in agreement. “Oh perhaps.” she replies smiling. “Go rest, pænhe, you seem tired.”

Ven inhales and nods “Intoxicated mostly,” she replies truthfully. “Today was a promotion ceremony complete with drinks after.”

Her mother smiles kiss her hand and press it to the camera, something Ven emulates. “Goodnight Sorra,” She states softly

“Good night,” Ven replies as the feed goes black.

Leaning back in the chair, the Ensign somehow manages to shimmy her way out of the dress pants and kicks them to the floor before rising to her feet.
“Computer,” she begins as she flops into bed.
“Set a reminder to speak to my chain of command to locate my Cousin, Salil Sovum.”

The computer beeps its acknowledgment as the Romulan drifts into sleep partially under covers, partially not.


“Computer, Begin Personal Log.”

The computer beeps as a happy and flustered Romulan Ensign paces back and forth in front of the view screen. Ven occasionally stops and looks at the screen, repeating this process a few times before taking a deep breath and taking a seat. Wearing Navy Blue cargo pants, black boots and shirt and her Endeavour crew jacket, the Ensign lets out a deep sigh and laughs shaking her head.

“I don’t even know where to begin.” She inhales

“So…I’ve been talking to someone, we’ve been friends for quite awhile. And tonight he kissed me.”

Stating that she flops her head on the desktop and exhales “Like, I’ve had feelings for him for a while, but that he should feel the same…” her voice trails and she shakes her head.
“And I don’t want to hear anything, we are taking this nice and slow.” she continues on before pausing to rise to her feet and get a cup of tea.

“In other news, my clinical aboard the Endeavour is going very well. I’m getting more confident in my diagnoses and really allowing me to focus more on quality of care rather than stressing if I just made a wrong choice,” she states smiling.

“Just a few more weeks left on the Endeavour though, then I will transfer yet again to the Pegasus, where I’m a bit nervous my Romulan heritage will also be evaluated alongside my medical skills.”

Ven smiles and shakes her head. “But I’m still excited for what’s on the next horizon., and of course, I’ll keep you updated,” she states before leaning forward.

“End Log.”


“Computer, Begin recording.”

The camera turns on as Ven takes a seat in a new chair and new quarters. Slipping a new ‘Pegasus’ Shirt over her workout attire she smiles warmly at the camera and inhales while sitting down.

“So uh, its been a while since I did one of these, I know.” she starts looking around. “I guess the thing I’ve learned the most going to a starship is the time I took for granted on Deep Space Thirteen. The hours I could spend on the holodeck, or at the Event Horizon. Sure I can do all of that on a ship like The Endeavour or The Pegasus, but it’s more miniature in scale. Everyone’s shifts are so widely different sometimes its just a simple wave in greeting as you pass each other. Or a quick conversation on the turbolift as you head to your next patient or assignment on the ship.”

Exhaling she looks around before looking back to the camera.

“Sounds like I will be in for more of the same these next few months, but also more with training rotations in between shifts. And one thing I know for a fact is I am out of shape from my time on The Endeavour followed by Risa. Which hardly feels like a vacation, but that is another topic for another time.”

Stopping again Ven pulls back her hair into a ponytail and rises to her feet.

“I got a copy of Nick’s Workout program from him before I reported, and tonight, well. I may be a doctor but I learned recently how much I found some things in life to be invigorating, no football for me tonight.” Ven laughs and waves at the camera.

“I’ll talk more later, for now, goodnight.”

Ven looks around in pride in her quarters once more before nodding.

“Computer, End Log.”


“Computer, Begin log,”

Ven strolls around her quarters for a moment struggling to rip off her uniform jacket and undershirt. The clock on her wall had four simple numbers: 0100.

“Computer,” she half grunts “Play Sovum playlist track 3,” The computer beeps as the Romulan starts bobbing her head to the Bass

(Mood Music)

With a sharp exhale, the Doctor disappears for a brief moment in an adjoining room and pops back into view a few minutes later, dressed in simple basketball shorts and a sports bra carrying a small vial of nail polish. Smiling brightly at the camera as if talking to friends she plops down in her seat and starts painting her toenails as she composes herself.

