Forensic Report: Recovered Tracking Device

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ENS Ersa, A.

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space 13

MISSION Investigate tracking device to ascertain its origin and creators.

OUTCOME Success. Planet of origin identified as Vishar, strong ties to holographic entity known as ‘Wallstark’


  • Ensign Ersa, Artim

NARRATIVE After picking up the device (Reference [L2]) from security locker 12B I ran a series of tests to first determine a point of origin.

Materials analysis of the tracking device yielded immediate results. The metal displayed characteristics associated with Imperial Romulan replicator patterns. Standard practice for a lot of Imperial technology of this nature is to embed an identifiable pattern in the elemental structure so (Presumably Romulan) investigators can determine point of origin and a general time of manufacture. Luckily for us, those patterns work both ways. With the wealth of defectors to the Republic these patterns have been identified and catalogued by our allies.

The tracker was replicated on a Romulan colony by the name of Vishar. Our databases show it as a planet with strong ties to the Empire and the Tal’Shiar. Additionally, there are rumors that botany experiments are ongoing. The exact nature of the experiments is unknown, at least with my level of clearance.

With this information I was able to trace funding for a number of shipments, both past and present, placed by the Wallstark entity. He’s placed orders for several shipments that an en-route to the station. I’ve flagged those in our databases, so they’ll be immediately seized upon their arrival on station. I’ve also compiled a list of past shipments going back about two weeks.

RECOMMENDATION Forward this report to intelligence. They may have, or be able to obtain, additional information on Vishar and the projects going on there. Additionally, having a dedicated analyst to properly trace shipments, funding, and connections to the Wallstark entity may uncover additional information.

While the shipments currently on the way to the station will be flagged and seized when they arrive, the nature of the items and their point of origin may warrant interdiction prior to arrival on station.

OOC My part of the great ice cream investigation. Thanks to Loxton for providing important information and answering questions.