Regional Operational Briefing (January 2023)

38th Command invites you to participate in a discussion of current issues, events, and missions in the 38th’s area of operations. Tea and biscuits will be served.

Shift Time: Gamma

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Briefing

Starting Point: Fleet Research Lab

Exact details, including time and date, are subject to change, depending on the availability of fleet staff.

This event will count towards one of the initiate tasks needed to complete the initiation.

The agenda lists discussion time for each squadron (this is a wiki post so you can edit directly; please look at this post 2 to see a previous example). Squadron members who will be attending are free to list anything that they have been doing (either through official events or just made up), but these MUST be in the form of a full briefing so that anyone who reads them will know enough to discuss those points in the meeting itself. I may remove some discussion points if the list gets too long and these will be a priority for the next meeting.

This may be confusing to some, so please do let me know if you have any questions. As always, I’ll be looking for comments and suggestions about how best to run this, so don’t be afraid to let me know what you think.



  • Urgent business or announcements from Fleet Command
Weather Assistance

BRIEFING: A group of allied settlers are facing severe storms on their planet, which has led to many of their facilities being damaged. Assistance may be required, if any can be spared.
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: Arrange a small landing party to render assistance.

Escort Diplomat

BRIEFING: A diplomat from one of the planets in the Doza Sector requires an escort. They are an important dignitary and must be treated with courtesy and respect.
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: A small vessel to house the delegation for a few days. The dignitary expressly specified a small vessel.

The Race

BRIEFING: The Federation is sponsoring and hosting a racing league, and Starfleet has allowed members to participate. Teams will have to construct a racing vehicle designed to set specifications, test, and race it.
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: A team no smaller than three members (one engineer, one racer, and one manager), can enter. Larger teams of multiple members are preferred. Names should be given directly to the RDML

  • Aries Squadron Updates
Augment Slave Trade

NAME & POSTING: Captain Barron, Maikull; U.S.S. Alexander

BRIEFING: USS Sun-Tzu encountered a possible Augmented Slave Trade just prior to the start of the Terran War. Officers were able to collect Intel suggesting that a Augment ‘Cult’ known as the Children of Khan, lead by escaped Facility 4028 Prisoner ‘James Fadi Mehra’ were possibly testing augmented research left over from Doctor Amar Singh. Intel suggested that Mehra and his group were operating somewhere, or associated too local criminal elements on Nimbus III.

RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: Recommend Follow up investigation into the matter

REPORTS: (AAR: Freighter Interception)

OOCThis is a Storyline I had tried to start up based on some more obscure lore I found within STO. (Mainly with the individual characters involved), I just wasn't able to complete it before the Terran War Campaign began. Anyone is free to pick this up and take it in any direction they would like, or I can share my 'thoughts' of where I saw the plotline going, or potentially DM the rest of the 'Arc' for you. I have a running thread I was keeping as a catalog for associated RP with this plot at:

[Aspect of Augment [In Progress]]

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  • Taurus Squadron Updates

  • Task Force Updates

  • Deep Space 13 Updates

  • Questions for fleet command

Sample Briefing Format

NAME & POSTING: CAPT W. E. SHIPP, U.S.S. Shippy McShipface.
BRIEFING: We renamed our ship.
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: Rename every ship.

OOC I always respond as ‘interested’ to Saturday gamma ones as it depends on whether or not I’m still awake by then haha.

When you say ‘a full briefing’, you presumably mean here on the forums, right?

Yes, they’ll be in the wiki above! Transcripts will also be posted

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(please actually edit the wiki post and put this in there!)

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