“You know, they said at the Academy that traveling the universe for days or weeks on end is what many humans dream of. And I suppose its the same for many of the species, there is something liberating and relaxing about being out here, amongst the stars. But its not easy, its isolating and exhausting and stressful. But beyond that…”

She pauses and shrugs. “It’s incredibly depressing when you don’t have any friends. And not because I haven’t tried or that anyone has been overly cruel. I just don’t have the time aboard this vessel to form the bonds like on Deep Space Thirteen or The Endeavour. And that to me is sad.”

Frowning some she shrugs. “I long for the time when I have a few days off from clinicals and boarding training and physical training and appointments, and I can borrow a shuttle, or we dock with DS13 and I can be myself. Not Ensign Sovum or ‘Doctor Sovum’ as many in sickbay have grown to call me. Where I can just be me, Ven. When I can walk up to my boyfriend’s quarters, sleep all day, or cuddle or tell really bad jokes until we pass out watching whatever entertainment we can get.”

Ven shrugs once more focusing on her nails. “There’s been an olive branch or two extended. The Ships XO invited me to dinner one night, but not before instilling the fear of the elements into me. And Captain Nimitz has invited me to train with him tomorrow with phasers, which I gladly accepted. Of all the people I don’t know on this vessel, the Captain is far from one of them. I’ve learned to trust in him to be a source of guidance and strength when all I want to do is crawl into bed and cry.”

Laughing at the thought she inhales deeply and smiles.

“A few more months. Two, to be precise, and I officially graduate from The United Federation of Planet’s Medical school. From there I choose a posting and right now I’ve been struggling to determine if I want to stay on Deep Space Thirteen, or If I want to do a few years aboard a ship, Like The Endeavour. I don’t think a combat ship like The Pegasus is for me. Its not… I don’t know, home. We are out here to do a job and only do a job. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of time for anything other then work, sleep, food, and more work. I don’t know.”

Finishing up she caps the polish and looks to the camera. “I may end up deleting this one, I don’t like to talk about these things normally, but uh. Having no one to vent to has been troubling me.”

“Computer, End Log.”

Ven looks around her quarters for a moment before sauntering over to her bed and climbing in. Keeping the music shuffling as she slowly drifts off to sleep.


From the moment she had taken off from Omega station and jumped into Warp to the time she had offloaded her patient and Engineer from the Runabout and reported to Medical was a haze. She hadn’t spoken to anybody, nor wanted to speak with anyone. She had maintained her professional bearing as an officer as she was given the clearance from Medical having not sustained any injuries that were even noteworthy. But she hadn’t left the familiarity of the biobed since been giving the all clear, instead she watched her patient rest having survived through surgery in the bed across the ward from her.

The man she had considered tossing out of an airlock to save hundreds just a few hours ago. Those hundreds were now either dead or dying because she couldn’t stop the inevitable from coming to pass. Her uniform still smelled of sulfur and sweat. Her hand still gripped an unseen weapon and her mind still spoke unsaid things to Farrain.


Her eyes clenched shut as the sound of the Vulcan snapping his neck replayed in her elongated ears as she stood helplessly watching on. The cries for help and moans of the dying on the promenade drown out the bustle of sickbay even as she’s approached by a colleague telling her to go rest.

She didn’t hear a word that was said or even replies. Ven gets out of bed and lingers in front of the man she had considered throwing out of an airlock. Getting into the turbolift to go to her quarters, she doesn’t remember calling out her deck, or even making it to her room. The sonic shower did little except wash the blood from her hands.

Her roommate was on duty currently which was probably a good thing so she didn’t have to listen to Ven cry as she curled in bed wearing her Starfleet workout clothes. Her PADD rang once, then twice, then three times. Each time Ven continued to cry. She just wanted to be left alone.

Finally, it rang again, but not from any official Starfleet channels. Blindly reaching for it on the shelf she answers the call to be greeted by her cousin.

“Elements Sorra, do you just choose to ign-” Salil stops seeing the state of his cousin and stops.

“Sorra, you look like hell.”

