SUBJ: Klingons murdered a Gorn | TO: Lauren

To: CAPT Varley, L. (@Lauren)
CC: AMB Perim, N. (@kermit)
From: RDML Bishop, S.
Subj: Klingon Delegates in the Brig


Two of the Klingon delegates from the Diplomatic Forum have been detained and are currently in DS13’s brig, after assaulting and killing a Gorn ambassador.

I’ve cc’d Neema into this for any diplomatic consul, but as the assault happened on Federation ground, under the auspices of peace, it seems that we have every right to have them tried and sentenced in a Federation Court.

If you could delegate the investigation to one of your security team, they no doubt take the necessary steps going forward. Reports from the event should be available to them shortly. As this is a delicate diplomatic situation, I advise this be given a high priority.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: @38th.JAG, CMDR Blake, K. (@Moose)
CC: Ambassador Perim, N., RDML Bishop, S.
From: CAPT Varley, L.
Subj: Murder of Gorn Delegate

Good afternoon.

The diplomatic forum hosted aboard Deep Space 13 to address the Klingon Civil War ended with the murder of a Gorn delegate at the hands of two Klingon delegates. The offenders in question are currently held in our brig pending the investigation, which I would like underway as soon as possible.

The victim was Representative Gok of the True Gorn Hegemony. Apparently he tried to prevent the use of the doorway to leave the conference. General Tre’gok and Captain Stuvargh of the Klingon Defense Force objected, violently. Further details are attached below, I believe the security log leaves very little left to discern on the matter.

Captain Lauren Varley
Commanding Officer, Deep Space 13
38th Fleet ‘Argo’

//ATTACHMENT// SecReport_97827.5.aar
//ATTACHMENT// SecLog_97827.5.log