Under the Sea: Charity Auction and Gala

You are cordially invited…
UNDER THE SEA: Charity Auction and Gala
The Addyson and Tuvya Foundation for the Arts partners with selected Starfleet agencies to fundraise for Klingon Civil War Orphans Charity. Deep Space 13 expected to host extravagant gala for the culmination.

Prominent Federation Arts Foundation, Addyson and Tuvya, returned to the media spotlight today to release the details of their newest fundraising event series. They’ve expanded their campaign to raise and deliver free art education and work opportunities for young sentients everywhere and Klingon Civil War orphan youth have become their most recent focus. As they did two years ago, Addyson and Tuvya have managed to secure facilities and funding support from numerous notable organizations, including the Daystrom Institute, Memory Alpha, and selected Starfleet agencies.

Addyson and Tuvya have upped the stakes this time around, however, by additionally enlisting the cooperation of numerous art institutions and collectors, both public and private, to secure a heretofore-unseen quantity of donated paintings for auction proceedings. Rather than bid and take home neural art pieces submitted by gala attendees, participants will receive a once in a lifetime chance to bid and own truly prized pieces of art from all around the quadrant.

As before, Starfleet has promised a value of 30,000 credits to each of their personnel who accept an invitation to the proceedings, which includes participation in a silent auction preceding in the weeks before the final Gala event.

While Starfleet has promised to cover and sponsor all costs for any Starfleet or Republic Exchange personnel who want to attend, civilian attendees are not being excluded. They will, however, need to purchase their buy-in fee (30,000 credits). Individuals who are interested in attending, but not participating in the auction process, must also provide their own entry fee of 200 credits.

Fliers are being distributed everywhere

Art credit: Ken Taylor

OOC Hi, guys. It’s baaaack. There have been some minor changes, mostly in the leadup to the auction, but a lot will be the same. Here is a breakdown of how this is all going to work.

There will be an ART PRE-SELECTION process that will take 12 days. Once per day, I will be posting 3-5 art pieces on the forums. Players will vote for their favorite painting and the winning piece will end up in the final auction as a piece characters can bid to own. I will primarily be pulling these pieces from real life (though I will be avoiding pieces that are really famous) and I will consider nominated art from players if there’s something you’d like to see in the running.

The pre-selection phase should be considered IC, but the actual voting process will be handled purely through OOC means. You may assume the results are real-time available IC to comment/react to.

After the pre-selection phase is done, the actual art auction will begin. The final selected paintings will be posted to the forums and they will be open to bidding (more information will be posted at that time). At the close, bids will be tallied and the paintings will remain in the viewing gallery until the Gala, after which characters may take their prizes home.

Gala table seatings will be assigned based on ticket purchase arrangements. Everyone must inform me if you’re planning to attend the Gala and who your character purchased their tickets ‘with’, so that you may be seated together. Those who do not run their ticket purchase through me will be seated at random on the day of. All are welcome to attend, even if you did not participate in the auction part. (Your character will ICly pay 200 credits.)

The full timeline is as follows:

1 - 12 Mar: Art Pre-selection
13 - 20 Mar: Silent Auction
25 Mar: Gala evening

Attendance at the Gala is not mandatory for participating in the auction. Please vote in the following poll to help select a time for the Gala event.

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((Friendly reminder that bidding ends tomorrow (20 Mar) at the start of delta shift.))


The following memorandum has been distributed to all bidding participants.

Thank you for your participation in the Addyson and Tuvya Charity Silent Auction! Congratulations to the winners!

#003 WCDR Miral 75,000
#108 CMDR Mohadeb 30,000
#213 WCDR Miral 75,000
#317 AMB Perim 44,999
#424 CAPT Traise 30,000
#528 LCDR Valore 90,000
#632 Liasvarnu 4 30,000
#737 LTJG Mekyu 30,000
#842 CMDR Akaela 90,000
#947 CMDR Sedai 45,000
#1054 CAPT Nimitz 30,001
#001 ENS Sovum 30,000

All paintings will remain on exhibit in their current locations, to be moved to the gala venue on the day before the event. Paintings will be delivered to each winner’s address of choice the day after.

We look forward to seeing you on gala night! Friendly reminder that the dress code for the evening is semi-formal and formal or appropriate costume (please stay on theme: Under the Sea). Dress uniforms are acceptable alternatives.

Additional metrics

  • 600,000 EC spent on purchasing paintings (average 476 EC per bid)
  • Most bid upon painting was lot #1054 (26 bids).
  • Most unique bidders was lot #842 (five).
  • Most paintings won by WCDER Miral (two).
  • Most prolific bidders: AHN (23), SA (18), NP (16)
  • ((Total participating bidding characters: 19))
  • ((Total participating characters, including gifting: 30))



At each entrance to the venue, a table has been set up with a smiling concierge manning it. They check off each attendee as they arrive and offer a cardstock nameplate with their name on it. On the inside of the folded nameplate is the table to which the guest has been assigned.

As guests pass into the room, the concierge states that they’re welcome to wander around the venue and inspect all the decorations, as well as the art exhibition. Dinner service begins at 0:30, but a few caterers circle about the large room and makeshift art gallery with trays of hors d’oeuvres, making it easy to get a snack.

The venue’s lighting has been adjusted to, unsurprisingly, simulate the feeling of being submersed in liquid. Blue waves of light gently ripple across the walls and the floor, mimicking the light pattern of one would see on the bottom of an ocean shallow, while medium-sized white trees decorate the perimeter, like enormous spires of coral. Periodically a large shadow will glide its way across the floor, as if a very large creature just out of sight above might be drifting by.

Venue floorplan

Each dinner table at the gala is covered in a deep blue tablecloth, with a wide variety of decorative gold and silver charms reflecting the underwater theme, haphazardly scattered across their surfaces like confetti. From little ships to starfish to mermaids and octopi, and every other imaginable symbol, one could make a game of visiting all the tables to collect every variety.

The auction paintings have been moved to be displayed here in the center of the venue. Along with each painting is the lot number and the name of the lot’s winner.


A menu PADD sits on each table, displaying the night’s options, of which each person at the table is entitled to one main entree, one dessert, and unlimited sharing portions. Each person at the table is welcome to submit their preference for entrees, which will be served 30m after the evening’s beginning. Sharing plates will be delivered as soon as they’re ordered.



  • Seafood Cioppino Stew With Lemon Pasta
  • Braised Chile-Marmalade Duck Legs With Brussels Sprouts
  • Tomato and Roasted Garlic Pie


  • Berries and Cream Crepes
  • Mini Cheesecake flight (choose 3 flavors)
  • Black Forest Cake