“Thanks, Thalim,” She replies with the minimal amount of effort she can provide.

“What’s wrong?” He questions totally changing his tone from a lecture to compassion

Ven sighs and rolls on her side “I don’t want to talk about it Thalim,” she replies dejectedly.

“Come now, this is the exact moment you use family, yell, scream…curs-”

“I got someone killed, Thalim.” she practically yells before her lip begins to quiver and her eyes clench shut.

“Oh…Sorra, where are you.” He questions “I’ll come to you.”

Silent tears roll down her cheeks once more before the Romulan sniffles and shakes her head. “This isn’t a secure line, you know I can’t tell you that,” she replies

Thalim silently nods and inhales “I’ll send a subnet to your XO, you need to rest.” he states softly.

Ven shakes her head. “No, this happens all the time right? how would it look if I was to take the day off simply because something bad happened, weak is how. No, I have duty in nine hours, and I’ll be there.” she replies defiantly.

“Sorra, let me-”

“Goodbye, Thalim.” she states cutting him off before hanging up and letting the PADD fall out of her hands onto the floor.

Covering her head with her blanket the Romulan starts sobbing once more until she falls asleep.


“Computer, Play Sovum playlist one, fifty percent volume,” Ven states as the computer beeps in acknowledgement
(Mood Music)

As the guitars kick in Ven moves back to the kitchenette in Nick’s room looking over the pasta and white meat that Swifty had procured for her. She had seen cooked chicken before but not raw chicken. Moving over to the PADD the Romulan goes over the recipe considering how to approach it the easiest way possible. Deciding on the poultry first, Ven sets to work per the instructions dicing the meat up into chewable bits before lightly covering the skillet in front of her with a thin amount of oil and dropping the pieces in. Setting the temperature to a medium setting the faint sizzle brings nice aromatics to the room as Loxton walks in.
“What are you doing?” he asks in a perplexed manner.
Ven smiles faintly as the door opens and motions to the swifty-sized bounty of food. “I can’t remember a time when either of us got to eat together without one or both of us feeling stress or anxiety over the war,” she replies simply. “So I decided to try my hand at cooking human food,” she replies with a chuckle as she lightly dances to the rhythm of the song.
Nick chuckles at that and strolls over gently kissing her forehead “You didn’t have to do this.” he replies looking over the ingredients
Ven leans into the kiss and smiles before scooting him away with a gentle hip bump “Swifty gave me this recipe, he said it’s from earth called Chicken Parm, but made in a non traditional single serving bowl form.” she states motioning to the cheese selections “I just didn’t know which of these you preferred so I got a selection.”
Nick looks over the selection of three and picks out one sliding it forward to single it out smiling. “And the music?” he questions with a lofted eyebrow.
“Ah the Music…” she replies pausing to lean over to put away the other two cheese selections in their containers, “Is my own selection, I sort of uploaded the playlist I have on the Endeavour here,” she finishes cheekily.
Loxton chuckles and picks up a set of tongs to flip the chicken as Ven sets to work replicating water for the pot before pouring the water and pasta into the pot placing it on medium heat before letting out a sigh.
“I can see why most tend to prefer to replicate their meals or have Swifty cook it,” she states idly.
“Hm yes, but the taste, once it’s done, is unrivaled,” Nick replies.
Ven beams as she goes to the chair in the living room and removes a bottle of wine from the bag holding it up. “Do you like wine? I couldn’t remember.”
Nick blinks and nods in surprise “I do yes, Ven you really didn’t have to-”
“I wanted to,” Ven cuts him off as she brings it back to the counter for the human to inspect. “Speaking of wanting to, I wanted to return to our conversation about holiday leave. Do you wish to stay here at the station?”


It was seldom the Romulan felt dead on her feet after a shift, but today was one for the record books. Nine appointments, and two codes from an engineering incident. Ven yawned heavily as she opened the door to her quarters and promptly began removing her coat and her uniform jacket as she flops down on her bed.

