[OPEN] Security Case File: Sweet Scent

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LT Blake, K.

Case File

LOCATION Event Horizon Lounge, Deep Space 13

OUTCOME Case Still Under Investigation

• VORTA Eiten
• CMDR t’Nuhirrien, Vriha
• FIRST Talak’Fives
• CMDR Jarnefelt, Charlotte
• LT Valore, Sera
• LT JG Niraj, Alex

At DELTA+0345 on the evening of 30th December 2419, Lieutenant Niraj ended her shift with a visit to the Event Horizon Lounge. Upon arrival, Lieutenant Niraj noticed a lone plant in a regular non-descript grey port sat upon the bartop. When questioning the proprietor, one Romak Gaal, as to the new solitary addition the Lieutenant learnt that the plant had been left behind by a previous patron.

The Lieutenant continued to observe the plant in order to locate an owner, when she was encouraged by one Commander Vriha t’Nuhirrien to sniff the plant instead. Upon doing so, the plant emitted a pink spray directly into the face to Lieutenant Niraj. By DELTA+0410, Lieutenant Niraj was succumbing to the effects of a virus with breathlessness and delirium.

As a result the plant was placed back atop the bar, where a second spray now engulfed those who had risen to the Lieutenant’s aid (The Vorta Eiten, Commander t’Nuhirrien and First Talak’Fives). By DELTA+0420, First Talak’Fives had consumed 60% of the plant. By DELTA+0425 all those attending the Lieutenant were equally incapacitated. The incapacitated persons experienced breathlessness and bouts of laughter (refer to Commander Jarnefelt’s AAR). Lieutenant Valore arrived at this time and contacted medical. Doctor Jarnefelt imposed a quarantine of the Event Horizon at DELTA+0430 and all present were beamed directly to sickbay.

Transcript from Communicators
After Action Report submitted by Commander Jarnefelt
Communication to the Science Department regarding the Plant

NEXT STEPS We must find who left this plant behind at the lounge, and also their motive for doing so. In the current holiday period, flowers are a popular gift and this could be a potent delivery mechanism for a viral attack on the Starbase or Fleet Command.

We must;

  • Obtain Security Recordings from Event Horizon
  • Ensure no Biological Materials are missing from Science Labs

  • Please tackle these objectives as a priority, this report will be updated with any information as we get it.

    OOC Just a little something to keep all the notes together for security characters involved in tracking down the owner of this plant and their intent. Thanks to Eunha for planting this seed of doubt that we will ever find the perpetrator! The parent event is GMed by @Eunha