PLANET: Sustridies IV


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AAR: Crawl out through the Fallout

Sustridies IV is a former Class M planet, located in the Alpha-7190 Sector, that is now uninhabited due to nuclear radiation following an atomic war in the year 2287.

Sustridies IV was first mapped by the Molin in 2347 by the MV Livma. At this time, radiation levels from the planet prevented any sensors from working, and the Molin departed. It was later surveyed again in 2380 by the MV Tyin. This time, they were able to survey the planet though radiation levels were still too high to allow for the Molin to do a surface survey. This survey was then done by the VSS Chila, a Vayttian vessel, in 2394. The Vayttians were able to get boots on the ground and proceeded to take detailed scans, unveiling the details of the planet as well as the fate of the Sustridians. Two more surveys gathered more information, both from Vayttian vessels, the last being done in 2401.

The nuclear war killed most of the Sustridians within three weeks. By week five, all Sustridians had been killed. Most other lifeforms followed a similar extinction pattern, although some animals and insects underwent genetic mutation due to the radiation. These animals were surveyed by the MV Tyin, but had died out completely by the time the VSS Chila arrived. Vegetation continued to mutate, but no other life forms survived. These scans were confirmed by the last survey in 2401. The planet could begin to sustain more advanced forms of life by 2454, as the radiation levels begin to fall and the atmosphere begins to repair.

Sustridies was visited again in 2419 by the USS Endeavour.
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Not much is known about the Sustridians. From the remains following their atomic war in 2287, they seemed to be quite developed, with high technological knowledge. A number of satellites in space, a small space station in orbit of Sustridies IV, and what appears to be the groundwork of a colony settlement on Sustridies V have been discovered. Several robots were seen to be working and surveying Sustridies II, III, and V, in 2397, but all of these have since stopped operation.

Analysis of the type of building design shows a diverse range of designs, but these all broadly fall into twelve to thirteen "cultures". From the radiation hotspots, it can be assumed that the planet suffered mutually assured destruction, with several hotspots in a variety of "cultural" areas, all which seem to have appeared within minutes of each other. Simulations projected that around 74% of the population would have been wiped out within hours of the explosions; 96% of the population would have been killed within two months, whilst the remaining survivors would not have been able to survive on the planet after six months.

From building types and remains, the Sustridians were, on average, seven feet tall, of slim build, with large legs and arms. This was confirmed when the USS Endeavour visited the planet in 2419. The survey located Sustridian survivors who were living underground. The Sustridians were attempting to recolonise the surface using data gathered by the satellite system around the planet. However, due to Prime Directive protocol, the USS Endeavour was not able to assist the Sustridians. In addition, the Sustridians appeared to still be locked in some sort of territorial warfare underground.

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References: Template adapted from Crystyl's Forged Earth post.; Planet images taken in Space Engine
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