“Computer,” She pauses waiting for the chirp “Call home,”

The computer does just that which Ven Transfers to her PADD and holds it up in front of her doing her best to muster a smile as her mother appears on the screen.
“Sorra? Hunny, what’s wrong?” Memek asks in a worried tone
“Nothing, ri’ranov…just tired.” Ven replies exhaling sharply “How is everything at home?”
Memek pauses as Ven’s father unsurprisingly gets on screen as well.
“Sorra, what are you doing awake?” he questions
Ven chuckles at the question “Long shift today, di’ranov.”
The aging Romulan harumphs at that and nods a few times. “Well, get some sleep. Don’t worry about us, everything is fine here,” he states as warmly as his tone got.

Ven nods at the news and inhales deeply offering a faint smile. “I’m going to bed soon, I hate going straight to bed after a shift, especially one as big as today.” she replies warmly “It reminds me of big games at the academy.”

“Do you still play?” her father asks brightening up at that. He had been a big supporter when she played football at the colony.

Ven nods as she gets up, and removes the jacket to reveal the medical blue shirt underneath “Yea! my coach gave me a holodeck of one of his favorite stadiums on earth. It’s part of my weekly workout routine to do a shootout against a goalie.” she explains with a chuckle.

Her father smiles at that, a rare expression from the aging Romulan “I’m glad to hear Starfleet affords you time for relaxation and personal care.”
“Of course they do, they aren’t the monsters Tal’Shiar made them seem to be,” she replies hitting a chord that she knows normally riles up her father.
Predictably so, her father ignores the statement and just nods. “Well, as long as you’re happy and safe, that’s what matters.”
Ven lets the awkward silence fall between them, even after their rescue, her father had deep seeded mistrust of humans and more specifically Starfleet.
“Have you talked to your cousin recently?” Her mother interjects to break the forming tension between the two
Ven inhales and nods “Yea, we talked awhile ago for a long while.” she replies
“So you two don’t hate each other again?” her father chimes in
Ven laughs at that and shakes her head as the replicator makes some tea. “No we talked at length about that, it was uh. good to put things in the open as we did.”
“Good” Her father states nodding with approval. “It is good you two have reconciled,” he finishes bowing his head. “Go get rest, Sorra. Thank you for calling.”
Ven smiles warmly and inhales and nods her head. “Thank you, Father. I will I promise.”

As her father leaves the view screen her mother comes back on and eyes Ven trying to make heads and tails of the conversation. “You had to mention the Tal Shiar again?” she asks in a half-scolding Ven.
“Well, when he makes comments like that,” Ven begins
“He does so because you’re his entire world.” Her mother finishes calmly. “He only wants the best for you.”
Ven lets out a sigh “I know.” She replies “I better get to bed, i’ll call again in a few days once we dock at the station.”
Ven’s mother nods “I will look forward to it Sorra, go. Rest.” she replies pressing her fingers to her lips then placing them on the screen, a move which Ven repeats.
Once the video ends Ven lets out a sigh, and chucks her PADD on the seat she was in before unceremoniously flopping into bed. It had been a long day.


It didn’t matter how long she stared at the time on the PADD illuminating her sleep-deprived face, sleep wasn’t coming easy this night. Rolling on her side facing the door to the room, the Doctor lets out a frustrated sigh as her thumb began navigating the various menus going to her contacts to call Loxton before hovering over her cousins name. Despite the last conversation going unexpectedly well there was still some hesitation there.

Huffing realizing he would be angry if she didn’t call, Ven presses the button and waits for the vid to be picked up. When it is a few moments later, Ven couldn’t help loft an eyebrow seeing Salil not in uniform.

“Lieutenant Sovum, an unexpect surprise, what is it I can do for you?” he asks before looking down at the video to see Ven in bed. “Oh, you’re off duty, what are doing awake?” he shifts the question.

“Can’t sleep, thinking about things.” she states softly casually looking up over the PADD as her roomate slept nearby.

“Thinking of what exactly?”

“The war…The Chief.” Ven states her bottom lip quivering.

Salil sighs “Sorra, people die in war, you can’t blame yourself.”

“And yet if I was did…anything…”

“We would not be having this conversation, it would be your mother or father mourning you,” Salil states coldly with a shrug.
“From what I’ve read, that was what your Starfleet calls your personal no-win scenario Sorra, you did what you could and innocents are alive today because of it.”

