The Book of Boba Fett (Spoilers)

As the title suggests, put your spoilers and discussions here.

Kinda wish we could of seen him crawling out of the sarlac pit in Mando to set up Book cause it was awesome but it’s no big deal.

Gamorian guards are pretty neat. Super throwback to the movies.
I wonder if we’ll see at some point, Boba taking out Bib Fortuna to seize control.
I kind of like seeing him needing to recover in the bacta tank. Gives him a vulnerability that I wasn’t expecting.

For a guy who had to be warned “no disintegrations” in his youth(?) he wants to rule by respect, not fear. Being slowly digested for a thousand years gave him time to think things through… :grin: yes I know he wasn’t in there for thousand years

Who I really want to see return though…

that was in the end credit scene on the season two final of the Mandalorian

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:open_mouth: I’ll have to re-watch that!

Just gonna leave this riiiight here…

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Danny Trejo as a rancor handler is the Star Wars content that I live for.

Only a franchise like Star Wars would be able to get someone like Danny Trejo as a minor recurring character.

In fairness, It likely didn’t take much to get Danny to sign on, he’s a huge fan of Star Wars.

I suspect that the words: “Do you want to appear alongside a Rancor and Boba Fett” were probably more than enough.

We’ve caught up with the present, Boba has strafed a swoop gang and fed the Sarlacc a seismic charge.
And the episode has closed with a very familiar leitmotif.

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and lets not forget the angriest wookie to ever wookie

So I’m a little late here but WAS THAT F#CKING BLACK KRRSANTAN?!?!

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Anyone get the impression that the droid cook with the knifes scene was kind of reminiscent of General Grivious?


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Din’ika now has a very shiny new toy (which I totally want, BTW), and has been excommunicated, and is getting his ad’ika a gift.
And he also needs to get some training with his jetti’kad from someone who knows how to use one.
Presumably from the bloke training his ad’ika.

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That was enjoyable considering it was 99% a Mando episode. Can’t believe they brought back a Naboo Starfighter, that’s pretty awesome. As for the space where the droid goes being empty but with a bubble canopy. I think that’s going to foreshadow a reunion soon but it also fits Mando’s dislike of droids, it’s great.

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That is 100% intended for a certain Grogu, no question, presumably along with the beskar chainmail.
Unless they decide it would be funnier to stuff Mark Hamill in there and have him complain about his knees.

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That conversation with the 2 xwing pilots.
Chefs kiss
This is going to be amazing. So many great callbacks to the prequels.


Did I know I wanted to see Pedro Pascal and Amy Sedaris fix up a classic car starship together? No. Am I glad I did? Ohyes, I am loving this side of the Star Wars universe. And Dave Filoni’s commitment to salvaging the neat parts of the prequels is well warranted.

…And that was totally Anakin’s N1, right? Like, it HAS to be.

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Loud Squeeing noises

I wasn’t expecting another Mando heavy episode but it was pretty good. It does make me wonder what’s Boba’s end game is though. With Mando you got a lot of stories to tell such as Grogu, the dark saber, etc. but with Boba, say he defeats the Syndicate this season, then what? He doesn’t seem like the type to say, okay…time to wipe out the other families and take over everything. He’s certainly not in a position to wage a private war (for whatever reason) versus the New Republic or the Imperial Remnant…what’s he going to do?

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