Intelligence Report: The Qotar Foundation

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Intelligence Report

SCOPE To determine the nature and extent of the Qotar Foundation, its activities and participants.

SUMMARY The Qotar Foundation (‘the Foundation’) is a privately funded organization that operates without regard for the sovereignty, health or safety of any civilization, community or individual to acquire artifacts its patrons deem valuable.


  • Dr. Loric Qotar, archaelogist, founder
  • Dr. Vittoria Kiso, researcher
  • Dr. Dmitri Sevalavich Smirnov, archaelogist
  • Dr. Bethany Martin, archaelogist


  • Davik Chan
  • Alexia Ivanov
  • Fernando Alvarez


  • Qotar Archaeological Liberation Association (QALA) - The client-facing arm of the Foundation. This group handles patron acquisition and fundraising. Loric Qotar is president and chairman of this association as well as the Foundation.

  • Federation Archaeological Reallocation Society (FARS) - Another privately funded group that seeks to move foreign archaeological artifacts into Federation museums, regardless of source or origin. Dr. Qotar is a senior member and many of the Foundation’s patrons also support FARS.

  • Securofacts Acquisition Services (SAS) - Unregistered with the Federation, SAS was originally a paramilitary mercenary company. After the Hobus crisis, the SAS made a lucrative practice of venturing into Romulan territory with precise, overwhelming firepower to retrieve valuable Romulan artifacts to sell on the black market. Headed by the Min family, they are an expensive but effective alternative to the Foundation for artifact retrieval.

DETAILS The Qotar Foundation is a small organization funded by private collectors. The funds received from the QALA enable the Foundation to hire mercenaries or laborers as necessary to meet the goals of acquisition and destruction set out by these private patrons. Courtesy of Captains Nimitz and Bishop, its founder, Dr. Loric Qotar, is currently being prosecuted in the Vulcan sector for destruction of the Poltofor II archaeological site and a multitude of different labor law violations.

The Foundation operates in a predictable pattern. After retrieving a targeted artifact or set of artifacts, the destruction of the origin site follows. Dr. Loric Qotar has a long track record of retrieving only a few select items from a site before that site is destroyed, either by accident or design. Whether this is intentional or due to poor excavation technique is difficult to determine.

The artifacts they target do not originate inside the Federation. Most are located in the nearby Doza sector. Similarly, the manual laborers they hire to perform the excavations also originate from outside the Federation borders. This has permitted them in the past to remain at the periphery of the Federation’s awareness and jurisdiction.

RECOMMENDATION With their leader incarcerated and their primary vessel destroyed, I estimate the current threat the Qotar Foundation poses to be moderate at best. They have a single remaining vessel in service, the SS Artifice, a civilian transport with some cargo space, but not well-equipped for scavenging; however, the Foundation has more than a tangential relationship with grey market trading and may have more resources than are apparent.

Out of caution, I have appended also a list of archaeological sites that the Qotar Foundation (or the SAS) might take an interest in within the Doza sector collated by my personnel. I recommend that these sites be placed under passive surveillance where permitted by interstellar law.

OOC Thanks to Valore for enduring my interrogations. Silly archaeologists. You always have a bone to pick.