AAR: The Relic Wars

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CMDR O'Dara, Hannah

After Action Report

LOCATION Grassus IV, Grassus system, Doza Sector

MISSION Following a distress signal from a Starfleet Anthropological team; USS Endeavour dispatched to assess and resolve any potential violations to General Order One.

OUTCOME SAS pirates apprehended and all cultural contamination removed from planet.


  • Cpt. Bishop, Samuel
  • Cpt. Nimitz, Alistair
  • Cmdr. O’Dara, Hannah
  • Lt. Valore, Sera
  • Lt. Khet, Mossic
  • Ens. Thyzee


  • Cpt. Valencia, Brie
  • Cmdr. Deoz, Kannys
  • Cmdr. Samaras, Amelia

NARRATIVE Following reports of disturbing behaviour from a Starfleet observation team on the pre-warp world of Grassus IV, studying its indigenous peoples; A distress signal was sent to Deep Space 13 alerting to the presence of a hostile force on the planet.
After a prompt briefing from Lieutenant Valore, officers; Bishop, O’Dara, Valore, Khet, and Thyzee, departed from Deep Space 13 aboard the USS Endeavour to investigate and contain the situation, fearing a breach of General Order 1.

Upon arrival at the system, Endeavour encountered a debris field in the upper orbit of Grassus IV, later to be identified as the SS Qotar of the Loric Qotar Foundation (henceforth Qotar), destroyed by weapons consistent with and confirmed to belong to Securofacts Acquisition Services (henceforth SAS), both Previously Encountered.
Camps belonging to both organisations were detected on the planet’s surface, along with the destroyed remnants of the Starfleet Observation Post, both of which were shielded by a transporter scrambler. With local forces amassing to assault the encampments; Captain Bishop ordered the deployment of ground forces to rescue any civilians held captive by the SAS and ensure no technology fell into the hands of the locals.

After teams were successfully deployed around both camps; communications with the Qotar were established whilst MACO team 32 assaulted the SAS. Whilst SAS forces were able to repel the MACO team’s advances it was discovered by Lieutenant Khet that the Qotar had laid enough explosives beneath the dig site to ensure mutual destruction of not only both camps, but a radius of roughly 12km.

With the arrival of the USS Pegasus and support from Captain Nimitz, and half a battalion of ground forces; it was determined by Captain Bishop that if a peaceful resolution could not be found to prevent the locals from acquiring the technology in either encampment, the explosives would need to be detonated. Officers O’Dara, Khet and Thyzee oversaw the arming process whilst Captains Bishop and Nimitz entered negotiations with the SAS.
Following a terse discussion, the SAS members agreed to abandon their camp on transports, though leaving a vast amount of technology and the scrambler intact. Ensign Thyzee successfully disabled the scrambler, through remarkably direct means, allowing for all contaminating technology to be beamed up to both Endeavour and Pegasus, though due to interference neither Commander O’Dara nor the explosives could be removed.

Following a brief engagement between the SAS transports and the combined forces of Pegasus and Endeavour; all SAS members were apprehended and all Federation hostages secured. Due to Lieutenant Khet’s quick thinking, all explosives and Commander O’Dara were successfully transported from the caves, with complete removal of all potentially contaminating technology removed by Endeavour over the following days.

RECOMMENDATION It is this officer’s opinion that the SAS have become an unacceptable presence operating under the noses of Starfleet in the Doza Sector. Whilst the incident on Poltofor II may have been written off as an isolated incident; this has shown that the SAS are audacious enough to directly confront Starfleet and violate the Prime Directive. I suggest a task force be established to monitor further SAS activity with the intention to prevent any future Prime Directive incursions before they manifest.
RECOGNITION Due to the actions of Lieutenant Mossic Khet, many lives were saved, potentially including the life of this officer. I would like to take this opportunity to commend him for not only his ability in a moment of intense pressure, but his moral fortitude whilst carrying out his duties.

OOC This event was a lot of fun! And thank you again for Valore for being a wonderful host. Though, I would like the record to forever state that had things been up to me, this event would have ended looking a lot more like

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CMDR Dedoz, K

On Call Response

ADDENDUM Observation from an orbital probe shows the following developments following this mission.

The cultural direction of the planet has been altered by the initial breach of the Prime Directive by the Qotar Foundation and the SAS, mitigated by the actions of the crew of the U.S.S. Endeavour.

The theology of the planet has undergone a rapid change. Legend has it that the dark god Nirin attempted to take over the world, ruling from a dark citadel (the location being the former SAS base). This began what was called a “War in Heaven”, which ended when Krosan, the King of the Gods led an army of light against the dark citidel and defeated Nirin. Nirin was imprisoned beneath the Grand Temple, which is located where the Qotar Foundation base was (the location of Nirin’s imprisonment being the tunnels where the explosives were kept).

This religious legend has had repercussions on the political sphere. The Cult of Krosan has gained considerable power, and one of the Kings, who had Krosan as their patron, has gained unrivalled political power.

It is clear that the politics of the planet will be changed considerably. Pre-interference, religion was strong, but it was divided between the states and mostly controlled by the sovereigns. However, it is now projected that religious institutions will gain more power than the monarchs.

RECOMMENDATION A pre-warp culture team be sent to the planet to analyse this development of the species. It would be interesting to know where this legend came from, and how it quickly took root, as an anthropological study, as well as a study of the dangers of pre-warp contamination even if the technology is not left.

It was only due to the actions of the cleanup crew on the ship, that this society was not altered further.