AAR: Sweet Scent

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CMDR Jarnefelt, Charlotte

After Action Report

LOCATION Event Horizon Lounge/Sickbay

MISSION Responding to a call for medical attention at the event horizon lounge.

OUTCOME Three bar patrons had been infected by a virus hidden within the scent sprayed out by a flower. Patients were taken to sickbay where virus was removed from the body


  • CMDR Charlotte Jarnefelt, Chief Medical Officer
  • CMDR Vera T’Nuhrruien, Infected Patient
  • LT Alexandria Niraj, Infected Patient
  • Talak’Fives, Infected patient
  • LT Sera Valore, Exposed to Virus - not infected
  • Eiten, Exposed to Virus - not badly infected

NARRATIVE During the beginning of Gamma shift I was called out to the event horizon lounge, where Lieutenant Valore had reported some of the bar patrons had been acting strangely. Upon my arrival I had found the three patients listed above to be struggling to breathe. After some scans I found they had been infected with something. Eiten described a strange plan that seemed to have spew out some kind of perfume and from there it had led to these three patients becoming very ill.

The plant had been recovered - or what was left of it, as I’ve been told the Jem’hadar, Talak’Fives and taken a bite out of it.

I should also make note the Vorta Eiten was also infected however due to her physiology and the Vorta’s natural ability to fight off poisons etc, she quickly recovered without treatment.

Their early symptoms to the state that I found them in as I arrived was as followed: Dizziness, followed by a laughing fit, to eventual breathing difficulties and the body lacking a large amount of energy.

I transported myself, the patients and Eiten and Valore (who had been exposed to the virus and I could not risk spread as we know little about it.) Oxygen was provided to the three patients and my medical staff began to care them as I investigated the virus. What I found was rather interesting - the virus itself had set up refuge in the patients lungs, where it was feeding on oxygen. It seems as though it requires a living host to be able to function as the virus quickly dissipates in the air after 17.23 seconds if it cannot find a suitable host. While also in the body the virus produces what I can only compare to a type of laughing gas (hence the dizziness and laughing fit) to numb the infected person so that the immune system cannot fight the virus off.

I decided to experiment with the permission of Commander T’Nuhrruien, by starving her of oxygen. Without the oxygen the host becomes redundant to the virus and quickly exits out of the body into the air, but was unable to find a new host due to the force field put in place. This was then carried out on to the other two patients. All three made quick recoveries regaining their energy and ability to breathe.

RECOMMENDATION It is from my professional view that we study this plant and it’s remains, see what we can learn from it and if we can create a safer treatment than starving patients of oxygen. It should be also be investigated as to how the plant ended up here on the station, and how the virus manged to get through our bio-filters.

OOC This is for the impromptu event held last night, I will hopefully have some follow up events in the future! Also here is the chatlog for those interested.