To: DS13 Science Dept | A request for help

To: DS13 Science Dept
CC: CMDR Kermit, James; CAPT Varley, Lauren
From: CMDR Jarnefelt, Charlotte
Subj: A Request for help

To Whom it may concern,

Very recently three people were infected with a nasty new virus that originated from a flower. We’ve been studying what we can of the virus, with the little remains of the flower we have left. However botany is not our speciality down in the medical labs - thus I extend an olive branch to anyone in the science department who wishes to aid us in our research of this virus so we can create a proper more suitable treatment. To do that we would need to know more about the Viruses origins. (Normally I would send this to your department head but you are currently without one so I send it to you all.)

Please respond to this message, and discuss further details then.

Commander Charlotte Jarnefelt
Chief Medical Officer, DS13


To: CMDR Jarnefelt, Charlotte (@Eunha)
CC: CMDR Kermit, James; CAPT Varley, @Lauren ; SUBLT Shiarrael (@Rellir)
From: CMDR Mandra, Alina
Subj: Re: A Request for Help

Hey Char, like you said, we got no head here. Seeing as they interviewed me for that and then didn’t move forward on anything yet… well I’m ranking and some people here act like I’m it still anyway so I guess I’ll do it for now until they yell at me to stop.

I CC’d Shiarrael, one of our plant experts. We have a rather big botany branch with some teams that handle research and some exotic handling (like Slicey’s team, they gonna stay where they are, that thing doesn’t need to be getting ideas again).

If you don’t hear from Shia in a day, ping me back and I’ll ask Lt Ganderson, next best bet, but he hides in the arboretum usually and… well… he’s a bit weird… so, we’ll see.

If you want, I can probably get a lab space open for study if you want to bring it over. I don’t have the authority technically, but I got a lot of favors in the department and enough people who wouldn’t mind cause we kinda just do our own thing anyway. What’s the point of having all of us if we aren’t risking plant infections for science after all?

Ping me, if ya need me.

Commander/Doctor Alina Mandra
Pretender in Chief / Computer Sciences
DS13 Science Department

((OOC: Ganderson is an NPC I just made up, I can play him if need be.))