[OPEN] Security Case File: Charming to the Last

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LCDR Blake, K.

Case File

LOCATION Tevalak’s Ice Cream Parlour, Deep Space 13

OUTCOME Case Still Under Investigation

• Tevalak T’Ren, Business Owner, Deep Space 13 (Victim)
• “Wallstark”, Hologrammatic Lifeform, Deep Space 13 (Suspect)

Concerns were raised to the Security department by Lieutenant Commander Valore in the communication linked below.

Citizen Tevalak is being tracked and surveilled, with the discovery of a tracking device implanted in his personal effects. Tevalak is also concerned that his communication channels were compromised. I met with Tevalak and LCDR Valore on stardate 97458.7 and we discussed the situation. It appears Tevalak has created a holographic assistant “Wallstark” which has since expanded beyond its original programming and is now performing hostile actions against Tevalak and other station personnel, including assaulting Lieutenant Loxton.

Citizen Tevalak will be moved to secure accommodation in an area of the station without holoemitters, while Security works with Operations to shut down the rogue holoprogram.

Communication initiated by LCDR Valore to Security
Transcript of Interview with Citizen Tevalak
Forensic Report: Recovered Tracking Device


  • Interview Citizen Tevalak and determine the details of the incident
  • Provide Secure accommodation for Citizen Tevalak while investigation proceeds (assigned to Loxton, N.)
  • Liaise with Operations staff to shut down rogue holoprogram (assigned to Provenza, J.)
  • Liaise with Intelligence to track shipments mentioned in Forensics Report

  • Please tackle these objectives as a priority, this report will be updated with any information as we get it.

    OOC Just a little something to keep all the notes together for security characters. It is a wiki post, so all can edit to update their findings and the state of the case as they take it on. This event is GMed by @Loxton