Ven sighs “I guess, but don’t you think that’s a bit easy for you to say?” she asks

Salil scoffs at the notion. “You don’t think I haven’t experienced loss? Seen fellow Rhiannsu bleeding out before my eyes before?” he chuckles and shakes his head. “Sorra despite all your growth there is still much for you to learn about this galaxy, and me.”

“So you don’t…reflect on what could have been? I’ll admit I don’t know much about the War College but.”

Salil looks down at the camera now and leans in. “I’ll tell you this much rian, if you wallow in self-pity and second guess every command-level choice you make nobody will respect you. There will come a time again, regardless of you being a doctor, when you will have to choose who lives and who dies. I’ve seen it in my own infirmarry. And if you continue to second guess that well, you may as well consider a different career because both the medical profession and Starfleet aren’t right for you.”

Though calm in tone and inflection, it was a lecture that gave Ven pause even though she adjusts the comforter over her form.
"So, I should just move on and forget? Ven asks gently

“No,” Salil replies shaking his head. “You mourn, you honor those you have lost and you continue to serve with distinction. I saw the ceremony report, you are going to have more commendations than me at this rate.” he says in half praise half jest.

“I don’t want any of them,” Ven replies rubbing her forehead. “Ferrain deserves those not me.”

“And im sure his family got what he would have accepted.” he replies pausing for a moment. “Are you drinking still?” he questions.

Unsure if he could see the flask on the shelf behind shoulder, Ven tilts the camera upwards slightly. “No,” she replies though her attempt to lie draws an unpleasant stare in concern.

“Sorra…remember the night I got angry with you?”

“Thalim, I’d really rather not be threatened…” Ven warns

“No, it’s not a threat.” he replies before saying a few unpleasant curses “I got angry with you because despite all your shortcomings growing up, despite all your… misplaced anger, I still was worried about you. You shouldn’t drink to escape the pain Sorra, it’s beneath you. Everything I’ve read about you says you have a bright future, but you can’t continue to be so self-destructive.”

Ven nods and lets out a sigh “I know…I’m pretty sure that’s why I wasn’t promoted.” she states wiping her eyes.

“See? Talk to someone about what you’re feeling. You’re not a Vulcan, or worse a Klingon, you’re allowed to have feelings. But don’t let those feelings destroy everything you’ve worked for.”

Ven nods and hides her eyes as tears begin falling before recomposing herself. “Thanks Thalim, that uh…well that means alot, and uh…I’ll try.”

“Good, and promise me you’ll pour out whatever it is you have in that thing yea? Unless you’d like me to pass a ‘concerned message’ to who is it? Captain Mirazuni?”

“Fdavt, fine. just…don’t do that.” Ven replies.

“Good. Now, go sleep Sorra, go sleep knowing two people are alive today because you put your own life at risk to make sure they got home, and think of them when you begin to doubt yourself.”
Thalim offers a rare smile but doesn’t wait for a reply as the video cuts out.

Letting out a sigh, Ven lets her arm go limp still holding the PADD. She knew he would have alot to say, but nothing as profound as what just occurred. Smiling somewhat, the Romulan lets her eyes close and soon, was fast asleep.


It felt like it had been months since the Romulan had truly relaxed. The War with the Terrans, the loss of the Chief during a mission, and the subsequent time after had wreaked havoc on her psyche. But she simply refused to talk about it, to anybody. Now as she sat in her two-piece lounging near the water as the waves crashed in, the last year was the furthest from the doctor’s mind as she focused on the PADD full of charts.

Though in full vacation mode, Ven refused to stop seeing patients, some still injured and not able to enjoy the festivities like the rest of the Endeavours crew. As she closes one and begins to look at Min’s she couldn’t help but frown thinking of the events that led to him being a patient. Her mind however didn’t have time to dwell as a holocall forwarded from the ship to her PADD vibrates her midsection before she answers it and sheilds her eyes.

