TO: Laro, Ohego | SUBJ: Re: Birthday Present

To: Laro, Ohego
From: LCDR Mercer
Subj: Re: Birthday Present

Dear Ohego,

I got the vids you sent. Those kids are huge now! I’m glad they liked the table tennis paddles. Nazair was epic at it. If you guys ever come by the station I’ll show them a good game.

The Valkyrie’s still treating me pretty well. I wasn’t sure when I first came back, but it’s nice to be here on DS13. Even after five years, I can’t shake the ‘new’ off the station when I think about it, but it still feels like home.

Abewe said she’s moving back to Dreon VII to get married! She sounded so happy. Your mom will come around.

Give my love to everybody.