Report: Body Discovered At Vanilla Or Bust

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PO Stobbart

On Call Response


CALLED IN BY Vanilla Or Bust


Shortly after 2100 hours, I was called to the main ingredient storage area for Vanilla Or Bust. One of their employees had been trying to access an unused storage locker that had been locked inexplicably. Their management discovered it was a code input by DS13 Security so they requested a security override so they could gain access. Upon a later examination of the locking device, I discovered the code used to lock it as being from an officer of Lieutenant rank. I performed the necessary override with authorization from the security office and when I opened the door, I was greeted with an offensive smell.

I informed the employees and manager to stand back while I investigated the room. I discovered, in the middle of the room, a large transparent tank of what a tricorder scan identified as melted strawberry ice cream. The manager noted that no ice cream had ever been stored in this room as it was a non refrigerated locker. I scanned the ice cream tank and just as I did so, it became apparent that there was a body floating. I immediately sealed off the storage room and called in more security, medical and the forensic team.

When the body was removed from the ice cream tank, I immediately recognized the deceased as Ensign Harold Crabtree, recently transferred from the USS Eagle to DS13 security. I exited the storage room when a Vanilla or Bust employee, Jim McCoy, approached me and asked me if Crabtree was alright. In retrospect, my blunt response of ‘He’s dead, Jim’ was not the best way to inform him. I can only attribute it to shock.

We have had the body moved to the Morgue for a Post Mortem examination and Forensics are going over the scene. Initial evidence recovered from the body has been moved to security, including the tank of ice cream and statements have been taken from the employees and manager of Vanilla Or Bust.

OOC This report is connected to the ongoing investigation ‘Charming To The Last’