Update: Investigation into Subcommander Krann

SUBJ Testimony Regarding Subcommander Krann
DATE 92830

I had the opportunity to speak with Admiral S'tara, an officer in the Romulan Republic who has known Subcommander Krann for some time. I have attached the holorecording of the conversation for your review. Here is a breakdown of the events she related.

1. She encountered the suspect shortly after she lost her ship to a Tal'Shiar attack and crash-landed on a planet. Suspect threatened violent bodily harm, but stopped of his own accord prior to inflicting any injury.

2. Suspect told S'tara the planet had previously housed a monastery of Vulcan exiles, who 'taught (the suspect) their ways, their martial arts, their rituals, treated (the suspect) as one of their own'.

3. Suspect told S'tara that the Tal'Shiar had attacked the monastery of Vulcan exiles in search of test subjects. Suspect told S'tara that as a result, he 'went into a blind rage and killed every last one of them'. Suspect told S'tara that in addition to killing the Tal'Shiar agents, he also killed his Vulcan exile instructor, T'saria.

Admiral S'tara took pains to explain that suspect did not carry through on his threat of physical violence toward S'tara, despite his assumption that she was a Tal'Shiar agent. Her account suggests that the suspect exhibited signs of remorse for his actions. Admiral S'tara's account also suggests that her relationship to the suspect may have exceeded platonic boundaries.

My conclusions follow.

Admiral S'tara's account includes no new information regarding the incident with Commander Thue in the Cantina, but it does shed new light on existing data. Despite alleged Vulcan training, suspect was still provoked to blind rage that resulted in the murder of several sentient beings, including a friend and ally. Suspect was similarly provoked by Commander Thue's implied contempt for his race prior to the incident on DS13. The scales of these transgressions are wildly dissimilar, but it suggests a pattern; he receives provocation and he reacts without control.

Given this conclusion, and that the suspect is still psionically active, it may be safest to remand him to custody pending a psychological evaluation, but I have been informed several times that this is a delicate situation, so I thought it best to deliver my report to you alone.

LTJG Jetaal
Officer, Security Division, DS13