Qotar Foundation

To: LCDR Sideris, N.
From: CDT Aetah
Subj: Qotar Foundation

Hi Commander! It’s me again!

I followed up on the investigations like you asked! I didn’t find toooo much from the people you asked me to talk to, but I found a little bit!

It looks like the Qotar Foundation’s resources come almost entirely from private patrons within the Federation, but the nice Orion lady told me that a lot of their laborers that work on excavations come from outside the Federation. Some records I found back this up.

Weirdly enough, it doesn’t look like they actually excavate artifacts in the Federation. Most of their operations look to be in our area of operations - specifically Doza. I attached the list of current sites worth checking out - or at least taking pictures at. Some of them look nice.

Also their leader is being prosecuted in the Vulcan Sector. Coouuuullld try asking him. Maybe convince him with desserts or dirt.

Cadet Aetah
Intelligence Officer,
Deep Space 13

//ATTACHMENT// Sites1.npdf

OOC Sorry if this isn’t as exhaustive as it could be. Let me know if there’s any more information wanted and I’ll add it.