SUBJ: Application | TO: CAPT A. Nimitz

Stardate 95770.0

TO CAPT A. Nimitz
CC CAPT C. Morton; CMDR S. sh'Ikellit
FROM LT(JG) L. Aruyo
SUBJ Application


Please find attached my application for the role of Helmswoman on the U.S.S. Pegasus. During my posting on the October I have been the primary helmswoman and have gained some valuable practical experience during the October's long-range missions, building on the experience gained from my time on the Lexington.

The reason I did not want to resign onto the October and chose to apply to the Pegasus is due to the Pegasus' operational capacity; both my postings have been on long-range ships, and I believe that my career would benefit an assignment where we are ordered to do multiple short patrols and defence runs. I hope that, on the Pegasus, I'll be able to further expand my skills as a helmswoman, as well as advancing my fighter pilot training with the contingent on the Pegasus.

I have included Captain Morton in this message, who is available to provide a character reference if necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.


Lieutenant (Junior Grade)Aruyo Lara
Helm Officer, USS October

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Security Level 1 - Open

TO Lt (JG) L. Aruyo
CC CAPT C. Morton; CMDR S. sh'Ikellit
SUBJ Application

Transfer approved.

Report to Lieutenant Sera Valore for assignment at the start of Gamma shift.

Captain Alistair H. Nimitz
Commanding Officer/USS Pegasus