“Um, yes hello? Is this Lieutenant Veneela Sovum of the USS Endeavour?” A bubbly, red-haired Orion clearly on a nearby beach inquires.

Ven sorta sits up and nods continuing to shield her eyes “It is yes, who is ask-”
“VEN! It’s Me! Cadet…erm well, Ensign Divini now!” she cuts off the Romulan’s question laughing.

Vens mind wanders for a moment before the memory arrives. " OH HEY! Survival 101 right?" she asks as if to coach the memory into her brain

Divini nods and beams brightly “Yes! We were bridge crew partners for the class!” she replies getting more excited.

“Wow, hey hows it going? This is a nice surprise, what can I do for you Divini?” Ven asks smiling warmly.

“Hey uh sooo I know this is probably the last thing you want to do during our shore leave, but is there a way you can meet me on the south shore…uh my boyfriend got hurt using a floater, and the medical personnel on my ship are slightly intoxicated,” she explains

Ven chuckles and motions to Divini’s image now “It’s okay, I was technically working when you called.” she replies “How did you even know I was here?” she asks sitting on the side of the chair now.

“Oh easy! I overheard a few staff talking about getting your fleets area ready a few days ago.” she replies chuckling “I figured you, Miss sit at Fishermans Whorf, wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to lounge at another beach.” Divini replies with a wide smile

Ven laughs and nods. “Send me your location, you mentioned an injury. Is there blood? any bones sticking out any place unnatural?” she asks getting a general feel for the situation.

“No bones sticking out, but im almost positive his arm is broken.” the Orion replies frowning as she taps on the PADD “Sent you the location.” she replies “See you soon Venny ven!”

Ven smiles warmly “See you soon.” she replies before hanging up.

Inhaling, Ven throws her shirt over her form and grabs the nearby away team kit she had brought to the surface with her. Opening it, she prepares a hypo and the Osteogenic stimulator before looking at the disruptor currently in its holster and frowns. As much as she didn’t want to feel the way she did, prior experience had taught her better. Stowing the holster and disruptor in the small of her back under her shirt, Ven looked around the ensure nobody had seen that she was armed before closing the case and heading to the coordinates Divini had provided her.

Mood Music

A band playing songs the Romulan didn’t recognize set the tone for her as she approached the large crowd of Humans, Vulcans, Tellarites, and Andorians all drinking and dancing, cheering, and a couple kissing in full view of the others on the lounge chairs. Ven’s heartrate immediately spiked as she began to mentally run through avenues of escape, how long it would take to draw the disruptor, and how long until security showed up, hopefully. Putting the worst out of her mind for now she sharply exhales and looks around for Divini.

She didn’t have to look around long as the Orion sprinted full speed to Ven stumbling a few nights evidently having consumed a few Risian sunsets herself before embracing the Romulan in a hug. “Wow look at you! Its only been two years since the Academy and you look so much older!” she replies

Ven embraces for a moment before letting go and smiles softly “Hey Divini, yea well, I’ve been busy.” she states “Are these your shipmates?” she asks making sure they were atleast familiar to the Orion

“Huh? Oh! Yea! We are all on the USS Vision!” she replies laughing. “Come! You can meet Eric!” she replies grabbing Vens free hand.

Separated from the others yet still in the midst of most of the crowd, sat a human in his mid-twenties with a copper complexion, and black, curly hair inspecting a half-destroyed floater with one hand as the other just rested in his lap. As the duo approached he looked up and smiled waving at Divini who giggles
“Venny! I’d like you to meet Ensign Eric Horacio Fernandez!” she states in her bubbly personality, “My dim-witted boyfriend who decided to use his floater to circle the volcano too close to the lip.” she states in a stark frustrated tone.

“Hey,” the Ensign greets “I’m sorry dear,” he states before looking to Ven. “Whoa, you’re a Romulan,” he states beaming at Ven suddenly seeing the ridges in her forehead.

“Yup, Lieutenant Veneela Sovum.” she greets emphasizing the rank to avoid any potential unpleasant questions. “Can you tell me what happened?” she asks as Divini watches the two closely

Eric looks at Divini a moment before sighing “Just as she said, I was circling the volcano when I got to close to a rock outcropping and lost control.” he explains making a whistling noise akin to a plane losing control before simulating an explosion with his mouth. “When I woke up Divini was crying and dragging me back here,” he states motioning around.

