Potential Tal’Shiar Operation On Starbase

To: DS13/Intelligence
From: LCDR Blake, Kara
Subj: Potential Tal’Shiar Operation On Starbase

To whom it may concern,

Please review the attached report from our forensics department. We have reason to believe an operative of the Tal’Shiar is aboard the station, either the hologrammatic entity known as Wallstark, or perhaps more likely given the Tal’Shiar’s history, an agent controlling the holo-program.

Members of the security team are liaising with Operations to shut down the program, and I must put the security of the base ahead of other considerations. Please speak with me directly if you require the program to be observed.

I stand by the recommendations in Ensign Ersa’s report and await your response.

Lieutenant Commander Kara Blake
Chief Security Officer
Deep Space 13

//ATTACHMENT// Forensic Report: Tracking Device Reference L2


To: CDT Aetah @Valore
From: CMDR Sideris
Subj: Re: Potential Ta’Shiar Operation On Starbase


You have the background necessary to keep this operation under the appropriate level of supervision while being discreet. You’ll be our point of contact for LCDR Blake. Notify me if you think it needs a closer look.

CMDR Noah Sideris
Chief Intelligence Officer, Deep Space 13
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: LCDR Blake, K. (@Moose)
CC: CMDR Sideris, N.
From: CDT Aetah
Subj: RE: Potential Tal’Shiar Operation On Starbase


I’m Aetah.

Commander Sideris said you need an Intelligence representative. Recommendations in report appear sound. Could attempt to track origin of shipments as well, see if more thorough tampering with Station Security occurred.

Could also tell Wallstark to not be so mean, but arguing with a hologram has a low chance of success.

Cadet Aetah
Intelligence Officer
Deep Space 13