SUBJ: Medical Research Contest! | TO: Everyone

To: <38th/All>
From: CMDR Jarnefelt
Subj: Medical Research Contest


As my medical department is already aware we are running a medical research competition. I have already seen so many great entries and because I want to see even more I have decided to open it up to the entire fleet.

I have attached a copy of my original message along with this so you can all be aware of the rules and prize for the competition.

Myself, Commander Alina Mandra and Captain Lauren Varley are the judges so you’ll have to do your best to impress the three of us!

Good luck!

Commander Charlotte Jarnefelt
Chief Medical Officer, Deep Space Thirteen

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To: CMDR Jarnefelt, C
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From: CAPT Mirazuni, A
Subj: RE: Medical Research Contest


My full proposal is attached. I have written an abstract below:

Due to the complex nature of the brain, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) remain one of the leading causes of death for Starfleet personnel after they have been evacuated and taken to medical facilities for treatment. My research proposal focuses on a device that all away team personnel carry to place on any patient suffering from TBI before evacuation is carried out. This device will monitor brain activity in real time, as well as modulating the balance of neurotransmitters, prevention of membrane depolarisation, maintaining normal levels of cerebral blood flow, and carbon dioxide reactivity, amongst other things.

This modulation will assist in not only treating primary insults of TBI, but also delay and even offset the secondary insults, which do not always manifest directly at the point of injury, and thus, cannot be diagnosed until after the fact, which can be too late. The device will be constantly monitoring the patient, giving the treating doctor more data to work with, as well as being able to begin to treat the secondary insults as they manifest. This action will save lives.

In addition, the device will be able to manifest different stages of brain recovery, ranging from instigating NREM sleep, to placing the patient in a coma. This allows for natural brain recovery which, once again, can save lives by beginning the recovery process from the point of the first responder instead of when proper treatment can be given on a medical facility. Though in most occasions, this can be a matter of seconds, every second is vital when it comes to brain functions, and this device will no doubt save lives.


Captain Mirazuni Ayesha, M.D.
Commanding Officer, USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’

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