Idly listening Ven nods in appropriate intervals as she opens the case and pulls out her tricorder with the now somewhat faded pink stripe and moderate scuffs from her time at the base defending it from the Terrans what felt like a mere couple weeks prior. Flipping it open and grabbing the attachment she begins to take scans. “What is the stardate today?” she asks getting right down to business.

“Uh it’s 99555.7,” he replies
“Good,” Ven replies “How old are you Ensign?” she quickly asks
“Twenty-one,” he replies as she nods as the scans alert her to a fracture in two places in his left arm
“You’re lucky,” she states “It’s not fully broken, but that’s going to make this hurt just as if it was,” she replies closing the tricorder and placing it with the Osteogenic stimulator
“Hijo de puta” he hisses in a frustrated manner. “My department head is gonna be pissed.”

“I’m sure it will be fine dear,” Divini replies as she rubs Vens back which causes the Romulan to flinch enough that the Orions’ hand bumps the concealed weapon.
“What’s this?” She asks trying to lift up the back of Vens shirt which is promptly stopped.
“Leave it,” Ven says sternly.

An awkward silence falls between the three for a moment as she grabs the Hypo and gives the Ensign a pain reliever before sighing.
“Between the war and being drugged on the beach just a few kilometers from here, my command lets me be armed.” she lies. “I bought that on New Romulus when I went to a medical conference.”

More awkward silence falls as the man nods in understanding as Ven starts the procedure.
“What was it like?” Divini broaches the subject
“I don’t know, I was out cold for half of it, and bound and gagged in a hut the other half,” she replies as Eric grunts uncomfortably while Ven begins treatment.
“I don’t mean that…I meant the war.” Divini presses
“Well, it wasn’t a vacation,” Ven replies focusing on the task at hand
“We were supposed to take part but they had us halfway to the delta quadrant studying a plant that locals claimed to let you live for an extra thousand years.” she states huffing “That’s so neat though I’m friends with a combat vet,” she states beaming trying to lighten the mood
“Yea, neat.” Eric replies huffing.
Ven doesn’t reply but instead finishes the task, injects Eric with a bit more pain relief and puts the two items away before pulling out a PADD to fill out the report.
“Give this to your CMO when they sober up okay?” she states not looking at the two.

Divini clears her throat and nods “Yea sure no problem Venny, sorry if uh you know, we hurt your feelings.”
Ven stops tapping away and looks up at the two. “You didn’t, I just don’t like talking about it,” she states shrugging. “Nothing personal.”
Divini nods “Well uh, is there anyway we can thank you? A Risan sunset? Kali-Fal?” she asks a bit more timidly
Ven shakes her head. “No, I quit drinking not long ago and my own boyfriend is waiting for me.” she lies.
“Ah okay!” Divini replies beaming.
“Thanks Doc, I appreciate it.” Eric states gingerly moving the hand wincing.
“Don’t mention it,” she replies and motioning to him as she stands up feeling her own frustration rise. “And uh, don’t move that arm for a few hours while the regeneration takes. Normally id have you in sickbay but uh, well circumstances being what they are,” she states
Eric nods as Divini smiles “Thanks Ven, hey next time we talk let’s play football hm? maybe in a day or two?” She asks this time not bothering to move to hug Ven.
The Romulan nods and smiles “That would be nice.” she states backing up and waving. “Bye guys.” she finishes before turning to leave.

Feeling her heart race, Ven made it out of eyeshot of the others, quickly slipping the weapon back into the case cursing in Romulan as she did so. Once done she pulled her personal padd from the case and hovered over ‘block incoming holos’ from Divini but decided not to for now. Looking in their direction one more time Ven huffs and walks at a brisk pace back to the fleet area.

OOC: I had been writing this for a better part of the week, letting Ven come to terms more with the war and her own sobriety when the recent episode of SNW aired it really inspired me so I had to add on more. Hope you all enjoyed it.