To: VADM Aluk | From: CAPT Barid | Subj. Cloaking Device Authoritzation

To: VADM Aluk
From: CAPT Barid, Linore
Subj: Authorization of Installation and Use of Cloaking Device

Vice Admiral,

As commanding officer of the U.S.S. Wellesley [NCC-71865] I am officially requesting authorization to have a cloaking device installed for indefinite usage in light of the recent crisis. The Wellesley was recommissioned and retrofitted following the Iconian conflict for the purpose of combatting the Terran threat in the Badlands. The Wellesley operated and utilized a cloaking device during its service with the Terran Task Force in the Badlands, working closely with the Klingon Defense Forces, including in cloaked operations.

Until the full scope of the Terran threat can be determined and contained, I strongly recommend using every available tactic short of violating Federation law to repel this incursion. The Terrans are ruthless. We should be equally as determined in our defense of peace and prosperity in the region.

Barid Linore
Commanding Officer,
USS Wellesley [NCC-71865]


//ATTACHMENT// WellesleySpecs.txt


To: CAPT Barid @Moocher
CC: RDML Bishop
From: VADM Aluk
Subj: RE: Authorization of Installation and Use of Cloaking Device

Captain Barid,

Permission denied.

Vice Admiral Aluk
Commanding Officer,
38th Fleet β€˜Argo’